Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Food factories!!!

NEWS shows us.....
How Candy is made!!!

How donuts are made!!!

How gum is made!!!

How chocolate koala cookies are made!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NEWS Fever

Don't Mind all these vids...I'm on NEWS Fever...that's y...

NEWS-Dreams PV(from Never Ending Wonderful Story)

Can you see their beautiful stage with all those walkways? Soo nice! At the beginning, Ryo sorta changed the lyrics of the song...and right after, Koyama cried! You can see all NEWS members getting teary! NEWS FOREVER!!

P's Bday!!

aaahh... Strawberry!!!! Kawaii P-chan!

Chyou Kawaii Ryo-chan gobbling down food!

Can u see P stealing his food? It's impossible to finish that meal in 2 minutes! Poor Ryo! No wonder he's soo skinny....cuz P's stealing his portions!

P playing guitar

He said he'd received gifts for his Bday...aan this is the return Thank you song!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Sequence!

Y is P's solo.....counting numbers only? haaha.....Tegoshi!! you're dance is soo good!

Koyama feeds NEWS!

Tegoshi is super cute! UMAI! and P is like this automatic machine....OISHII!! Bad P...bullying Koyama at the dinner table! SUKIYAKI!!!

P feeds NEWS!

RAMEN!!! KARE-RAISU!!! I realised Massu never speaks a word at the dinner table and Tegoshi n P are the noisiest! Ryo is like always stuffing his mouth with food and he gets sooo serious and aggressive when it comes to food! Don't worry Ryo, no one dares steal your food! and Ryo~~ Stop talking with ur mouth full!!

Massu feeds NEWS!

OKONOMIYAKI!! Once again Ryo is stuffing himself! Poor Koyama!! He has to eat alone cause he's sick!!! *hugs* and the food is not suitable for him summore!!! Someone should have prepared him porridge!

Ryo feed NEWS!

RICE+GREEN TEA??? haaha.....everyone was gonna really eat just white rice when Ryo presented them with SASHIMI!! So healthy man their meal!!! Can lose weight!

Tegoshi feed NEWS...except Shige!

Poor Shige! He got and empty bowl!! and the bowl was used to put bones!!!

Credits: youtube


I WANNA GO TO NEWS CONCERT!!!! How long do I have to wait before I get to attend a Japanese Concert!!!! arrghh~~~ even if they come to Malaysia...no one could afford the tickets!! for all you know, cheapest ticket RM1000! *faints*

Want to go go a full Johnny's Concert!! cheapest tix....RM5000???? *heart attack* haahaa.....kidding la! But it could be true! haaha.......

I want to go welcome NEWS at the airport!!! Didn't know that they actually stop for fans to take picture of them!!! And Koyama<3He's soo sweet!!! a fan dropped a yellow banner which he picked up for her!!!!
(takes super long time to load)
Yup!! NEWS concert!!! you can definitely expect to see someone flying!!! haaha....and they brought Johnny's Juniors with them...a few la!

Did I just see YamaP singing while walking through fans at the stands???? Yes I did!!! OMG!!! JEALOUSSSSSSSS~~~~ eeee........how!!!? why??? what??? The fans are sooo lucky!!! Thank goodness no one ripped him apart! And did P just flew? haaha......

For Johnny's concert in Taiwan in.....2003?? if I'm not mistaken.....P climbed up this tower and I tot he jumped down into the audience!!! Got a shocked but then suddenly he's back onto the stage! haaha....great effect.....and now, he's flying again! and OMG! is that Massu dangling to that wire in mid-air?

The great thing about Johnny's concerts is the closeness! How close the artists is to the fans!! They either have some weird machines transporting the artist or those wires.....or some equipment hanging from the top. Their stages have lots of walkways too which reach out to the fans.....(this year dongbang's concert also have walkways like this).ooo...and I love the juniors!! haaha....so kawaii~~ and fireworks!

NEWS chinese are still not perfect yet, but a lot better than few years back! They even sang in chinese!!!

