Saturday, May 31, 2008

whee~ new layout!!

Thanks to Lina!!!

She's soo nice! She made me a blog! Did everything for me! and now she changed layout for me!!!

keke...jealous or not that I got a good sister like her!!???

SHE'S MINE!!! Muahahaa....unless ur a guy la!

Ok, no idea who the girl is....I just think it looks quite nice! haaha....A gal pulling her shirt with her back facing you. She even have a tattoo....looks a bit sexy don't you think?

The only weird thing for me is the words on the banner. "Oh, stop it! let's dance!"

It's like someone enters my blog and that gal tells them to stop it! and go dancing with her!!! hmph!!!

Changed the tittle for my friends list to "dancers" haaha......

Once again,
Thank you LINA!!!
edit: lina....I just realised! This layout cannot show my post tittle!! haaha....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

絶対彼氏(Zettai Kareshi)

Zettai Kareshi/ Absolute Boyfriend is a Shojo manga by Watase Yuu, who is no stranger to those who enjoys fantasy comics such as Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres.

To lucky fans....Zettai Kareshi have been made into DRAMA!!! It's been airing in Japan since 14th of April!
Wakaka....and the Zettai Kareshi is......速水もこみち(Hayami Mokomichi) from Gokusen 2! He's only 24 and he's 186cm....soooo TALL!!!

Just watched the 1st epi today...ahhh!! Night(Hayami Mokomichi) is sooo cute! Imagine there's this robot who's supposedly your ideal bf and he's there telling you all the things you ever want to hear from a guy.....but you know he's only saying those things because he's programmed to and he even admits it!!! Ah...I will feel super "lam" and upset at the same time!!

I really like Night-o, soo adorable.....and he always smile sooo brightly at Riiko...JEALOUS!!

Lol....imagine you're ideal bf is like Night:
1) cooks amazingly delicious meals....and washes the dishes
2) always there when you need help
3) looks sexy while exercising(by spraying water on himself~)
hahaa....*nose bleed*
4) super caring
5) will not take a 2nd look at other girls

Another actor i水嶋ヒロ(Mizushima Hiro) from Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e, the handsome dorm 2 leader!!!
whee!! the Dorm 3 leader, Oscar, is also in this drama...but don't likey his ego character! hmph!

Real guy Soshi(Mizushima Hiro):
1) caring
2) takes care of you from afar
3) nostalgic guy

ee....I like both Night-o and Soshi....cannot pick one la! I hope the ending is not sad like the manga!! I don't want to see Night-o go......but I don't want to see Soshi get hurt too!! How? how??

haaha, anyways this drama is really nice! Give it a try when you're free.....HERE!!!!

credits: asianaddictions-Jdrama

Monday, May 26, 2008

The war that was never meant to be....

Remember I said I will be fighting an important war today???

Well guess what? I prepared myself for the war when there's actually no war at all!!!

What happened~???

I tried to sleep at 10pm last night but I suffered from insomnia and only managed to fall asleep past midnight.

My alarm rang at 3.15am!!!! Woke up....get ready...Aki arrived at 4am and drove to uni!!!

(Don't worry, I'm not going there to do something illegal....)

Arrived there at 4.30am( was supposed to meet Terrence there at 4.30am but he was LATE!)..... I was outside wondering where's the guard when I finally decided to honk for him and he came out to let me in. He must be wondering what is this idiot doing in uni at this hour.

Aki and I were like the 1st ppl there!!! IT WAS SOOO SCARY OK!! The sky was still sooo dark at 4.30am and we had to walk past the labs to the canteen....where we were the only human being!!!

Saw another 2 cars(no idea who they were) on one side and Terrence finally arrived on the other side! 10mins LATE! Thank goodness there's Aki there if no I swear I'll cry like a baby!

3 of us sat there like idiots wondering why there were no one in uni and we wondered where shall we start queuing.

Hungy ah.....makan 1st at 4.45am!!! Had my 1st cheese sandwich....chit chat for a while & then a girl came down from her car to ask if we're there for the car park sticker.....YES!! (Ok....ur probably thinking siao ppl like us......we're not mad ok!!)

Finally, we decided to move up at around 5.15...when suddenly another guy came down from his car to ask us the same question......YES!!!

I think around 7 /8 of us sat there till 8am!!!! The sky turned from dark to blue and clear!!! Wow!! No one had the chance to see sun rise in their uni before right????

AAahhhh!!!! When the DSA lady arrived, she was like "What are you guys lining up there for?"

"err....Parking stickers?"

"Did anyone call you guys?"


"Come back next year!!!"


No wonder there's no one la!!! Because there's no stickers!!!!

The canteen owner told me that by 5am last sem, then line was already very long!!!! Does that mean I have to do this gain next sem???


I should've known!!! That's how I got my parking stickers last year!!! I received the call!!!


I did plan to come early to line up for the stickers this sem. Then I received sms from Terrence that he's planning to reach uni at 4.30am to line up for it. Initially, I was thinking 5am....then after thinking for a while, I thought that 4.30am is alright just to be safe!!!

I did ask Terrence if he asked the ppl in charge how many spaces are they letting out, but he didn't ask. Also, I never gave the office a call before hand!!!

Great!!! So 3 of us just wasted our precious sleep hours!!!!!


After all the trouble, still no parking stickers!!! which means I have to suffer for another sem fighting for spaces outside the uni with other students!!!! if you heard some idiots went to line up for parking stickers this sem....I'm one of them and its NOT FUNNY OK!!! Though it is kinda funny....seeing that I'm laughing myself as I'm typing this.....but yea~

I made a post about queuing up for car stickers last sem and I said something about "those who went to uni at 3am had no life!! and I'm going to follow in their steps next sem..."'ll be happy to know that I DID follow in their foot steps!!

