Monday, December 24, 2007

Thief to my own home

Haven't been feeling well since yesterday. My throat hurts!!! Lost my voice again!!!! 3rd time this year!!!

I only remember loosing my voice like once or twice before........but 3 times in a year!!!!! omg! Is it because of the horrible weather in kl? or all the unhealthy food that I'm eating now??

Was supposed to go Sg Wang for K yesterday but thank goodness the outing was off. Instead, I met up with my cousins and Sora for dinner at Pyramid.

I was supposed to be having dance class yesterday...but the 'blur' me.....went for replacement last friday because I thought I would be leaving for Ipoh yesterday! I went to UG anyways cuz I received sms from PM and I thought that the instructor wouldn't mind teaching me after the class. But turns out, I missunderstood the msg........he told PM to teach me when she sees me. Haiya, still same la! Only thing was that I wasn't dress right for dance prac!!! I bet everyone there must be thinking, "Why is this girl so weird??! She doesn't come to class during her class time but comes after the class ended. Summore dress till like tat!!!!" What!!! cannot ah!! haaha.....

Dinner-Zanmai Sushi! Yum~yum~ After calculating how much each person was supposed to pay and collected the payment, I realised that there's an extra of about RM9. Then no matter how I count it again there's still an extra! Thus I tot. "wahhh....soo nice! got extra money let's go to the shoji kiya and buy some cookies to share among everyone." But luckily I didn't because we were all bloated. I soon realised that the money actually belongs to my cousin because I overcharged her!!!! haiyooo....I'm sooo blurrrr!!!!!

After dinner, we went to Hilton Hotel PJ to check out my cousin's group's Train model. If you guys pass by Hilton PJ by chance, should go in and have a look! The train model was really pretty!!! There's 7 in the world this year and Hilton PJ's model is the 2nd largest after Seoul. If I'm not mistaken, there was a competition and the Taylor's group won with their theme, "Chritstmas across borders", lead by Jiunn.

We took quite a number of pictures there....shall post it up soon!

Btw, becareful if you do park at the free outdoor car park at Hilton PJ. When we were there last night, we saw this very suspicious looking guy in his car. He was in his car while we were looking for a parking space. When we all turned to look at him as our car passed, he quickly turned on his head lights and we thought he was going to leave, but he didn't. We found a parking space nearby but we didn't dare park because we would have to walk past him(even though there's 4 of us), thus we went to Hilton's own carpark instead. Even when we left at 11, his car was still there!!! How suspicious! It's like he's waiting for someone he could target!

When we arrived back at my house......Ta-DA-Da-daaaaaa!!!! No Electricity!!! Perfect!! My gate is an auto gate! Plus there's no one at home! Also....I forgot to bring the auto gate key out!!! I phoned my aunt who insists that the key I had with me is the auto gate key! but I know it isn't!! because it doesn't fit!

My cousin parked her car outiside my house and we all got down to try and open the gate. My cousin JY even climbed in to try open it from inside. I wish I could climb in from my house wall too...but my legs are not long enough and I'm afraid of height! Plus I've never climbed any trees before when I was young!!! Funniest thing was the house opposite mine was having some party and all the guest were seated outside the house and some looking at our direction. I bet they were wondering what he heck we're doing!

There's no one home on my left! Everyone went out...I guessed it was too hot! Then the right side, there were cars in the house and we tried banging their gate(the electronic bell doesn't work) and even shouted but no one answered. Cannot climb my own gate just can't!(too many spikes and it's too high) I tried my left neighbour's gate, I could get up but I wouldn't dare jump in to my own house. I'm scared of height and my mum placed flower pots at every corner!

I saw an open gate a few houses away, thus I was thinking if I could get in from there and climbed across the fences of the other 2 house to get to mine! Then I have to worry if their houses have dogs!

In the end I took off 1 shoe and climbed over my right neighbour's gate! I know there are people home because the windows are opened but no one answered when I called. Couldn't be bothered if they want to call police or what! I then had to climb over another fence and becareful not to step on my mum's flower pots!

Then in the house, I couldn't swtich off my alarm!!! Nvm la, since my neighbours are either not at home or in super deep sleep already! Just let it sound! Can keep theives away too!

I later found out that the first house on my row caught fire earlier that evening and thus caused the black out on my row only!!! What an exciting evening!!!

Xmas with Pi & Toma-kun! (2005)

BoA - MeriKuri

KRY-Feliz Navidad, Sg Wannabe ft. Im Jun Hee- White Christmas, BigBang -Winter Story!!

Ashley Tisdale- Last Christmas

Merry Xmas everyone!!! Going Ipoh tomorrow....see you guys in 3 days!! Meri Kurisumasu!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Most adventerous day of my life!

Went up to Genting yesterday morning with YL and her coursemates. We bought tix earliest bus, 8.30am and latest bus, 8.30pm, which came in as a package deal.

On the way up via the cable car, we already felt very cold as it was drizzling and the fog was really heavy. We couldn't see where cable car was moving towards.

Once up there, we decided to head to the theme park 1st.....and it was sooooo COLD!!! We were practically freezing! The wind was very strong! The fog was still very thick! We could hardly see anything in front of we decided to go for lunch 1st.