Can't wait for NEWS new catchy single! Ganbatte-ne!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

DBSK 2nd live tour in Malaysia

*post based on personal view points.....no harm intended*

Most people know that I'm a big fan of DBSK and that I'll definitely be going for their concert.

Their concert for Malaysia is scheduled to be on 24th November, in the midst of SPM and STPM examinations, at Merdeka Stadium. Many SPM and STPM students filed a petition for the concert date to be postponed. However, the concert date could not be postponed. Might be due to the fact that contracts have already been signed and dongbang's busy schedules.

One.....I don't like the venue for their concert....it's an open stadium! I don't like the idea of holding an umbrella in the middle of the concert. Though I'll most probably be wearing a rain coat instead.

Two......progress is so slow......either that or I'm just impatient. I have to see the floor plan soon to make my final decision on which ticket to buy.

Three......why am I not excited at all?? Like seriously....I'm don't feel the excitement when I know they're coming. Last year, I was screaming my head off!! After looking at their concert tix prices.....I feel even less excited. Right......! I already expect the tix to be around that range after their 1st concert here last year and also Rain's successful concert(with his super expensive tixs)! But yea.....most dong bang fans are young teens to young adults.....the age range that spends the most money, but also the range which have not much extra cash.

Four.....heard from Sora that dongbang will be arriving on 17th Nov...good for her, as she will be missing the concert. It seems like they will be flying to Malaysia twice. Don't think I'll be going to the airport. My last experience.....er...I'm not very good at star-chasing! and I got no where near them...neither could I see them super up-close!(just close is not enough for a fan) Plus I'll be having industrial training in Nov.

I swear last year when the whatever thing fell down and went "BAM!!" dongbang got shocked and scared that they cannot wait to get away from all their fans.....FAST! So hopefully this year, nothing similar will happen and fans can enjoy their time with dongbang longer at the airport!

Five....fans......I hope no idiot in front of my is holding a big banner which will block my view! Or else, there'll be serious cat fight at the concert! Please be considerate la! You think dongbang can see your small tiny banner??(yes, it's big here....but from the stage it's small)Unless of course you're at the rock zone. Also, when you're on the stage, you cannot see the audience properly and at certain areas, you only see white lights....because of the spotlights that's shining on them. You think they're smiling at you....they're actually smiling at the lights.

Chants....I know it's tradition for korean fans to chants at EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!! We(ok...maybe only me) go to a concert, to enjoy great live performances/dance/fan service/whatever......do you think it's very nice if all you hear are fans chants instead of the singer? yes....chanting is a form of enjoying and getting high at concert....as long as it's not too much and covering the singer's voice.

Six.....I know fans for the concert, be it Malaysian fans only or including those from other countries are all separated....Hopefully everyone will be grouped together by this concert and enjoy it happily together.(sounded like world peace speech) But yea.....cause I know different forums or fan clubs are planning different things, have their own t-shirts, balloons, banners and whatever they plan to have. It'll be nice if the whole stadium is united instead of just within their own groups.

Imagine one group starts doing wave....and throughout the whole concert only that particular small group doing wave! up and down! up and down! Then the next group starts doing a particular chant"blahblah club! dongbangshingi!"...and the one next to them starts singing"oooo!!!"....then the next one starts cheering something"dongbang! shingi!".......even in the audience, I won't hear anything properly what's more to say those on the stage. It'll just sound like a pile of mess. The concert has become the battle fields for all these different clubs to be noticed by their favourite artists. A change of spotlight!

Doesn't it sound better if everyone shout in unison? That way message becomes clearer and louder....plus it'll actually reach the artist......if they are not wearing ear plugs. You know how when you watch a concert DVD, and fans in the whole stadium chants the same thing?

Lastly.......I need something to make me excited about the concert. Have I completely lost my love for them? I know I might have.......for JJ! haaha....."JAEJOONG FOR SALE!"