Today's the 1st day of class and a few of us managed to park our cars in the uni compound. However, I heard from JunHou that Terrence got a warning letter stuck to his car for illegal parking in uni compound. Thank Goodness I didn't get one!!!

Ahhh~~~ I wanna go to Kampar ah~~ New, Beautiful Campus!! Lots of parking spaces!! Beautiful scenery.....including a nice lake!!! Argh~ Why can't they just move the whole campus there now!!!! (No entertainment nvm!! I'll survive, I know UG has a branch there!! haaha....but shopping centers!!! ah~~~haha talk is easy!)

Saw a flyer for the "F.E.S.tival" next week and there'll be performances by a singer from Astro Talent Quest(dunno who??), Fashion show-Tropicana Life, UM, Feeling Cafe???(what's that?) and UG.....oooo

hmm...I wonder who~ It seems that for almost every event organised there'll be performances by UG.

Anyways, the performances seem quite attractive. Yea, you can support the event by buying the coupon booklet. RM1 will be channeled to charity for every puchase of 1 coupon booklet.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sora said: Melissa, I think ur not Malaysian.....

haaha...she said my tastes or my views differ from typical Malaysians....

We were discussing about Shinee when she said she didn't think they looked very handsome while I think they looked handsome(except Taemin's cute bob head). Actually they do look like typical SM artists....nice nose bridge, big eyes, nice smooth hair, fair skinned....the musical styles whick appeal to teens(targets). Not good looking meh? (Maybe because I have LOW standards....hmph!!!)

haaha...but my views do differ from most ppl some times. Different ppl have diff views on diff things. Plus if I have the same opinions as most ppl out there then I won't be Melissa right?? hehe... :P

Lol....cause she said compared to other new boy bands Shinee loose out on looks. To me, everyone is also good-looking! haaha...otherwise, they won't be artists also right?

BB(whose fan base also consisted mostly of teens) might not be very good looking but I like their music styles. Never liked WG when they 1st debut, but after several single I find they songs very catchy.

Just like Johnny's, some ppl might not like Johnny's because they think the guys are all short, skinny and not good looking. But I love Johnny's since young. haaha....don't know, think it's my taste. My love for Jap music started from animes, Kinki Kids and Tackey. Which reminds me, there's soo many Jap dorama which I haven't watch!!!

Here's a song I really like recently:
Epik High - One(Feat. 지선)

BIG BANG TAE YANG - LOOK AT ME MV (must watch for BB fans!!!)

I'm looking at you!!! and at GD too!! mini album!!

Got tagged by Lina

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

Question Removed: 17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
errr....after I graduate...and started soo young....before 30?

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
hopefully it's from a special someone who will be touring Japan with me.....

3. What's your favorite thing to do?

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
Depends on what happiness is to that person. If happiness involves materialistic things, then yes, If not, then no.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Scholarship to a good university in Japan.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Don't think need money to buy food, pay electricity everything.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
My Family & Friends

8. What is your current mood?

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Don't think so.....hai~~~ I WANT TO!! guy now nia.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
Lina is super good in singing.....I'm in charge of her pasar malam CD sales! haaha....shhh!! don't tell her.
She's a great friend who puts up with all my whining....and made this lovely blog for me!!
She would make a good wife.....anyone whose interested pls leave a msg. TQ!

11. What are the requirements that you wish from the other half?
He must be able to accept me for who I am, able to put up with my temper and whining. Is there a guy who can cook and clean??? long as he's taller than me when I'm on heels it's ok. He would love my family and all my friends. Hopefully we'll have a few similar interests.

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
Ppl who talk big and talk rubbish.....ppl who keeps boasting about themselves..... Liars.... Smokers.... Cheaters.....

13. What is your ambition?
To succeed in everything that I do

14. If you can teleport once, where would you go?
To the time right after A-Levels and have the guts to apply for the Japanese Undergraduate Scholarship

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Family, friends and believing in self.

16. If you could spend a day with anyone who is already dead, who will that person be?
The grandparents I never knew......

17. Name 3 things you want to learn in the near future.
Continue learning Japanese, Lockin, Korean

18. What music have you been listening to recently?
WG's So Hot and Shinee's nuna is so pretty

19. What will you be doing 10 years from now?
30.....either working in a research lab in Malaysia or teaching in a school in Japan

20. If one day you couldn't do the things that you are used to doing now anymore, how
would you feel?
Sad la....of course. But I will encourage those with similar dreams to achieve their goals.

I would like to tag: haaha....think Lina already tagged the ppl I wanna tag. Anyone who's interested???

I really like this one.....
I wanna date Max!!!! This Xiah is just too cute!!! Like reporter.....looking for stars scandals!!! Threw his umbrealla away just to take pics and before leaving, grabbed back his rojak umbrella. See this is Lina's guy!!

Another CF....displaying Xiah's randomness....poor guy.
Lina he's waiting for you to shoot cf with him!
I wanna go play pool with JaeJoong!!! Bring me Bring me!! I haven't played the game in a long time!!! Then I will use the JaeJoong Stick to win the game!

credits: wingheiko, frostsg, xbadstarx

Can't believe today is the last day of my sem break!
I've got a war to fight tomorrow!! Wish me luck!! It's a war I must win!!! I won't accept any loses. FIGHTO-OH!!!! *punches the person in her way* oops...sorry!


Saturday, May 24, 2008


Got a hair cut today. Cut off all the curls and my head feels sooo much more lighter now...

