Saturday, June 28, 2008


喫茶店 = Kissaten

Went for soft skills again today, at PJ campus. Aki, Jess and I went to this new Japanese coffee
and cafe restaurant in Jaya One - Kissaten, which literally means coffee shop in Japanese.

Menu cover

Aki & I

Jas & I

Jas & Aki

The interior......the restaurant is actually located on the 2nd floor of the 2nd level. As you can see, there's even a stairs that lead to the 3rd floor

View from where I'm seated. In front is Kafe Blasik.....which I had a horrible experience the last time I was there.

Love the mirrors, which is also the door leading to the restrooms.

More on the interior designs......quite peaceful and serene.

Hot Japanese Green tea for 2. They use OSK tea bags which you can easily buy anywhere.

Lemon Lime soda

Katsu Don! The use authentic japanese sticky rice which I love. The pork slices were fried with flour before cooking with the egg. They serve this with some pickled vegetables......which I have no idea what! but it tastes good.

Jasmine's artwork!

Japanese Pizza!!!!
What flavour???
Siew Pizza!!! can always expect something 'different' from the japanese.

But, taste soooo goood!!! Love the super thin crust which was slightly burnt at the bottom, Though the cheese layer itself was not that thick to me, it's complements the thin crust. You can actually small pieces of char siew inside, which to seems just like normal pork slices. I think they names it char siew because they used this black sauce( no idea what) instead of tomato paste.

My love!!!

Cheese pudding!! Absolutely heavenly!!! It's not too mild, you can really taste the cheese.

It tastes like no-bake-cheese cake but the texture is slightly different.

It seems that they're famous for their cheese cake too as it's stated there in the menu as "人気" which means popular.

But, I just love this pudding!!! <3

Damage done to the 3 of us....

Not too bad because......they have this 50% rebate when you dine with them from 7June to 7July, which is redeemable in your next visit.

Here's how the voucher look like.....

Yup....definitely adding this place to my list of favourite japanese restaurants!

Cheese pudding!!!! who wanna have some cheese pudding too???

If you're interested, other restarants like Pasta Zanmai & Pasta de Gohan also serve japanese pizza and pastas......basically Japanese food with western twists to them or Western food, turned Japanese??

Friday, June 27, 2008

wahh~~~ guess what Detector Sora found?


Look at the dancers down there.......

Now, tell me who's the prettiest dancer

Of course, the last one on the right, right????

I've just got one thing to say....."She should give a more Sexy or Provocative pose!"

Ganbatte girl!!!


LINAAA~~~~ Ganbatte in your singing competition too!!!

*starts waving her pom-poms*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rearing fish

Have you ever heard of a cat rearing fish before?

It's sooo weird isn't it? Actually, it sounds wrong.....haaha

But I'm a big cat with a smaaaall litte fish......which I don't even know what breed it is.

A friend said it's a gold fish....but my impression of gold fish has always been - big eyes + huge cheeks + big mouth + big body + small tail

I think it's not bad that my fish lasted this long considering I've never reared one before and I don't have the proper equipments.

.....and the fact that 4 died before a week and 1 died after 1 week....keke...

But this little one lasted more that a month now!! sooo...happy!

Though I don't think the little fish is that happy as it's been swimming alone in that flower pot by itself for weeks now!

Mistakes you should never make when rearing fishes:
1. Don't feed them too many times a day!

Everytime I eat something, I'll be thinking, "Poor fishie! They look hungry".

Over feeding them kills them!

2. Don't change their water everyday and move them from one bowl to another by spooning them up!

I think the first few fishes died because I changed the water twice a day and I kept swirling them around in the pot because I was trying to get rid of their poop.

I then transferred them here and there using a spoon, and I think I ter-cacated (disabled) one of the fishes that way. After I changed the water, I realised one of it's fin was like......I don't just doesn't seem right, and the fish was swimming side ways and can even swim 360 degrees-boomberang style! After all that "excitement", it died!

Then there was once, after I changed the water, 1 of the fishes just stayed at one place and didn't swim around. It looked tired....and after a while, it sank to the bottom of the pot!


Now, I'm left with one fishie! Change the water once every 2 days and I stopped spooning it with a spoon.

