Thursday, January 10, 2008

Must Watch-Nodame Cantabile SP!!!!

For those who've watched Nodame no Cantabile, this SP is a must watch!!!

Gathering all Chiaki fans!!! Let's drool over him together!!! haahaa.....and Nodame too!

The drama is a must watch is you love MUSIC! ORCHESTRAS! Even if you're not a music a lover, you'll enjoy this drama! Friendship, Love, Chasing after your dreams........There's an anime version too!! I think it's better to watch the 1st drama first before the SP.

Was watching TV just now when my aunt told me she saw in the news that fans were saying F4 copied dongbang for their MV. My reaction, "Haiya! they everyone also say copied dongbang one la! Got new handsome singer then say ppl go plastic surgery to look like my JJ! Say wanna kill him summore! Then say S.H.E copied their song! when it's a famous classical piece. Whole wide world also copied them!"

So I decided to watch F4's new MV just now, No Escape

I watched the vid for 1min and I still couldn't see which part is similar to dongbang's. I was wondering id it's the grand piano in front....hiyaya? Vaness's blond hair?? Couldn't I was wondering if dongbang got any new MV that I don't know of. was only until the 2nd min that I tot, "Step by step"??

Haiyoooo.......I tot what 'copied'!!!! Is that even called copied??? haahaa......many artists have that right? They were filmed walking in front of a green screen and then the editors will add in the background. It so happened their background also involves Sakura and buildings?? I thought these few are very common backgrounds. You can them in many vids!!

Poor F4, just for that few scenes with similar concept. I bet they were wondering who is dongbang and why do ppl keep saying they copied them. Seriously these kind of scenes are quite common, it just depends on what background they choose. Besides, dongbang's one is about changing of seasons. There's 5 guys but only 4 seasons, so 1 got night lo!

credits: youtube, nodame8989