Today is a good day! haaha....cause some stranger said I look too young, as in not of age to use a credit card. Really? when you're 18, you're eligible to apply for credit cards right??...keke.....ok... :D I wonder if it's because of the new hair cut....haaha

I think I pulled a muscle exactly. It hurts only when I put weight on it. It's sooo weird cause I was sitting down on the floor, hugging my legs
and suddenly my right thigh muscle felt tensed and I couldn't stretch it out properly.

Saw my new sem timetable today and my reaction was...*Gasp!*.. *Gasp!*... *Gasp!*...
. *Gasp!*..... *Gasp!*


Not really liking the new timetable

1) I hate class that ends from 4pm onwards...n super hate classes that ends at 6!!!!

2) I hate long breaks in between my lectures!!! esp....a break that is 4 hours long!!!

3) I hate classes that that starts after ECA....what more a practical!!!!

4) I hate classes in S blocks.....have to walk sooo far! especially when I have a class right before that and then I'll have to rush to that block that's super far away!!

Oh well.....gotta live with it!

Ok, "So Hot" by the Wonder girls is quite addictive. JYP did it again! I'm now into leopard prints haaha.......kept playing the song over and over again.

Shinee is also addicting. Just watched their debut perf and I love their sleek dance moves! Love those smooth leg movements~~The baby of the group dances as graceful as a swan!!

credits: youtube

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It seems like my holiday has just started and next week I'm starting my new 3rd year! Time really flies doesn't it?

Sigh~ since the earthquake in Sichuan, tremors were felt in several countries including Thailand. And recently, earthquakes have also been recorded in Sabah and Sumatra. According to The Star & Yahoo News-Malaysia slight tremors were felt in KL on 19th. I must've been sleeping like a pig because I didn't feel anything. But Thank Goodness!!!!!

Last night I had this weird dream...or was it this morning right before I woke up. I dreamed about the people I met in IIP and we were having a meal at someplace. Then I saw myself buying DVD??? It's weird because after that I dreamed about my dad telling me that he had already watched the movie and that it's really scary.I then got scared and wondered if I should watch it.

And I must've watched the movie or something because there was blood....lots of it! It must've been a horror film about some murderer? There's a man using those electric powered saw and he killed a woman using running it through her neck. The man was smilling and I could see his teeth......his whole faced was stained with blood. Blood splattered everywhere as the woman screamed! ...and there was this young boy...I can't remember if he was screaming or after witnessing that.

I then woke up and stared at my table wondering where's the DVD......closed my eyes.......tried to go back to sleep.....and then realised I need to pee!! haahaha........

Why do I always get weird dreams like 1) attempting a difficult maths question with Xiah Jun Su!! the night right before my Further Maths test!

2) getting chased by an crocodile the night right after Thaminy told me that, "Indians believed that if you get chased by animals in your dream, you should let it bite you." She then asked if I let it bite me....."No la!!!! I ran like a mad woman in my dream!!!!!"

3) of my most frequent dreams.....running here and there, running errands. Is my life sooo hectic that I can't even rest in my dreams?? And after all that imaginary running, I'll be feeling tired the next day! haaha......

I had been wondering if there's any organization that collects clothes/ stationaries for Myanmar or Sichuan since the day Sora talked about the donations. Then it so happens that my neighbours' church group is collecting clothes. Anyone interested in donating clothes/ blankets???

Here are some more pics from the old lappie which I forgot to include in my posts on IIP.

3 puzzles which taught us the importance of teamwork and also working among teams

C + Andy = Candy + Andy!
RuiShanOur Sir is very tall right??

Albee presenting "The Teddy" haaha....a Gift of Appreciation to Mr.Goh


It's been soo long since I've posted. haaha.... :D

Went to Sunway Hospital for body check up last week, sooo expensive!! haaha.....the same check up costs 3 times more expensive/4 times the price that I paid at the hospital I was born Ipoh! haaha.....

Talking about hospital, I've gotta go back next month for my last shot at Pantai, straight away went for HepA+B shot after I found out I've never gotten the shot before last year during industrial training. Anyways, it's good to get the shots even if you're not working in the lab.

Ok....bought the new laptop last month but I only started using it recently and this is the first blog post I typed using the new laptop. Sooo...silly, because I couldn't get the wireless to work. Why? Because I've forgotten my own password to the wireless network!!!! So now I'm using the.....telephone line???

Then I had to download players so that I could play my videos....dl MSN msger, Mozilla, codecs and at the moment I cannot figure out what else I need.

Then I asked the computer shop person if there's any CD I could buy to install Japanese language text. And he looked a me like I'm an idiot, like why would I be needing a CD! Well.....I'm a computer idiot ok so i didn't know that vista has like this thing/function and that I can literally type almost all the languages in the world without the installation cd.....I'm like "ooo....."

Went to Ikea yesterday and I saw this huge banner outside of Cineleisure about some BBoy competition!!!! I wanna watch!!!! If I'm not mistaken it's on 24 & 25!! Whee~~~~ Is it the BOTY?? or another BBoy contest?? Can't wait for the Inter-college dance finals which will be held in Pyramid in July!!

The Anycall Haptic phones which I posted on last week are now out in Malaysia!!! SAMSUNG SOUL!!! But I don't see the pink one! I wanna look at the real pink one!!!! eee....someone pls buy it and let me touch! haaha....

Ooo....yea, SM's new boyband Shinee! I call them "Shiny" or are they called "Shin-ee" as in Shin for god??? of just "shine". Shiny sounds cuter since they're like.....sooooo YOUNG anyways!!! 14!!!! Good Boy! Call me Auntie Melissa!

