Sunday, March 23, 2008


Tomorrow is Shinhwa's 10th anniversary!!
May Shinhwa become bigger, better, stronger and hotter!
Hope the good relationship between Shinhwa members last for eternity!
Good Luck for their 10th Anniversary Concert on 29th & 30th of March!


At the same my Shinhwa sisters!!! 10 years of friendship!!! Can I say we grew with Shinhwa?? Not literally.....but you know what I mean. Hope our friendship can last forever too!

Time really flies when you're having fun! & 10 years went by just like that! I've known you guys for almost half my life! Now that we've grown, we each have our own dreams to chase! Though we are now in different places, there's a place we can all call home - 10B!!! haaha.....

10B has been with us for 6 years?? Throughout these years......... A place where we chit-chat, spam, rant, scream, shout, laugh and cry! For how long do you think we will continue this? Even after we've graduated? married? have kids? hahaa......

I hope 10B will stay with us too. I'll be sad if 10B were to end just like that.
As time passes, after O levels, then A levels/college, then after Uni/ till we graduate &'s getting harder & harder for group reunion with everyone. Each in a different country, with their own schedule to follow. Don't know when the next "full" reunion will be, but I hope it happens soon.

haaha......anyone getting married???
Not just to my Shinhwa sisters, but to all my good pals since....I was born! guys know who you are! Thanks for all the great time we've spent together-outings, cook-off, sleep-over, parties....! Thanks for lending me a shoulder to cry on! Sorry for the times where you had to listen to me rant, scream, shout or throw tantrums. But Thank you! for your patience, care and love! Thanks for the times when we chat for hours and hours on the phone! Yeap, the fon calls/sms-es! Thanks for fetching me around after you guys had your car license! Thanks for the treats, gifts, flowers, dolls, chocolates.....and everything! Lastly, Thanks for just being there!!!

Taking the opportunity to thank everyone on Shinhwa's anniversary! However, I feel that any day IS a good day to celebrate friendship. Lastly, Thanks to all my FRIENDS for EVERYTHING!!!

My leg hurts!!!! BADLY!!!! Since during hip-hop class yesterday! I must've been my unlucky day! Just bought new shoes and the one that I'm wearing for of the base was loose?? It didn't come off, it was......loose! So naturally I cannot danced properly! But I got through it....keeke.....can even do turns! haaha.

But then half way through class, both my legs suddenly felt sooo tight! It's like I can't move them properly because the muscles were in a contracted state. It was sooo hard to relax and contract the muscles! & it still hurts! Every time I walk down the stairs, I feel like my leg thigh muscles aren't even contracting at all because they're already contracted!

What happened!!!??? I don't think it's lactic acid build up! I wasn't even doing much! haaha...but if this continues, I'll have nice muscle tone! I want nice arm muscle tone!!! eeee....

credits: youtube, shinhwa30x8x06, kinyayukiko