Friday, September 28, 2007

Chinese take out!

Have you ever watched an American movie and see ppl there ordering chinese take outs in those white paper boxes? haaha....a neighbor of mine went to South Africa on a business trip and bought these back. Instant noodles!! Quite different right? It's the 1st time I've seen something like this so...yea, and they don't come cheap.....around RM15 or 20 per box.Though sold in South Africa....and the price.....highly expensive, there's are actually manufactured in Thailand, but solely for Africa only!

I was quite shock at 1st, cause I was thinking how do I cook these......fear not! Clear step by step instructions are given at the back of the box....including cautions like "Beware of steam after you microwave the food" and stuffs like "Wet chop stick for easy handling of noodles!" haaha.....

So food comes packed like this in the box. They even provide you with a fork. So all you have to do is pour the noodles int the box with the sauce and microwave it.
This is the Satay sauce one......This is the chow mien sauce can see there's even corn and some squid.
haha....I find these really they're actually quite nutritious and don't taste that bad. However their energy content is also very high!!!! Plus you'll feel very "jelak" after finishing half the box.

Monday, September 24, 2007

`~*Happy Mid Autumn Festival*~`


Here are some pics of special moon cakes I've eaten this year......well....not 'that' special...but it's different from the traditional ones...

Can you see the beautiful butterfly??

This is the "Chocolate and Cheese" mooncake! When I bought it, I thought it would taste like chocolate cheese cake.......unfortunately for expectations for the mooncake to taste like that is toooooo high! It does not have these rich, thick, sticky chocolatey feel nor the smooth, cheesey texture of the cheese. But, it still taste nice. haaha.....the chocolate and the cheese have been mixed well with "lin young", which is the normal paste in mooncake. The yolk is just coloured lin young paste, not cheese!

Next up is JELLY MOONCAKES!!! made by my mum! Yummy! I LOVE JELLIES!! My mum made dragonfruit, yam and durian only this time........

This brown one has coffee flavoured jelly......with dragonfruit jelly with lin young yolk!! (Don't worry....everything is jelly! Some people don't know what's jelly mooncake and many have mistaken the yolk for real salted egg yolks...."Don't be so sakai ok?".....and some start thinking jelly + real traditional mooncake....."???")

My fav. PINK DRAGON FRUIT!!!(above) Who says colours don't affect people's choices for food? ooo...I also prefer the square ones to the round one.....y? because it's bigger and there's more for me to eat! haaha.....

The green one above is durian.....not my favourite....but that's what I get after eating all the dragonfruits.....'s Green Tea Mooncake! My aunt(Yin Ling's mum) bought them! I love green tea! This mooncake smells very actually smells more like black tea than green tea. I like the smooth lin young flavoured green tea that's quite light and not that suit! Suitable for snacks! As you can see...while chatting online, I already ate half of it!
I think last year I was in Brunei.......right?? I don't really remember...all I remember was that Lina, her sis n cuz, Chong and I were at her house.....playing with lanterns......and a lantern caught FIRE!!!! Was it mine?? or was it Lina's cousin's??
And I remember after that we went to The Mall for Jollibee's Cheesey Fries and DQ ice cream......chocolate green tea?? aaaaahh.........I miss the things I used to eat in Brunei!!!!....not DQ...but other things......

I miss Fratini's Mozorella pizza! Thin crust heaven! I also miss their Carbonara! Is it still open? I miss escapade's california maki special! haaha.....those tasty fried makis! I miss the Korean Restaurants Bibimbap and BBQ!!! I wanna cook for all my girlfriends and mix the rice with 2 eggs! I miss Pizza Hut's Tuna Pizza!!! Malaysia's tuna pizza is all know Miri's one.....not that nice! Tunaaaa~~~~ desperate cat in need of Tuna Pizza!