My 1st impression when I saw their pic was....GD?? BIG BANG??? and then the post from soompi said that they're supposed to be a mixed version of BB + FT Island and I'm like..."ok, they do have a tiny bit of FT feels too." Then I realised that there's 3 hee chuls in Shinee!! cute!! I thought that 3 guys actually has the hee chul feel~~~
Their Preview:


More BB feel that FT. Not bad! I still think that 1 of the guys has the HC vibe! I likey~~baby HC! Plus I love hiphop!!! Ok, lastly some pics from IIP!!! It was really fun! Glad I joined the program!

MACC with Mr. GOH

Leng Luis!!
MACC After Lunch!
RuiShan, Stella, Jeannie, WonLi, Candy, Albee, Celeste, Andy & I

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time for you to do your part!!!

I bet many of you have read/watched/heard about the cyclone which hit Myanmar killing thousands of people.......

Interested in lending a helping hand but don't know how???

Help Victims of the Myanmar Cyclone
In response to the emergency needs, MVFRA will be sending food aid to the worst-hit area - the Irrawaddy delta - to support the relief work.

For those who wish to donate food stuff (Biscuits/Maggi Mee), please contact Ms. Anita Lim ( 012 288 5067) or En. Md. Rodzi (019 664 8443) as soon as possible.


Thanks to Sora who shared this with me......

Sora is really kind hearted because she was the one who asked me if I wanted to donate biscuits. She will be in TimeSquare this Sat to collect the biscuits from the people she's contacted!! A big round of applause for the girl with a big heart to help others!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One more day to go....

Time really flies when you're having IIP course is coming to an end.....

To me, meals are very important....see my size also know! haahaa......

Ok, if I come across a good restaurant which serves good food, I will introduce it to my friends or bring them there. Similarly, if I tasted something really horrible(which never happened before), I want to tell my friends too so that they don't waste their money on something that is not worth it.

I had the most horrible meal, er...ok, I had great company and the environment was good too. But the food.....was one of the most horrible thing I've ever tasted!!!! I hope I never taste anything like that again!!! Even when I think of it now....UGGH! I can't even imagine that anyone could cook sooo badly, let alone a CHEF!!!! Even I cook better with my eyes closed though I'm not a good cook. From where???



(I asked the waitress if it comes with sauce and she told me that it comes with WHITE sauce......she never mentioned salt water soup.)

Taste? Mix, mix, mix everything.....tried the soup or sauce(It's written in the menu, served moist....but that was not moist!!!! It was like soup? or the Chef doesn't understand what does the words "moist" mean!!!) OMG!!!! SOOOO SAAALLLTYY!!!! worst that sea water!!!!

You know when you have sore throat and you'll gargle with salt water??? The taste is something like that except it smells like Spaghetti water. For those of you who've cooked pasta before, you'll always add salt to the boiling water right? And after cooking the pasta you'll drain it??? The soup smells like the salted water which the pasta had been cooked in.

So I thought maybe the noodles will taste better...but no.....They taste like salt too!!!!

I asked the waitress if it's supposed to be this salty and she replied me, "Yala, that's our seafood spaghetti!!" What?? "I asked you if it's supposed to taste this salty........gosh!!!

A who ordered Shanghai noodles.....had the same yellow noodles, same white radish & carrot slices, same vege, same clams as my seafood spaghetti!!!!! Wow!! I never Shanghai Noodles and Seafood Spaghetti are made from the same ingredients!

I asked 2 friends to try it and they both said it's super salty too!!!

C called the waitress for me again and I told her it's too salty....and she just took my dish away and never came tell me, if they're changing or what?? I GUESSED THAT THE CHEF WILL JUST ADD WATER AND BRING IT BACK TO ME!!!

MY GUESS WAS RIGHT!!!!! HE MUST'VE DRAINED SOME SOUP, ADD SOME WATER, RE-HEATED IT AND BROUGHT IT BACK OUT. Whether he added something else in it which he shouldn't have or not, I don't know and don't wanna know.
Look, dead clams!!! When clams remain close like this even after cooking, it means they're dead! Don't open them with force and eat them because it's not fresh anymore.

THIS IS BAD SERVICE!!!! The spaghetti still taste horrible and still very salty!!!! But since they're not changing it for me and lunch time is running out.....ate the 4 clams, 2 prawns, few pieces of vege and about 10 stings of noodles......forced myself to eat it!!!

Other unsatisfying services??
1. 2 friends ordered curry and their rice arrived almost 15mins before their curry did!!!
2. They left out 1 order for a friend till the last 10mins of our lunch break!

3. When it's time for bill, we told the waitress we're all students because it's written outside, 20% for students! She then asked all of us to give her out student ID's....ok, but then 2 friends didn't have it and they asked if we can only pass her 1. Most restaurants we go to only see 1 or they dun check at all! She said, "You also want the 20 discount right???"

Then she said, since we didn't pass her 12 students ID, she cannot give us 20% discount and she never mentioned how much she will give or how she will calculate also. She spoke in Malay the whole time la....."If our boss is here he won't give you know, if there's no student ID!!!" Thus A asked if we can have separate bills....and she said, "Cannot! If you want separate bills you shouldn't have told us (before you order)???"

In the end..."Ok la...this time I give you all time cannot! You have to bring your student ID!" And she walked back to the counter and never came back till someone said she called us to pay at the counter. I thought she should bring the bill to us.

Ok....bill also never show us, how to pay??? Someone took the bill, we paid her, cabut and swore never to return!!!

That waitress really needed to go for "Customer Service" courses....maybe she should join our IIP program too!! I bet she never heard this before, "Customers are always RIGHT!!!"

If I'm the boss, I'll fire the idiot in the kitchen and hire me!!! and sack that rude waitress too!!!

Like through out my life, never taste such a horrible dish in a restaurant!! and have never met such a waitress!!

4. When we were ready to be seated, the waitress kept all the wine glasses(ok, understood, we're not drinking wine) & napkins. I mean, if you don't want customers to be using them in the first place, why place them on the table?