Plus I think I'm sooo afraid that I'll overfeed them again, that now, I'm underfeeding my fish.

Last time, it used to take them hours before their fish food. But now, I don't know if my fish got smarter that it can recognise food now or, my fishie finish it's food after 10mins!

Do you think I should throw some more food in for it? It's like so kesian~ I only feed it twice a day! Plus I'm only feeding my fish with "flakes". I'm really scared that it'll die of hunger now.....

Anyone else think they're under-feeding their fishes too?

I'm thinking if I should buy one guppy fish to teman my lonely little fishie. Or will they end up fighting?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


hmm...I wonder what day it is today...

It seems like today is a special day....

But what le???


RIGHT! Today is Lina's 21st Bday!!!

Happy Birthday to Lina!!!

Big 21! with the others.....leaving me behind!! *sniff*

I seriously forgot today was 19th!!! The worst part is I actually wrote down in my planner at today's date, "Lina's Bday!".....and I looked into my planner twice today and I didn't even see the date!!! Till I swtiched on my laptop and realised it's 19 today!!!

The most sakai thing was that I actually wrote the date as 17/06/08 when I signed my attendance after dance class last sat, when the actual date was 14/06/08!! Crazy.....

Plus I didn't know you can pull a leg muscle even while sleeping!!!!

I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up because I felt pain on my right back thigh muscle.


Because it seems...I was stretching my leg in my sleep and I don't know....maybe I overstretched it......and now it hurts!!!!

So weird!!!

When I told my mum this, she said, "Where got people injure themselves in their sleep? You are really one in a million...."


Once again.... Happy Birthday Lina!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tomorrow's gonna be a long day...will be having both Instrument and Patho lab.

Mon- I walked like an old lady! Actually I could hardly walk because my leg muscles were sooo tensed that they couldn't relax properly esp my left thigh. I moved around super slowly and had problems going down stairs!!!

Tues- I walked faster....still a little shaky while going down stairs.

Today- I walked like a normal person but the area on my right knee which is....skinless right now hurts even more today!!! I had no idea why when the bruises on my left legs are starting to get better.....

It seems like my right leg won't be fully recovered by this Saturday.......skip dance class?? haaha....I seriously wondered if anyone for as injured as I did. lol

Went to buy another knee guard for my left leg yesterday.....and I realised I bought it a size too big!! again!!! great!!! But it's ok, because now it won't fit too tight.

Ahhhh~~~~ I want my skin back!!!! I can't even wear long pants and walk without pain now!!! because of the friction between my jeans and my bruise!!! I had to use a piece of cloth to tie around my bruise before I could wear my jeans and walk!!!

I'm attending this Sat's dance class, but I think I'll be late as I'll be attending my soft skills before that and I will not do the slide no matter what!!! whether the instructor like it or not!!! I have delicate skin!! and I don't want to add another scar to my leg!!

The problem now is that I don't even know if I can do the leg movements for poppin' class this Friday or not.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eason's Moving On

I got caned by my dance instructor for not dancing up to level in class yesterday!!!

Bruises on both knees!!!
My right knee looked horrible with all the bruises! and they hurt everything you touch them!!
The small bruise on the left knee hurts more because the whole patch of skin came off!!!! Hurts like mad when I move, walk and shower! I had to lift my left leg up while showering!!!

NOLA....I didn't get caned!!! The dance instructors will neither scold nor hit their students. Got the bruises from Hiphop class......
Saturday's dance class was........AHHHH!!!! PAIN!!!!! Super painful~~
We were taught the 2nd set of dance steps which involves sliding on the floor on 1 knee....and it hurts like mad!!!!

I was wearing a thin material pants and after several tries my knees were burning!!! I felt like I was going to make a hole in my pants too!

I think after about 5/7 tries...couldn't stand it anymore.....wore a knee pad. It helps but it still hurts big time!!!! Not just the knee I'm sliding on but also the other knee!!!

Plus don't know which idiot switched off the air con or it was never switched on at all in the first place!! Silly me thought that the air conditioning broke down! Felt like I was suffocating from lack of Oxygen!......