What else do I miss?......oh....Sweet Deli's.....what are they called again? (Chong should know) Those cheesey chicken tarts??..........I miss Phong Mun's dim sum!!! I love the "Chan Bao"?? The roasted pork bun.....yummy! I miss cheese fries...Jollibee and Ideal one are nice......I miss delicious satay!!!from I forgot where's that stall. I miss nasi lemak from Losan flat! Did I miss out any other food I used to like?

ooo..I MISS PLAYING POOL!!!! I never played once since I came back to Malaysia!.....My skills are now all gone!!!

haaha....... Never knew I actually miss soo many things from Brunei....most of all...I miss all my friends!!! WAAAHHH~~~~~~~~ SNIFF!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

<3 Sirius Kim Sung Je <3

I just found out yesterday afternoon that Sora like Sirius too!! And she purposely messaged me just to tell me "The one that kiss Eugene is mine!"......and I'm like NNNOOOOoooo~~~ I'm already sharing Sung Je Oppa with Lina.....and now Sora too! But she won't budge! So yea....Sirius is hers on Sunday!

Here I am....planning to divorce JJ for Sirius and I'm now sharing him! hai~~~ I want Sirius!!! Don't want JJ liao~ when will I get Sirius???

Ooo....and I found out Sirius is an uhljjang too!

He looks good with short hair! That long hair of his keeps covering his nice features!

Nooooo~~~ Don't kill yourself! Saranghae~

I wonder if he's mixed in any way......his parents or grandparents?....In certain pictures he doesn't look korean. His features reminds me of Yuu(Shirota).

Sirius: *aims gun at JJ*

The nerdy look workjs well too! Who would have guessed that this guy's specialises in Poppin' and he rides a bike! I wonder how many years have he learned poppin'. His dance moves are so nice esp in the MV....the leg parts! His movements are so sharp! wonder if it's because he got long legs.

Why is he the only in Supernova whose in College(Seoul Art College) and not in University? Nvm....College Diploma can be used to transfer to another U for degree. A new group filled with smart University boys!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happiness - Arashi

Wanted to share this song of Arashi because it's so meaningful. Purposely placed the translation 1st to share with everyone!

Happiness [PV] Lyrics
Rather than grieving in the headwind
If we imagine things will go well, someday times will change

When we’re engrossed in living and by trival matters
When we falter as love hurts us, we have to stand up again each time

If we think of the comings and goings of memories, it is too lonely
Because an exciting future is sure to be waiting over there for us

Start running, start running, let’s go and welcome tomorrow
Let me hear your sound, I feel it all
Don’t stop, don’t stop, these feelings move me now
No matter how small the bud may be, it is just one Happiness

Even the feelings of tears can’t be put into words
Because it’s alright not to worry about things like what color the rainbow of happiness is

When we find the answer, we’ll have accumulated more memories
From here to can head without fear to a new place

Till far away, till far away, the path leads on forever
Let me hear your voice, I’ll always be beside you
Don’t stop, don’t stop, these feelings I’ll always believe in
The bud may not have a name yet, but it is just one Happiness

Start running, start running, let’s go and welcome tomorrow
Let me hear your sound, I feel it all
Don’t stop, don’t stop, these feelings move me now
No matter how small the bud may be, it is just one Happiness

Yeah yeah yeah…

向かい風の中で 嘆いてるよりも
上手く行く事を想像すれば いつの日か変わる時がくる

夢中で生きてたら 何気ないことで
愛が傷ついて ためらいながら 何度も立ち上がるよ

思い出の後先を 考えたら 寂しすぎるね
騒がしい未来が向こうで きっと待ってるから

※走り出せ 走り出せ 明日を迎えに行こう
君だけの音を聞かせてよ 全部感じてるよ
止めないで 止めないで 今を動かす気持ち
どんなに小さなつぼみでも 一つだけのHappiness※

涙の気持ちさえ 言葉に出来ない
幸せの虹は 何色なんて 気にしなくていいから

答えを見つけようと 思い出また積み重ねてる
ここから新しい場所へ 何も恐れないで

遠くまで 遠くまで どこまでも続く道
君だけの声を聞かせてよ ずっとそばにいるよ
止めないで 止めないで ずっと信じる気持ち
今は名もないつぼみだけど 一つだけのHappiness


Yeah yeah yeah…

Yeah yeah yeah! Yeah yeah yeah! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
mukaikaze no naka de nageiteru yori mo
umakuiku koto o souzou sureba itunohi ka kawrutoki ga kuru
mutyu de ikitetara nanigenai koto de
ai ga kizutuite tamerainagara nando mo tatiagaru yo
omoide no atosaki o kanngaetara samishisugiru ne
sawagashi mirai ga mukou de kitto matteru kara