If you decide to go there, order the fried least the taste is ok.

Note: Everything posted above is based on real life experience of my friends and I. All comments above are based on my personal opinions. I just want to share my experience with my friends.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

6th day of IIP

Enjoy this inspirational song from Hey! Say! JUMP -Dreams Come True


Dreams is one of Mel's favourite thing to do. Dreams is just such a beautiful thing that we even dream when we're sleeping. Everyone should have dreams regardless of age. Most importantly, everyone should dare to dream big. If you don't dream big, you won't achieve great things!

Spend a few moments everyday dreaming. Dream about things you want to achieve. When you dream it, you will want it more and you will work hard to achieve it! I've probably talked about this a million times before and I will repeat this again whenever I feel like it. Yes, call me Granny Mel!!! Super Long-Winded!

Of course you're dream must be something reasonable la......If you dream about "Marry YamaPi/ JJ, Let me Marry Pi/ JJ!!!".....I tell you, that will never happen in a million years.....Oi Mel.....did you hear that??? haaha

So let's dreams together with Hey! Say! JUMP in this lovely song! :P

6th day of IIP - Public Speaking

In the morning, we were given a sheet of paper with 18 different topics for impromptu speech where our speaker will call us out and give us a topic. Aaahhh.... this is the thing I'm worst at. I didn't get picked.....luckily, but at the same time it's a loss because since I'm not good with impromptu speeches I should really volunteer myself. Anyways the topic I was interest in wasn't picked.

A nice guy volunteered himself to be the first speaker where he shared with us that the happiest thing that ever happened to him in his life was when he met his gf who happens to be in IIP with us too! How sweet~~~

After lunch, we were given time to do our power points for our presentation. My group decided to do a "Migration Package to MARS!!!!" haahaa.....because this is year 2060 and no thanks to global warming, all the natural disasters, natural resources being depleted and meteors attack....the world is coming to an end!! & Ta-Da!!! our ultimate solution plan is to Migrate to MARS where we will start out new life there!!! haaha....

Overall, I think my group's presentation went well though I think some didn't get my farmer joke~~ :( but that's ok....and sorry t0 Candy who was unaware that I will be using her name in one of the examples, you know, just to lighten up the atmosphere...."For those of you who enjoys clubbing like Candy, you can even dance to the hottest beats with fellow Marshians on Mars!" But Candy was smart enough to use that to lighten up the audience some more.

There were sooo many innovative ideas from all the groups. Like seriously what would happen to earth in 100/200/300 years with global warming/ polar shift happening now. They came up with things like floating city! totally movable house with some super protection! some capsule like bed which is totally movable and protects you! Smart~ so can we join Disney to be Imagineers now???

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day!!! Wishing all Mother's Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mum and Dad cooked some dishes and brought them to a friend's house where we had lunch! haaha........the aunt had seen me 2 wks ago and said that I gained a lot of weight and when she saw me yesterday she looked super shocked!!! The look in her eyes is like, "Unbelievable!!!"

She said I gained soooo much weight that if I don't control myself I'm gonna be huge! :( Aaahhh!!! sad ah!! Exam stress!!!! and then I'll EAT EAT EAT and *kaboom* Fatty me!!!!

Felt super motivated to exercise to lose weight yesterday and all my motivation died today~!! haaha......

Today's the 5th day of IIP, another 3 more days to go.....

To we did Creative thinking?? hahaa....Think too much today, till I can't even think straight now.

But I love this topic!!! Creativity Rules!!! haaha.......That's why la....the society now, this cannot, that cannot.....sooo many rules!! Limits everyone's creativity!!!

Aiya....I forgot to take some nice pics to share!!

Will post some soon.....

Lunch time today was....AAHHHH BADDD!!! It was freaking HOT!!! and we walked under the hot sun across 2 roads to some stall la....I dunno what's the name....but I can bring you there if you're interested haaha.... Then after we ordered our food, some cat pee-d at Stella's chair and it splattered onto her legs and I was sitting next to her and my feet was right next to her chair where the cat peed!!!! thank bad, bad kitty!!! I will sent a complain letter to whichever cat organisation your from!!! hmph!

I was wearing jeans and sport shoes so of course I didn't feel the cat peeing there at all......but still!!! Hello.....we still have to eat!!! After today, we've decided that we're not walking sooo far to no where for a meal again.....I want restaurants with nice air-conditioning!!!

Btw, met a junior today who sooo happens to be an A-level student who took Further Maths too....haaha.....rare species! one who takes up Japanese course too......rarer! lol....sorry la, I'm very sakai.....cuz in Malaysia most ppl you meet do either STPM/ UEC/ Matriculation Further Maths is not a common subject! Plus Japanese.....I need to practice my dying skills....I think I only remember how to say good morning now! haaha

Ok, got a Power-point to do now.....byebye!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

IPP 3rd & 4th day

Was too tired yesterday after poppin' to make any post. Was half dead...could hardly keep my eyes open. whole body's aching now after hiphop class.

Yesterday......gosh, I'm so tired that I can't really remember what I did yesterday. I think we learnt about "A Winning Team".
There's this part where we had to do role playing. We had to act out a meeting and others have to guess what type of character each person in the meeting possess.

MACC was paired with Victory and we decided to discuss on "UTAR ball". We draw lots to decide who will be the CEO/ chairperson....and guess who's the unlucky one?? Me! haaha....I'm the one who came up with the topic but I had never plan a ball before!!! But it seems like everyone else in the team HAS!!! And I'm very lucky cause they were sharing what they know with I had to quickly absorb what everyone was saying......