Shortness of breath.......not enough more stamina.......most of all....MY KNEES HURT!!! Seriously cannot dance anymore.......summore make PM n I go first! .....which happens quite frequently......PM must be his fav. student. haaha... :P

My legs were already feeling tired and were shaking!! Plus not enough stamina!!! Cannot dance properly and follow the beat haaha......all I'm thinking of is...."Oh no! I'm getting nearer to that part again!...Pain!"

Despite the fact that I was tired after dance class, I went for Eason's Moving On concert!!! Courtesy of Aunt V's free tix!
VVIP!!!! whee~~~

You must be thinking...."This girl! Leg pain, still can go for concert!"
Yes...and I had to walk sooo far from the car park!
But I'm glad I went! VVIP seats wor!!! Plus his concert was good though I've never heard more than half the songs he sang before!!!
All live!!! 2 big thumbs up for his singing abilities!!! Really good stamina! Though he was dancing and runnning around the stage..he didn't go off tune or out of breath.
I realised that he has his own style of singing....quite er....different.....but you get used to it after seeing it a few times.
The real shock was the fact that I didn't know he can dance sooo well! I know he can sing well.....among all the HK artist out there....he's one of the more talented ones! Plus his mandarin wasn't bad at all.....Did he release at mandarin albums before?
His stage effect was good....loved the big human height crystal/ disco ball which really brighten up the whole stadium. Maybe because I'm too close to the stage, I kept getting shocked by the lighting/ firework effects!
He brought a full bad here for the concert.....he's quite humble....he like seriously thanked every single person on stage....and even off stage!!! Love his group of dancers! There's one particular short guy who does waving and popping really well!!!! Soo cool!!!

There were a lot of interactions with fans which was nice! He's quite a joker.....But maybe because I was seated in the VVIP corner, things were pretty calm there. Except for 2 hard core fan girls who really enjoyed themselves that even Eason noticed them. They were sooo cute! They ran forward....shouted Eason and started throwing pillows up on stage for him when he was talking to the fans. But both the pillows did not reach the stage and ended up on the grass land!!! haha....Eason must be like *sweat drop* haaha....and he said, "Don't worry, the workers will come and pick it up later!"

Oooh...and before the concert started, guess who I saw??? Gary!!! 4 rows in front!!! Heard he's going to have a concert too. Then there's also the judge from Astro Talent Quest, seated right next to Gary. Eason even sang a song for him!


Lastly.....Eason's encore is the BEST!!!! Other singers encore only consist of around 4-5 songs max!! Eason's one....wah lau!!! he must've sang at least 7!! He kept going in...n coming out.....going in...and coming back out again!!! He said that he's very long winded....sooo cute! and that the party only starts at 12! Seriously too cute! He even said, "I don't wanna leave the stage, so what?" and did this cute dance!


Yes, but he's really can even request him to sing any song!!!


Best part of all was that majority of the profit will be used for charity!!!! So nice of him!!!

. legs still hurt today.....esp when I walk!


My arms are tired from waving my arms around too much at concert and least I didn't loose my voice!!!
The bruise on the right leg looks bigger today.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Steven's corner

Have you been on a taxi whose driver tells you that the ride was "FREE OF CHARGE" once you've arrived at your destination before???

I did....this morning!!! What a weird experience!

Jas, Tham, Ursula and I decided to go to Steven's corner for lunch today....a first for Ursula and I. Had always wanted to go there because I heard that they serve some really delicious cheese nan. I seriously have no idea what a nan is....but if it's good food, I wanna try it!!!

Yea, so we took this taxi which stopped right at my uni's gate and I took to passenger seat. Soon after, the taxi driver, a chinese man in his forties or fifties, started speaking to me in English.

He asked if we're going out for breakfast and said we're soooo rich! So I told him,'s a first for us to go there and we're poor students with no money!

He then asked if I could buy him breakfast!!! and I just laughed! He joked and said, "Don't laugh la, if not I will be shy." what does he expect me to reply???

So weird, he kept saying that I'm like his gf because I'm seated in front and that I should buy him a meal.....

I told him that I was seated in front because I had no choice! If I were given a chance I would want to sit at the back! Plus that bfs should be the one buying gfs meal, not the other way round.

He then asked me, "What if the bf is poor?"