☆ hashiri dase hashiri dase asu o mukae ni ikou
kimidake no oto o kikasete yo zenbu kanjiteru yo
tomenai de tomenai de ima o ugokasu kimoti
donna ni tiisana tsubomi demo hitotsu dake no Happiness ☆

namida no kimoti sae kotoba ni dekinai
shiawase no niji wa naniiro nante kinisinakute iikara
kotae o mitsukeyou to omoide mata tumikasane teru
kokokara atarashii basho e nanimo osorenaide

touku made touku made dokomademo tuzuku miti
kimidake no koe o kikasete yo zutto sobani iruyo
tomenai de tomenai de zutto shinjiru kimoti
ima wa namonai tubomi dakedo hitotu dake no Happiness

Yeah yeah yeah! Yeah yeah yeah! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Tohoshinki's Shine
It's a love song about how the guy feels about love towards the most important person to him, his precious! I like the lyrics because it says,"From now on, we'll always be together and that everything will be alright. You are always my light so lets walk towards our future together!" Will you faint if the guy you like tell this to you???
Will post if I can find the lyric and translations.

Credits: youtube, ahappiness, jpopasia

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SFCIdol look-a-like Results!

The winner is.........Malaysia's very own.....SITI NURKHALIZA!!!!

Though Sora and I didn't win, it was a fun event! We did end up with a goodie bag! Although we have no need of the things in the goodie bag! We have spa, makeup, hairdo, cocktail vouchers.......p/s anyone in need of a Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP200?

Siti Nurkhaliza had sooo many supporters! Almost half the audience are her friends. She sings really well too! I heard she appeared a few times on National Television! Matthew Fox was amaxing! His acting skills....superb! Plus the bruise make-up artist painted on his face....yeng!!! Aya Ueto is super cool! She looked really young and I got a huge shock when she told me that she's 29! Although her idol is a japanese, she performed a nice chinese song for us. Drew Barrymore can really kick butt! She's a TaeKwonDo black belt! There's also Halle Berry....who is SEXY! Her performance was "Bond pose" and she even had a gun with her!!! Fake one.....

Then there's Lee Hom....who's er....haahaa shaved his head. I remember the hairstylist asking if he wants hair extensions! haaha....Nonetheless he gave a great performance! Ooo..and there's a very handsome Jay Chou! who shocked us with his age too......He sang well and the MC said his personality resembles Jay Chou....shy and quiet!
Sora: how old are u? surely small boy!
Jay Chou: you guess lo...
Sora: 19?(I think that's what she said)
Jay Chou: I must belanja you makan......28!
Sora: ^_^!!!!

Then there's the super hot and sexy mother of 2, Karen Mok! She was sooo sexy that day! Yea imitated Karen's poses for her performance. She's almost 40 but she looks like 23! Lastly there's Fasha Sandha who did belly dancing!! Yup.....that's all.

Both Aya Ueto and Jay Chou are graduates from One Academy and both looked like 19/20 when they are actually 28/29!!! Does all design students look that young? or only from One Academy? Man....I should switch course!


Left! As you can see from the clock in the background, these pics were taken approximately 9 hours after the make-up was applied! and they stayed on well....even after all that sweating!

Right! I can't open my eyes fully the whole day due to the fake eyelashes...I think there's too much I can't exactly open my eyes comfortably especially the right one. Sora said that I look better when my eyes are that way.....^_^!!!

Right again! haahaa....

Sora's hair......where's my hair one sora....?

Sora's pic taken at Runway.....looks very nice! Nice and fresh make-up! the lighting there is the Sora's make up looks very nice! Her eye make up is lovely and the colour is very very nice!

Twins.......the MC was funny....he asked if we are imitating Twins from HK or the Twin Towers of Malaysia! haaha.....during prize giving ceremony, he also joked that we should join "Chan Hou Yat Ting"(a contest originally form HK) saying that we can earn lots of money. haaha....we are planning....but with Miracle!!!


Me! can you see that my hair is actually a bob? I look like I'm from 70s or 80s....

Last one!

Sorry there's no actual live video of the dance at Runway.....heehee....I forgot I had my camera with me!!!!!! arrgghhh~~~~~ so stupid!! I only realised I had my camera in my bag while in the car...on the way home!!! Yea....and I remembered Lina asked to record the dance for we recorded ourselves once we reached home! Due to limited space, you can see us crowding together and me disappearing from the screen........can also hear my mum and aunt talking in the back ground.