Our team had a lot of "I" me. everyone was very willing to share and there were several ppl talking each time...and I was trying to listen to everyone.
We were the 1st group to try it and we did everything like spontaneous. No time to plan or to practice. Even so, it was quite fun and you really learn a lot from ppl in the same team as you.

We went to Tempest??Tampest? for lunch! Yippee...student price again! haaha, so nice la PJ students! So many restaurants offer student price! However, because the place was quite packed...most of our food only came more than 30mins after we we have ordered!!!! Yoo...lunch time is only 1 hour la!

Plus the waiter got our orders mixed up. Yup but all's ok when another waiter was nice enough to check everything properly for us and even helped us to take pictures!

Poor Andy was the only guy to join us and he didn't even realise it till we reached the restaurant....& he got the smallest portion of chicken among all of us!!! haaha.....

Later in the afternoon we did this sort of quiz thing about teamwork. Overall, I think MACC did quite well as we've only known each other the day before but we all clicked very quickly. We were able to communicate well, share our opinions and brainstorm together. Our score for that quiz was quite good, it proves that we work well together as a team!! Happy~~~ :)

Today, we've moved to a new that is on the same block as the one where we have tea breaks!!! much more convenient now! We did this phone call role play thing and ahhhh.......Mr.Goh said I spoke like a machine gun! Too fast! haaha.....and he said I had too much enthusiasm!!! Then too high-pitch!!??? Eng teacher in sec. school said that I spoke like a bullet train too once after English debate.
Ursula, Tham and Jas said that I have a high pitched voice too.....really?? I thought all girls have similar voice range???

Lunch?? at Sun Wong(made a mistake in the last post....I actually at Java Noodle Restaurant! haaha....) Guess what? They offer discount for students too! whee~~ Why restaurants in Pyramid don't have discount for students?? What to eat for the next for days?? ?Any other good restaurants around that area??

Poppin'......I think I'm learning a lot more on poppin' now than I ever have. At least now I know the names of the moves and some history about the dance. I must learn how to do a proper walk out!!!! class lost some members, about 4 and gained 5 new members today. I wonder if 2 of the members left because they were scared away by last week's "super super super intense" class!'s class was more relaxed but my muscles still ached. Last time, my muscles never ache after class!

There has been quite a big change in the dance studio and I kinda miss the old style but the new style is much more comforting. I also think the new style appeal more to parents because before this, most parent's might not really like the place as it's too rugged!

Btw, Anycall HAPTIC anyone?? featuring DBSK & SNSD

I love the beautiful Pink phone!!! Oh, for those who don't know, Anycall is the equivalent of Samsung!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

2nd day of IIP

& lil' cat's day out!!

ai~ I drove today and parked in front of the furniture shop. But I was afraid that they would clamp my car so I asked the soft skills department for a car sticker. They gave me one! and after I put it in my car the guard asked me who allowed me to park there....... :(

Right before lunch, the soft skills ppl came and asked those of us who parked out car around the area to remove them. :( Yeee.....park where??? All those parkings outside without lines were all taken up by that time! So I drove my car into the newly opened shopping area where we have lunch...and luckily it's free parking for now!!!

After I parked my car, I got lost because I've never been to that new shopping area before and it's HUGE!!! Plus it's not like a shopping centre. From the outside it looks like 1 big building, but once you exit the car park, you'll see many shop lots, fountains, stairs and buildings there!!!!! I'm like a lost cat! I can't find my way back out!!! Plus it's a bit scary when everything is still under renovation.

Walked around here and there to try and find the Old Town Kopitiam....but I couldn't find it, instead I found myself at shop lot areas??? So I asked the guard('s like shopping centre...there's a guard!!!) and he showed me the way. So from there I managed to find the others and join them for lunch at Java Noodle shop.

I guess the boss was happy to see sooo many of us! He came to take our orders personally and said UTAR students get 10% discount! nice of him! Thank you...haahaa. Even all the food stalls around my campus area don't give students discount!

I had problem with their every other HK style eatery in Malaysia....their menu is Chinese style...but they have English menu too which they don't specify/ name the food I ordered "wanton noodles with 2 types of roast meat". From the pic it looks like pork and chicken....but it turned out to be duck!!!! Plus their "liang teh", they just state there herbal tea...and the names are in chinese!!! And a few of us cannot read chinese!!! aiyo! they should have "han yu pin yin" menus!

After soft skills, I had to walk back to the shopping arcade to look for my car.....and cause I don't know the place well, I tried retracing my steps...and I led myself to another car park. The stupid escalator didn't work for me!!! The stupid door just wouldn't close!! It did early in the afternoon! So I took the stairs up....and walked around somewhere till I spotted a chinese restaurant which I saw when I parked my car.....only then I found the car park!!!

Hai~ the place is sooo confusing! But I can't wait for it to be fully open! Since it's soo near to the PJ campus, they'll surely have good business!

Then on the way back, I took a wrong turn and brought myself to another Old Town Kopitiam! See I told you this franchise is like everywhere!!! I even drove myself to Toyota which the guard asked me if I needed help and I just said, "sorry....salah...wrong turn...*points at the road and smile*". I entered from the entrance and took an illegal turn right in front of the guard out the wrong way!!! I just kept smiling to the guards! "*nods*...*smiles*"

Today's topic "Leadership skills"

Our batch has been separated into 2 groups and my group now consists of 22 people. We were divided into 5 groups and were asked to give group a name, flag and war CRY!!!

My group consists of pretty girls- Celeste and Candy! and smart guy- Andy. (How did Candy get her name? Because she met a guy named Andy and decided to tell him, that they have similar names....and thus she came up with Candy!!! haaha)

Here are the 5 group's flags.......Group 1 - MACC(pronounced as Mac C) MACC is from all my group member's initials . Each of the symbols are like our mascot. The 4 triangles at the edge of the paper represents each of us & according to Andy, the thorns and rough edges represents the tough road?? or hardships we have to go through to achieve success?? It sounds so more more pro when he's saying it.....