I remembered Genting's theme park to be warmer....but it was really freezing cold yesterday. And ppl were saying that Genting is getting warmer and warmer.....maybe due to global warming. Intially, I was planning to go with my normal jacket only but decided I should just take the thick one...but it's not enough!!! I should have just bought a winter jacket, together with gloves and ear muffles!

After lunch, we headed back to the park and it was still BAD! It's drizzling slightly with thick fog and super strong cold wind! My contacts were getting dry, our hair were drenched wet...well not really, it's due to the moist wind! Our hands were super cold. We were all shivering....our thick jackets is of little use. We should have brought super thick wind breakers.

Due to the fog, the view was really bad. We couldn't enjoy the beautiful scenery. Our visibility was only around 20steps??(5-10metres only) We couldn't see anything beyond that. Even friends who walked further up front, we could only see their outline!! As for those higher/taller rides....we could only see their bottom part and the rest......must be heaven! It was sooo cold that there's smoke?? when we talk.

Even though the weather was horrible, the place was still packed with locals and tourists. We went on only 5-7 rides as the lines were long. Plus we took toilet and snack breaks! It was so cold that we got hungry easily and craved hot food!

Soon the weather got sooo bad that some rides had to be closed. We were lining up for a coaster ride when we were shivering soooo badly that we could no longer stand the cold and decided to leave.

We ate a bit only as we were thinking of coming back down to KL for dinner. Thus after tea-break, we went our separate ways. A few of us went for MotionMaster, which was....a waste of my time! I remembered it to be much more exciting and the 4D images to be much clearer. But last night's one was.....BLUR! Thus I had no idea what it was I was too busy adjusting my specs!

We decided to head back to the Skyway at 7.30pm since our bus leaves at 8.30pm. But......It CLOSED!!! The cable car service CLOSED!!! We had to either go to the Avana's one or buy a bus ticked directly down to KLSentral. A man told us that there won't be any more buses at Skyway. Panic......

Since we had no idea if we could get a bus ticket even if we took the Avana cable car, we decided to get a direct bus instead from First World Bus Terminal. We arrived there and it was....EMPTY! NO ONE~ only empty buses. All the counters were closed! So we ran around to check if any of the buses are going down to KL. Finally saw 1 bus conductor....but he just arrived!! and he told us to check with the counters. When I was roughly 10-15 steps away from the group, I could only see their shadowy figures!!! The weather was getting worse, drizzling much more heavily and the fog much thicker. The wind was a lot colder too.....I tot it might be 10degrees or lower!!

Finally, we decided we should probably spend the night in Genting for safety reasons. 1st, the fog is tooo thick! We couldn't even see what's ahead of us....what more a bus! Plus it's at night, the bus driver might be sleepy and driving carelessly. 3rd, the roads are slippery. Safety first!

We then rushed back in because we were worried we couldn't get a room as there's really a lot of people in Genting. We got a double room?? Jiunn phoned her dad who asked a friend who called another friend who asked another friend to try get a room for us.....haahaa....and we got another double room! So 5 in 1 room and the other 6 in 1.

Great! No towel, clothes, tooth brush, contact lens solution, case...!!! haiya! After we checked in, we quickly went to buy our necessities......bought toothbrush, contacts solution, face wash, this and that la.......

After leaving out stuffs in the room, we went for dinner at MaryBrown. The whole day we've been eating unhealthy, fast food......morning, some hotdog thing, then lunch...Tempura set, tea break...KFC! We then went shopping for clothes...managed to buy one tee-shirt!

By the time we were back in the room, we're already half-dead! Could hardly open my eyes.....the thing I'm most looking forward to is a hot shower and a comfy bed! There's 6 of us in a room, thus 3 person on each half of the bed!

Didn't really sleep well because it was sooo COLD! esp my feet! We didn't have anything to cover ourselves. Also there were not enough pillows.....we only managed to get extra towels from the hotel staffs!

Then at 4am in the morning, some stupid fellows were shouting and screaming like mad!!! till around 5.30am!!! Disturbing my sleep! I kept waking every half an hour. Jiunn even went to the door as she thought those people were outside out room.....but turns our, they were in the next room!! BISING!!! The YL, P and J were sleeping really peacefully, they didn't even hear anything! Only, Jiunn, LY and I kept waking up! We were all super tired and stressed!

Every one seemed to be sniffing in the morning! As we checked out, it seems that every room we walked past were filled with youngsters our age! Luckily, the cable car is in service again...the down side was, no refund for our tickets!!! and we had to buy new ones!

Yup, definitely one of the most adventerous ( or unlucky) day of my life! Never in my life had I been stranded like this before! Thank goodness there's sooo many of us! and that we were in hotel in Genting and not in a forest!!! Lucky there were rooms and we didn't have to spend out night at Starbucks! haaha......

Note to self, the next time I go Genting. I must bring a set of contacts, spec, spare clothes, super thick jacket, ATM card, mobile phone charger, hair lotion.....just in case. Toothbrush and tooth paste can buy there.

When we woke up in the morning, J asked me if I knew what room we were sleeping in. I replied "No?" She said the room we slept in is actually a 'Love room' because the focus of the room is the bed! The tv is at the side, meaning it's not the main thing. Plus our bathroom is an open bathroom! Then she said, dunno how many ppl did what thing on the bed!!!! GREAT!!!!

I don't know about all these la. I'm with 10 future architects...they know the things they!