Let me introduce to you.....the "Let's kill that mosquito!!!" dance!It's very effective! you can kill at least 10 mosquito with every session! (Don't mind my laugh half-way through the dance because Sora got lost and I saw her expression so....bwahahaaha)

Ok la...not that bad, though the video quality is bad due to bad lightings! Considering the fact that we only practiced the dance for around 2 hours(around 8pm to 10pm)the night before the event. We didn't copy any steps from Twins.....all choreographed by us.....except for the fact that I stole 2 set of 8 from BoA's Id Peace B for our chorus. heeehee....and the song.....remixed by my sis-in-law! You don't know who ah? .....Lina lo.....

If you're wondering what we're doing in the beginning....(limited space) We were supposed to be walking when the bell rang and we realised we're late for class......we then ran to the class and tip-toed in before we were caught by the teacher and we greeted everyone! Then comes the dance....and those hands waving in the air and claps are supposed to be used for crowd interactions......

Thursday, September 6, 2007

山田涼介 (やまだ りょうすけ) = my son???

Hai-hai!! Introducing my 1st Japanese son!!!!! Yamada Ryosuke!!!

ehh....wat?? which husband? aaahh....of course Yamashita Tomohisa!!!

Though he does not share the same surnames as least both of them have "山" dad's name also have that chinese character.

Look at my son perform his dad's song!! soo cute right? his voice is can be better than Pi's! wait la.....since he's still going thru puberty! haaha...since pi's voice now is .......super bold!

Tada! Pi performing the same song with can spot my baby Ryosuke in this performance....he's one of the small boys at the back with black singlet!

credits: youtube, uniquegirl, atld

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Was watching Shounen Club just now(missed it sooo much!!!! it's been almost a year since I last watched it! Everyone grew and I cannot recognise some of the juniors esp those doing back up dancing!!!)......and there was this smoking' hot performance by Jin!! Soooo sexy!!! aahhhh~~~ at 1st I thought who's the special guest cause Koyama said, the special guest can converse in english....Actually when he said that, I did think of Jin cause Jin went America for studies last year.

Yea, the performance song was "Pinky" and the opening featured a guy in super long tux with a cap! I could not see his face but looking at his height(Jin is definitely one of the tallest in Johnnys)......haaha and when he started singing and I saw his lips(Sexyy~~~)....AKANISHI JIN! waaaa.....superb performance. I like it~~ thought I didn't really like his suit! Why can't he just wear a proper tux??? and....omg WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YO YOUR HAIR, BAKANISHI!!!! Yes, you cut it short(it's still long) looks like a weird bush.....and Jin, please change your hairstyle!

So I tried browsing youtube for that performance clip but I couldn't find it. Instead, I found a concert performance clip on the same song and in the same tux.....DVD ripped!!! I prefer the Shounen Club version compared to this concert version, though Jin's hair looked better here. His voice in Shounen Club seems less "electronised"....maybe because it's concert, so they want the effects to be better. Also, the Shounen Club one has more close up of Jin!!

Jin's english is definitely good. At least for this song, I had no problem understanding him at all and his pronounciation is pretty good.

Oh ya, don't forget to check the "hot girl" ending! Don't get shocked!

Also, I just found out that Hey Say 7 will sing the theme song for an anime when I watched Music Station last week........Initially I got a shock, I thought they graduated as in they're no longer Juniors......It's not a bad thing, but I feel they are many others who should debut first...some have been training for super long!!! They're too young to graduate anyways.

Hey Say 7's is not bad, considering their age! Plus they're super kawaii!!! even in cool clothes, they look kawaii!!

Yea, my personal few favourites out of all the juniors are Yamada Ryousuke(Hey Say 7), Yamashita Shoon, Yaotome and Yabu(Ya-ya-yah), Tai-chan(kiss-my-ft2). Johnny's seriously have too many juniors....I can only remember a few of them properly.


Bonus!!! Pi &Jin.....belly piercings! haaha.....

haaha....wanted to upgrade Jin as hubby.....*in process*

Credits: youtube, yumi1990, cutieflowergurl