Wednesday, April 30, 2008

last day of April

No smooth sailing this week.....

1. Made a stupid error/mistake/mess-up in my Immuno paper which cause be 9marks!! argh! Sometimes I can be sooo clueless/dumb/plain-stupid/forgetful....I need to get myself a new RAM. It's 9 marks that NOONE can answer that question wrongly!!!

2. Genetics was always my favourite subject and not being able to do well in the exam makes me feel horrible! can I forget how to calculate D.C.O's?? Shesh! I'm normally pretty good with numbers....and Gah!!! Genetics just grabbed the top spot for being the toughest paper of the sem!! Had always heard from friends that seniors all said Gen was hard and many didn't do that well. But I thought he was being quite lenient this sem....though I don't know his teaching style last time. Ahhh~~ Genetics how could you do this to me? *sniff*

3. Ok...several weird things happened...receiving weird msgs, got asked weird questions.....

4. Gaining weight like nobody's business!!! It's always like this during exam period!

5.I didn't know that coffee can change the smell of urine. haaha, ok. I don't drink coffee...not even a tinnnnny bit! I can still survive without caffeine! (but a little bit from chocolates is perfectly fine! <3)

6. Dance.....yes? no? don't know?

7. I need love!....


From today onwards, my new bf is Mr. Neurobiology! I'm going to spent my next 120-140 hours with him! Don't you just love him?? All that brain.....

Saturday, April 26, 2008


My laptop's been revived!! No, the doc didn't save him! His pulse just came back! Miracle huh?

Either that or he doesn't like me and has been making a fool of me!!! hmph!
For almost a week, I couldn't get him started! and right after I bought a new laptop(my new bf! haha) and sent my ex to the hospital.......He came back.....alive!! without the doc's help! Arrghh.....weird things keep happening to me!!! Why!!!???

Sigh~ no dance....yesterday and today!!

Was surfing online for dance schools that offer Latin dance classes and I bumped into this dance school which offers girl hip hop. There's poppin' classes too. I think many will know the poppin' instructor as he and his group has won numerous competitions before.
Girl's hip hop seemed more like my thing. But I have no idea where that place is!!! yea. I'm not changing dance school.....for now. I like the location of my dance school now because it's near where I stay. Quite a convenient location actually. Plus I have friends in class! Still lost and confused without a clue about anything.

Shinhwa's RUN MV

Have I shared this before???