Me: Then he shouldn't have gf in the 1st place! that time I was thinking it would be so weird to buy your taxi man a I already said I'm a poor student!

Then he asked sooo many personal questions like, what are my parent's jobs, how to pay for school fees.....blah blah blah.....

For every question that he asked, I just joked back with him harm what!

I know the guy's a Christian because I saw a Nelson's Bibble and a book about "Love & Jesus" in his car. So he couldn't be that bad.........kua........???

He was talking about blessing and doing good deeds. So I told him that what we should really do right now is help those who were affected by the cyclone and earthquake!!! And he told me those were acts of Gods!!

Soon, he continued asking me to buy him breakfast again and I told him, "How about I give you a candy?" And he showed me a candy a passenger gave him and showed me a rm1 bill which had been folded into a heart shape, telling that his customer was sooo nice to give him that when she had received it from a guy.

I told him maybe it's because it's a gift from a guy she has no feelings for and couldn't wait to get rid of it!!!

*Strike one!!* from Mel haaha......kidding

Ya, when we finally arrived at Steven's corner, he told us the ride was FOC!!!


Told him that it's not good because he's doing business but he insist and we said we insists too...

Gave him a 50bill and he didn't take it, gave him a 10bill and he told us it's on him and that he was blessing us! Finally, I found a rm5 bill to pay him which he didn't want to take........I just left it there for him and told him, "God bless you too!"

Once we got down, everyone was shocked and felt kinda weird. Tham and Ursula were saying that they didn't know what to answer him if there were in my place. I just simply joked back with him!

Tham said that when he told us it was FOC, she felt weird and decided to open the door but it can't be opened and it scared her a bit......but luckily the door on the other side opened~ haaha.....

That was seriously very can he earn if he keeps giving ppl free rides???

Anyways, the 4 of us went mad at Steven's corner.....we ordered 8 different dishes and 3 drinks!!! 2 nasi goreng ayam rendang, 1 nasi lemak ayam and 1 nasi goreng ayam with 1 roti cheese, roti john, roti tisu and 1 ice kacang including 1 mango lassi, 1 teh tarik and 1 coffee. Mad or not??? We're only 4 girls!!!!

I bet the waiter was like thinking we've never seen food before!!!

Sorry la....I sakai ba....because I've only had roti telur with bawang before and not roti cheese!!! The long awaited cheese nan was not available!!!! ahhh~~~~~ Plus I also never had roti john or roti tissue before! I't's not weird ok.....just that I never had the chance to really try Malaysian mamak food. I think they serve these in Brunei too.....but maybe not the cheese nan or roti cheese.

I would love to try those malay rice dishes.....nasi briyani???not the yellow one.....I dunno what it's called....the green colour rice one?? time!

Was sooo happy when the roti cheese came!!! ahhh....sooo much cheese inside!! If only there were more cheese.....then it would be more heavenly!!!


Then the roti John......Hi John!!! I thought I ever tried roti John before during Sea Games that time....stole a bit from Pancy's one, but no.....this one is totally different!!!! Must be different Johns....

Then the roti tissue!!! Too sweet for my liking but nonetheless something worth trying.

Our bill = 40!!!

Ppl from the other table was like staring at our table wondering why there were sooo many food!!! When you eat with Mel, you eat at LARGE!!! hahaha

For the return ride, we had this really fierce taxi driver! When Ursula asked him to go straight, which he missed, he complained that we should've told him earlier in a harsh and grumpy tone and said we all kept chit-chatting at the back seat only!!!! What's with taxi drivers today man??

During lunch there's this man selling DVD who said that we could look for him if there's anything wrong with the disc. He said he's there everyday and when I asked him what's his name, he told me "Leng chai!"(handsome guy).......I told him, every single guy on the street is called "leng chai"! he said his name is Ah Geong??

I wanna launch a complain to this Ah Geong for bad business ethics ah!!! Don't buy from this man!!! He told us that the dvd was for the whole drama series.....however I received an sms from Ursula, telling me that there's only 10 episodes in it! I checked mine, and there also only 10 episodes!!!!