Our motto/ war cry- "Maximizing our potentials and Minimizing out Weaknesses!!"Group 2- Victory!!
Group 3- The Lion
Group 4- E(cube)
Group 5 - V(Victory) 5

Today's talk was a lot more fun and interactive compared to yesterday's. We did some quizzes which allowed us to understand ourselves more.....and according to it, I will do very well in sales! (not true...)

Anyways here's a summary of my personality profile- I'm an "Influencing" person. Works best when there's new exciting opportunities, free from details and has ability to motivate others. I reject isolation. Am optimistic, personable, enthusiastic, outgoing......My weakness excitable, reacting, lacks follow through.....I "attack" when I'm under pressure. I would benefit from "pausing". Ideal environment is where I have "fun"!!! I like to "dream things". If I were to do something, I would do it in an "exciting way". My supposed greatest fear is losing face or social approval.

It's similar to the tests we did in Form 4 in SGS which shows us what type of career would suit us in future. I still remember mine has "teacher" in it.

Most of the things from the personality profile is quite true! I like new and exciting things, don't like things with too much rules when you do something as to me that would limit creativity. I'm talkative and I make friends quite easily I guess. I don't like to do certain things alone.....the more the merrier!

Don't......provoke me! Pancy did say I should relax and calm down?? Dreams...yea, I believe everyone should "dare" to dream about things because only then you will work hard to achieve your dreams. Plus I love to do things in fun and exciting not like a science student hor??? Is that why I'm not doing as well as I could???

More pics:

Candy with a durian??? which was supposed to represent Andy...but we pity him....thus we gave him a leaf instead.
Our speaker for the rest of the week, Mr. Goh! giving us scores.
Celeste & Candy
Candy & I

The good thing about soft skills is that they keep feeding the students! haaha...nola, they just want us to have a break every 2 hours to freshen our minds I guess.

For morning break yesterday we had nasi lemak & today, noddles. Then afternoon tea break yesterday- some malay kuih like fried potato? and another spicy kuih? today- nasi puluk?? curry puff and some other kuih. I wonder if they can keep coming up with different things to serve us in the next 6 days.........haahaha

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1st day of IIP

I thought I was going to be late as registration starts at 8.30 and I only left home at 8. As you all know, LDP and Federal is always super jam at that hour! But luckily I arrived at exactly 8.30!!! and manatau, I'm the earliest person!!!! haaha....

Since the lady said that the dress code for the 1st day is, formal it is! And I've been marching around in my heels the whole day!! I seriously can't walk well in heels. Thus I don't bother buying those sandal type. I wore the dancing shoe with the rubber base made for walking on normal grounds. Since there's so many straps around my feet and ankle, I didn't have to worry about accidentally leaving my sandals behind when I walk! haahaha.......

I can never understand how ppl can walk with 4 inch heels with only 2 tiny straps at the front of their feet(around the toe area), without any extra straps at their ankle. Aren't they afraid they'll leave/ drop their shoes behind when they walk faster/ run???

Yea, but everyone looked so nice today. Like Professionals....haaha.

Today's topics was not bad. We even had role-playing in the morning, where there's 3 panels and 1 employee. The 1st group did really well. I think all of them have just recently graduated and went for their job interviews thus they shared a lot of the questions that they were presented with during their job interview. So interesting!

The 2nd group, which included me as 1 of the 3 panels of employers. I was the product specialist??? When they lady asked me to try, I was like, "I'm not a business student......I'm from FES(Faculty of Engineering & Science)......" haaha....cause a lot of the things shared were business related. But she said it's ok as the employee is an engineering student. I asked if I could be the employee instead...but too bad la! So we asked some questions and I was dumbfounded because we got a super confident employee that I don't even know what to say when he answered!

There were 42 person taking the IPP and most of them are FAM(Faculty of Accountancy & Management) students. I think FAM students are more sporting of events/ soft skills like these. Even the other programs that were taking place today, FAM students dominates. In FES, many students don't even bother with SSCU programs. Some don't even know what it is, when ppl in charge will come to our campus every semester.

Saw WL whom I met last time during the inter-faculty Buddhist Society meeting. After lunch with 5 pretty FAM girls, 1 girl said that she had seen me before in Kpop Kingdom at their Ampang office!! I'm like, "OMG, you saw me with a bunch of girls....touching the huge dongbang poster, taking pictures and making lots of noise is it?"


That's should never do weird things like MOLEST a big poster with JJ's face on it while taking pictures!!! Btw, I didn't molest a piece of paper ok!! I just used the word so that the effect would be more dramatic! What do you think I am? Some crazy fan girl?? haaha

We had tea break at 11.30 and lunch at 12.30!!! Unfortunately we were the last group to have our tea break...thus sooo close to our lunch time! I think because literally none of us studied in PJ campus, we didn't know how to get around so we ate lunch at a newly opened "Old Town Kopitiam" nearby. This franchise is really getting BIG!!! It's everywhere!!! There's even one near my campus! All selling Ipoh Old Town's Famous White Coffee!!!

Oh, we then had another tea break at 3.30!! haaha.......they provided us food for both tea breaks! how nice!

I now know why they wanted us to wear formal on the first day.....Pictures!!! & my hair was in a mess! hai~

The resume and cover letter.........grrr.....what a waste of my time! No one even asked for it!!!

The gal sitting next to me had a very celestial name......Celeste!! haaha...when she told me her name, I was thinking of Ayashi no's a nice name! Heaven and Earth!'s program was not bad. I did learn new things though there were some things which I thought was common sense.