3 days trip to Ipoh

Last Friday night, after having mass chat with MeiLin, Lina, Moon & Chong, finally went to bed at 3.15am......and I woke up at 5.45am!!! Left home at 6.30 to head for Ipoh! It was the 1st time I drove to Ipoh summore! I was dead tired! My throat hadn't been feeling well but I still sang through out the ride. My throat felt worse once I arrived at Ipoh!

Ok....this post of mine is going to be like ChangMin's Diary entries! Mianhe JJ! For breakfast, I ate delicious popia!!! I tell you, it's really delicious, I eat it every time I'm in Ipoh. If you follow me back to Ipoh, I'll bring you to this particular stall too! Even the lady remembers me liao! This is the hand rolled popia, not the fried one!, topped with small, fired prawns! Yummie~~

Next, I went to this saloon and got myself a haircut + digital perm. Saturday is a bad day to do your hair....there's sooo many ppl in the saloon! My hair was cut by the lady boss....whom I feel that her skills are not that great! I told her to cut my fringe short and make it a straight cut.....and it looks sooo ugly now! I look like a dumb primary kid! Even my god-mum said my previous fringe styles looked better....and guess what! Previous ones were all cut by me!! I should go and take over her saloon man!

The digital perm? All I can say is, I'm never doing another perm ever again(for now). All the brain cells those chemicals killed!!! Plus the fact that the chemicals smelled horrible too....I think they are carcinogenic....hope not! And the heat!!! Before deciding on the perm, I looked through a thick japanese hairstyle book and spotted a picture of the model which I previously posted up in my blog, but decided not to copy her hair.

The hairstylist chopped of more than hair of my hair...the cut hair on the floor looked more than enough to be weaved into a new wig. My hair length is now 1 head shorter...haahaa, and it's been layered very thinly but I still have a big head! Thanks to my perm! I think I looked much more mature with the perm...which is what I don't like! Just hours after the perm and I'm already missing my old hair.

Yea, back to food. For lunch, I had this delicious vinegar pork cooked by mum's friend who's really good in cooking. I passed by the "Wong Fei Hung" too, this indian man who sells delicious kacang putih but I didn't buy any because my mum woulnd't let me! Instead, I got very very delicious cendol!!! Another food that I must have, when I go down to Ipoh! It's soooo delicious, I got myself 2 bowls! You just cannot get such delicious cendol in KL! And for dinner, I had yummy claypot chicken rice! Muahaahah!!!! and for dessert! Roti-boy! haahaa....

Is it just me or do I feel that my big head is catching a lot of unwanted attention? I don't like it when people are staring at me. Is there something on my face? Do I look funny? I don't know if ppl are staring because they think the hair looks nice, or funny because I didn't comb my hair the next morning. haaha.....sexy morning waves ma! I was really happy when I was shopping and then this sales girl came to ask my about my perm! wakakaka........*laughs like a witch*
Here's how the hair looked like the next morning and after having tied it in a bun for a few times.....not tat messy and funny right? I didn't touch or apply anything to it....too lazy! It's at a worst state now....haaha

Yea, I even went to the morning market just for food! Had nice fried char kuey...those with sesame seeds, dipped into my dad's white coffee! haaha.....and nice wantons! For lunch, tradition hakka food called "lui cha" which is rice topped with different vegetables, served with a bowl of green vegetable soup. Heard of it? It tastes really good if you know which stall to look for. The first time I tried it was at a friend's home and it was soooo bitter that I nearly cried trying to swallow everything! Ya....but this one is really really really good! Plus it's healthy food! and for my side dish-popia(again!) and gyouza-chinese style. Muahaha...for dessert, drove back to the same cendol stall again! My dad and I really love the cendol!! The good thing about Ipoh is that there's no jam and you can literally just drive from one place to another for good food!

Ate really lots of food in Ipoh including a bunch of other things I'm not supposed to eat! but yea....cannot help myself! So I lost my voice again!!!! Lucky Pancy didn't come, cause I asked her if she wanted to come. If she did, she's going to wonder why every time she come to KL, I'll lose my voice! The last time she was hear, I really lost my voice!