Yea,'s a happy news. My cousin sister just gave birth to a baby girl today!!!!! Another gal gal to call me Auntie!!!! haaha....... :D

Oh and here's a pic of my aunt's Bday celebration last Sat.
Lastly, water fountain!!! haaha

Was driving to uni when I saw the pipes while walking to uni, I stopped to take this pic! Lol

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Typed this yesterday (04/06/08) but forgot to post it up.....

Btw, made a mistake in my las blog post regarding rise in petrol prices.....before the mark up it was 1.9 haaha...not 1.5. Thus my petrol price now increase to 81 or more! sniff~~~I'm now dreading my next pump!

Like wat XQ said, Life is not easy now~~~ sigh....and with the tise in electricity summore!!! omg!!!

When I first moved back, petrol in Brunei was a tinyyyy bit more expensive than over here and now it's so much more expensive over here!!!

Today was F.E.Stival at my campus....

I really wanted to watch all the performances but too bad because I have class today and my schedule was quite packed.

Early in the morning, you can see all the club committee members busy setting up their booths at their designated areas. People were all busy doing something, be it setting up the sound system or the deco. It was a nice sight to see everyone in their respective club uniforms, working hard together. Even the outsiders: models, performers and make up artists also arrived early.

Didn't take many pictures because I only had 1 hour plus to explore the fair as I'm packed the whole day.

Jas, Tham , Ursula and I bought some coupons to share among ourselves. For every booklet of coupons, rm1 goes to charity. Plus there were lots of free magazines at the booth!

1st stall explored!....forgot was by which club because the only words that caught my attention was their sign board, "Secret Recipe: Dory!"

FRIED FISH!!!! yummy~~ sooo delicious! Only rm4
Can you see my lovely artwork on the fish slices??

Jujitsu club was selling oden. I first tried oden at 7/11 in Japan, ok ok la.....I wonder who came up with the idea here. But didn't try it though.

Next, we tried a game at ACS.....aiming tennis balls at a pyramid of cans. If we get 3 strikes, we get a pendrive!!! Unfortunately....haaha......Mel cannot aim at all! She said she needed space, everyone moved and she aimed! .......the tennis ball went right over the top of the cans! Thank you!

At least Jas and Tham both aim better!

2nd stall.....Ice kacang for rm2.50
Jas ordering the ice kacang for us!
Our ice kacang being prepared!
Spotted a stall selling Dominos pizza right next to us.

When you look at surroundings........the roughly built tents, the trees and looks like we're at a camp site right??

Next was Career development club?? with this traditional chinese/ japanese game. I dunno what it's called. er...the one where kids catch fishes using a paper net?? which breaks easily???

Never tried it before.....a first for me! haaha....I always thought it's very hard. haaha
1st attempt, 3 nets.....made of tissue paper!!!
Me- 1
Jas- 1
Me- 1
These 3 poor fishes had to stay under the hot sun with me while I enjoyed the performances and even attend my lecture class with me.

2nd attempt after class
Me- 1
Ursula - 1
Tham- 0
Urusla- 0
Ursula- 1
Total = 6!!!
Ursula's hand
Ursula trying to catch the little fishes
Performace by a student who played the "er hu" to a Jay Chou's song, then violin version of a piece from the movie "Ratatouille"?? and lastly saxophone to......??? He really put on a good show! So talented man!!!!

Before this was a dance performance by the dance club, demonstration for Taekwondo and fashion show showing works of famous Malaysian designer Karl Ng.

Hai......the festival had just started and I had to leave for my unlucky!

Plus, how to concentrate when I know ppl are having fun nearby?? I can hear ppl singing but I have no idea who.

During my lab, I kept hearing ppl screaming and shouting....eeee....and I'm in the lab stuck with staining some bacterias!!! I missed all the great performances!!! I don't even know UG did perform. I know there were students from local U performing. Then there's hitz fm and their goodies, which I have no idea what because I was in class the whole time!

By the time my class ends, it's nearly the end of the performances and the booths are all getting ready to close! haaha.....

I just realised I forgot to take group pictures!!! or pics of my fishes!!!

Petrol prices increasing

Petrol Prices are INCREASING again ahh!!!!

By how much??

Freaking 78sen mark up!!!!


Crazy or not???