I will be driving tomorrow.....hope I remember the way.......

Btw, did you know......that girls who ask their bf to carry their handbags for them are trying to show that they have control over the guy? I didn't......I never asked any guy to carry my handbag before unless it's something heavy. I don't think handbags look very nice on guys....make them look sissy.

Plus, that "to control" is part of woman's nature??? haaha.....a speaker said that her friend would be complaining about her husband & her kids...but she just loves controlling them! *ting tong bell!*

Aunt- Happy 4th Birthday!!! *presents toy gun*
Boy- This is not a present!!! It's not wrapped!!!

Aunt- Young boy! This is a present and you can either accept or reject!!
Boy- Then I REJECT!!!

*faints* haaha....never knew young kids now could be sooo demanding!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've finally finished cleaning my room~ haaha...cleared 2 big boxes worth of book and notes out. There's just way too many books in my room.....the 2 shelves are filled with books. Now I've made space for my story books that have been collecting dust in the store room! haaha......

Will rearrange my contacts and make-ups some other time....too tired!

I recently took out a Sapphire blue's expired! haaha....but I took it out and soaked. Seldom wear colour contacts cause I'm 10-20% blind with them! ok...not that serious, just blurred vision! haaha tat was till I found the wonderful Logic lens!! From now on, that's the only lens I will buy.....and that will be in a few years!

I looked like an alien with this 1 colour Sapphire blue lens...the fact that my iris is small makes it worse. You can actually see the blue pigments on my eye ball! I guess it only works for ppl with lighter colour hair. If anyone wanna wear blue lens, they should always opt for tri-blend!

Ooo...I painted my nails! Shiny Bright Pink! of Mel's pink obsession! tralala.......

I'm sooo tired and sleepy and I haven't done my resume and cover letter yet! A bit reluctant to go for my course tomorrow.....I only had 1 free day! Plus I didn't really rest at all!

Oh well, it's now 8.30pm.....better start working now....


whee~~~ finally my exams are over!

Free as a bird~~

.....or I spoke too soon! as a bird till tomorrow....the start of my 8 days Intensive Immersion Programme...which I totally forgot what are the courses that will be conducted!

Right, this last neuro paper was an easy paper. I've studied everything that came out on the paper. the problem is, I can't remember what I've studied! haaha....Neurobio! how could you do this to me? I'm your gf!

Most people will go karaoke/ watch movie/ go for a drink after exam.....but what did Mel do? The 1st thing she did after reaching home was clean her toilet!! haaha.....After the toilet, I cleaned up my's still in progress! I've removed everything on my shelves and replaced them in a different manner. It's now 1am and I'm too tired to continue!

The lady from the program only told me today that I have to bring my resume along with a cover letter to the program!!! I'm like what is it for? I'm only going to attend some courses. She's like there'll be HR ppl there and on spot interview! WHAT!!!! And I only got to know about this now!!! All I have is one crappy resume from industrial training which is sooo brief that it basically contains about only 10% info of a standard resume!

Arrghhh!!! and I gotta start digging out all my result slips. Eeeee....I hate getting last minute notices like this! Though she said it's not compulsary....but I still think, I should have it with me since I'm there for the training...or else, why go?


Supposed to join some course mates for karaoke later today.....but I don't think I can go now....gotta do the resume and cover letter.

Oh ya...I finally had dance class last week! The person we feared taught poppin'. haaha....he wasn't scary at all! Poppin' class was ok. My class has becomes sooo that we've combined with another class. This is the first time I've learned sooo many moves poppin' class. But it's good, I quite like it! Cause I'm never good with free styling or coming up my own steps in poppin' class.....just learning basic simple steps first is OK! So, thumbs up for poppin'! whee~~~

As for hip-hop.......OMG!!!! It was monstrous!!! The most tiring hh class I've ever attended! er....either that or it's because I've been a couch potato for 3 weeks and never moved my butt, so I've become rusty. Yea...even the warm up stretches was different from normal.

Then we were taught some choreography which we danced to songs that go faster n faster n faster.....n then R&B songs that go slower n slower n slower.........the music's great! It's just that there's this transition part in the choreography that quite confusing and I keep bringing the wrong feet forward! Lastly, the warm down.....was definitely the killer moment for me! I wore the wrong pants!!! Cannot stretch properly ah~~~~~~ and ah! I hate stretching! I wanna cry~~~~*sniff*

After back pain, leg pain, arm pain.....everywhere also pain!!! The only place that doesn't hurt is my butt! haahaa.........

The class is a bit dry for now....we'll see what happens next week. I guess many of us kinda miss our ex-instructor. His class was normally half on technical and half on attitude.....and I don't know, class just seems more fun......or it's because we sometime have 2 instructors together in 1 class and they'll bring lighten up the atmosphere and get us into the mood.

I think the funniest moment for me was when I couldn't understand what the instructor was saying.....what is "fak fak" or "fek fek"/ "fatt fatt"??? What ever it is...I'm thinking it means "know the steps well".

Before and after class, I talked to some dance mates........sigh~ I think some ppl might wanna leave while others will stay. I realised that many students from other classes, esp break dance have left. I wonder what happened.

I realised, I was probably one of the blurrest person or have really slow processing system. 2 weeks and I still couldn't digest everything properly. How come other people can think of things that have never come across my mind before? Or am I just too trusting?

After thinking through everything again, I think that many things does make sense and the pieces are slowly coming together. But the main question still remains. WHY?

I hate all these "games" which involves playing with ppl's minds or hearts. Where is the love???

Oh ya, according to a friend, it seems the archer has found a place and there's something about an opening ceremony. That's pretty fast!