Sunday, July 29, 2007

The magic of circle lenses

I really want to get the 1-day Acuvue define contact lenses!! My iris is quite small compared to other people and my eyes - normal. I need the iris-define contact lenses to make my eyes Don't think i need to make my eyes bigger, but i definitely want to make them look better. Cause I'm sure most of my friends realise that they can see my whole iris when they look into my eyes. So I want the lenses so that people see more black(iris) instead of white.

So exactly how do these circle lenses work?

They are cosmetic contact lens designed to enhance the beauty of the eyes in a subtle and natural way. They make eyes look bigger, brighter and more beautiful naturally. It features a unique and defined dark ring that enhances and darkens the iris.(Acuvue, 2007)

I think this lens won't interfere with normal vision like coloured lenses do even though they both have pigments on them. The purpose of coloured lenses is to colour the iris thus their pigments are located around the pupil. On the other hand, the iris-define lenses are designed only to enlarge and not to colour the iris, their dark ring is further out and won't interfere with vision. However, I'm yet to try one iris-define lens to confirm that it won't iritate the eyes.

Besides defining the iris, I prefer one day lenses cause they are more hygenic and less chances of getting inflammation. Since the daily lenses are soooo expensive, I hope they have weekly lenses soon too so that the price would be cheaper and I won't have to wear the monthly ones.