Previously we pay 1.5+/1.9+ per liter and now we pay 2.7/2.8 per liter!!!


Ok let's see, my petrol per week is 50-55. Toll per week is 38. Thus I pay 93 for transport per week. Assuming that every month has only 28days....I pay 372 per month now.

Before mark up it was 1.9???

If I paid 55, that means I pump only about (55/1.9) about 30 liter.

Assuming I still pump only 30 liter per week, I now have to pay 81!!!!! for full pump!!!

Mad or not????

55 to 81 ah!!! I'm now a mad woman ah~~~~

Crazy people!!!

Hope they don't increase the tolls again. In 2006, I pay only 25 for toll per week and now I pay 38 per week!!

Yo hello!! I'm only a student!!! You think I have money to pay you ah???

I have to spend ((81 + 38) x 4) 476 per month for transport to Uni!!! Crazy ah~~~ Like that I no need to eat, no need to go shopping, no need to go dance class already ah!!! All my allowance will be used to support my car only ah!!!!

When things like this happen...there's only 1 thing left to do.....MIGRATE!!!

I'm now thinking....if I move to near uni....hmm...

If I get a shared room.....250, ok...including transport, let's say 60 per month....(476-310) 166!!! wah~~ good deal man!

Ok...that's it! I'M MOVING!!!

But first, I need a place!

and I'll most probably cry after I move! haaha......but yea!!.....I can save 166!

Move or not to move???

or maybe I can find a place to move in for a month just to try it out....but I don't think so because most people require you to rent for at least 3 months with 1 month rentals as deposit which is not refundable right??? Not too sure...

~~~ 3rd uncle sent my a sms yesterday telling me about increase in petrol price and he sent another one today. Then my 2nd uncle also called to tell me about it! And I finally saw it on the news just now.....petrol prices increasing at midnight and all the petrol stations are now packed!

Hai~ nvm la....left half tank, no need to pump la....lazy to go fight with ppl at petrol station! I'm only 1 girl, sure lose one!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's been a week since class started....

I'm still not liking the new timetable because classes ends at all the WRONG TIME!!! during JAM HOURS!!!

Ok...and stll not liking all the long breaks between my classes~ I rather they cram everything in the morning!

Results for last sem were finally released last weekend.....Not what I expected! SERIOUSLY NOT! Swore to work harder this sem!

Got 5 main core subjects this sem taught by 4 different lecturers.

The medical microbio lect. was pretty funny. He enjoys sharing little jokes with us, quite a humorous person. Hope he maintains that way till the end of the sem.

Then there's our Haemato + Patho lecturer. He's ok though sometimes it's a bit hard to catch him when he speaks too fast because he speaks with an Arabian accent. But if I were to compare him with the Endocrinology lect. 2 sems ago, I will definitely pick him! Out of 100 words that he spoke, I get about 90 or more (provided it's not too soft & I'm right in front of him).

As for the endocrine lect., out of 100, I can only get 20-30!! Seriously who speaks with weird accent like hers man!!! I got a huge shock the first time I heard her speak because I had never heard anyone spoke English like her before! Taiwan accent?

For Toxico, the lect is not bad too....he speaks well. I only wish that he was louder.

Lastly, for Instrumentation...a very soft spoken and polite lecturer. I hope that he would speak louder too.

Overall, all the lecturers for this sem are good! So with good lecturers.....there's no excuse for not getting good results! Ganbatte Mel!

Was browsing through the net when I came across this news in soompi. It's about this 11th Grade boy who discovered a way to degrade plastics in just months!!! As we all know plastics take many many many years to degrade.

Yea...this smart guy is only 16 ok!! What an amazing discovery!!! What amazing experiments did I do when I was 16/ or now?? So yea......Kudos to the guy!

Btw, anyone using Windows Vista?

Ursula told me that her friend experienced this problem where all her downloaded(illegal) files were automatically deleted from her PC.

It didn't happen to me but I'm having another problem. I recently started downloading dramas and first used Mozilla to browse them. 2 days later Mozilla stopped working and will automatically close when I enter the website. Now, the program cannot be open at all.

Next, I used IE. It worked fine the 1st day and now....the same thing happened, it automatically close down when I'm just about ready to DL.

Just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing....