Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hop2da'beat dance competition

Went to Pyramid last night to watch the hop2dabeat competition.

This part of Pyramid looks especiall beautiful! Love the flowers....

Can you see the beautful grand piano up there???
With all the jewels and flowers???

I totally love this piano! haaha......

Outdoor(of new wing) where many tents were set up
for various events for the Youth Festival on 25
-26July. This hop2dabeat dance competition is just

one of the many events of the YF.



PM & I


SM & I




Thomas & I


Wai Hong & I

Don't you think he looks like a korean??

Seriously.....not hot meh???


Wilson & I

Can see Thomas and Joey's crew leader behind!!

So cool~love his dance!!!

Both of the are sooo lucky to be in his crew!!!

No pictures with Joey because he walked away
when I was about to ask him for a pic!!! kek hei!!!

Then David and Kai Loon only arrived
when the sky became dark!!!
haaha.....after the competition started....
and I totally forgot about pictures.

Too busy watching the leng chais up on stage!!

Plus I had to leave early because I got poppin' class
at 9 that night.

Oooo...happy!! gotta watch great performances by
Twister and Evo-I.

But too bad la!!! I missed the
HOTTEST crew of the night!!!
ELECOLDXHOT!!! Thomas and Joey's Crew!!!!
They were the winners for the night!!!

Ahhh....really wanna watch ahhh~~~
who asked them to be last group to perform that night!
but yea, CONGRATS GUYS!!!
Took this from T's blog
T & J

Miss seeing them dance together as a group.......

Korean Food Festival

Recently signed up for facebook...and boy, is it complicated!!!
There's just wayyyy tooo many things you can do there!!
You can buy gifts, drinks, food and you can even buy your FRIENDS!!!
haahaa.......soooo complex!! Either that, or I'm just getting too old liao~
Went over to Subang Parade yesterday to have a look at the Korean Food Fair which runs from 23 -29 July, organised by Lotte Mart. They reanted a small area displaying the different types of korean food, mostly snacks, soft drinks, ramen and some cooking goods.

The Ajumma there and her sales attendent were all dressed in hanbook! Love the pink one!
There were many different types of soft drinks and ramen on sale, but nothing that really interests me.

You can sample some of the korean candies and snacks while there before deciding on which to buy.
Sora type snack. RM4.70

Chocolate coated sunfower seeds. RM2.10- small tiny pack.


I was looking for the sauce/paste for bibimbap

and I think the lady mistaken it for something,

I bought the bottle she recommended me

and it didn't taste like the sauce I was looking for.

Can't blame her....

she did gave me a sauce named,

bibimjang. RM14.30



The normal one is the plain ginseng candy.


According to the lady, the red ginseng candy

has more health benefits as it's processing

is much more complicated than the plain ginseng,

thus it's price is more expensive too. RM12.40


Notice how cheese is spelled. RM2.60


I absolutely love this!!!

made from 7 different types of veges...

tastes like popcorn! RM9.30 for a huge bag!



Love these Jolly Pong!!!



Bought this pack of dried seaweed

because I've tasted it before and

I know it tastes yummy as a snack.

Korean people add this on their rice. RM10.80



Dokbokee(it's spelled dekbokee on the receipt).

RM2.10 for small packet.



Love this!!! yummy!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


so many decisions, sooo little time
1 more week to go till dead line
and....I'm still lost
Before knowing what the topics were,
I had a few things in mind which I am interested in.
Cancer cell line...but not all kinds
something along these lines...
After seeing the topics...
there's 1 dry lab AIDS tittle
1 on antibiotics
1 on functional food
and....yea, that's about it....
waiting for other unconfirmed topics
to be confirmed!!!
I need to fill in 6 tittle in my form!
and at the mo'
I only have 3....
yah!!! think think think!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stupid Apple Green Myvi

*EDIT* realised I left out some important infos

I hate idiots who don't know how to stop at a red light or at a turning!!!

They think the roads were made by their grand fathers and drive like they're the king of the world!

They treat other vehicles as invicible and they think they're invincible!

When in reality, they're dun-dums with brain the size of a peanut in a hard coconut shell!!!

Rush! Rush! Rush! You wanna rush to die is it? But I DON'T!!!

Bird-brain fella nearly knocked into me when I came home from Uni. And it happened at my housing area!!!!

Crazy mad person!!! Guy or Gal!!! I had no idea because I couldn't see the driver's face!!! But I know which row you're LIVING AT!!!!

When I'm free, I'll drive around that row to spot for your car!!! APPLE GREEN MYVI!!! WITH A YELLOW RHOMBUS SHAPED SIGN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BACK WINDSCREEN!!!

It's like a T junction.
I was driving on a straight road(R to L at top of T)
and there's a car coming towards me
in the other lane(L to R at top of T).
Then suddenly this Myvi
just jumped out from his row
(the lane perpendicular to us)
ready to turn past my lane to the next lane.
Btw, he was on the right lane
which is for cars to turn INTO the junction
and NOT out!!!
That idiot was on the wrong lane!!!!
And he was driving like speed racer!!!
On the wrong lane,
never stop
drive soooo fast summore!!

I was so shocked to see a Myvi jumped out!!!!

I didn't know where to turn!!!

I honked at the bloody fella!

And quickly turn to the next lane!!! and luckily the car moving towards me stopped!!! or else I would have knocked into that car!!!

The stupid Myvi just stopped there at the junction, behind my car....dunno stunned or what...but I sure am!!!

Honked at that stupid fella again!!

I moved....and I couldn't help but honked at that idiot driver again!!!

My heart rate was still super fast when I reached my house!!!!

That was seriously a close call man!!!

I feel like slapping that clumsy driver!

If I manage to find his car, I will stick a sticky paper on his car!

"To the crappy-careless-bird brain-driver,
Rule 1: Signal
Rule 2: Stop at all junctions
Rule 3: Look left and right
Rule 4: Turn only when there's no car!
Tip 1: Study undang-undang!
Tip 2: Re-take driver's exam to get a proper lisence and not a Kopi-O one!
Tip 3: DON'T DRIVE! for the safety of all other drivers on the road!"

I am super mad la!!!! Among all the clumsy drivers I've met, this is the WORST!!!!
Thank God, that the other car stopped in time for me!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei

Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei

Yamapi's new drama's tittle!!! hohoho.....check it, "Doctor!!!!" Too bad my Pi is only a doctor in training! But it's ok! I'll train with you!!! *happy* :D

*screams* MY HANDSOME DOCTOR IN BLUE!!!! aaahhhhHH!!!!

Ok, don't worry....I don't have any fetish towards doctors! Not unless his name starts with Y and ends with A!

The drama has been airing in Japan since 03 July. Can't wait to download it!

I still haven't finish watching Kurosagi.....gomene Yamapi. Left it hanging since last year or as it the year before! ahhh.....bad me! Plus I haven't even watch Kurosagi the movie!

Sooo many dramas and movie to catch~~~~ the moment, I know little about what is the drama about.....but I can assure you, it will be a gooood drama! How do I know? Because Yamapi is in it! And sooo far, all the dramas I have watched with him in it are GOOD! hoho....

If you don't like leng chai nvm! Leng Lui, Toda Erika, will be acting beside Yamapi in this drama. hmm...I wonder if there'll be any 'love' sparks!

Official website <--click!!

Watch the trailer here!!! <--click!!

For those who haven't watch Zettai Kareshi, you should really give it a try! A real life robot lover might seem surreal, but the story is really not that bad. You'd be really touched! If you're a fan of Yuu Watase's manga, you should really catch this drama!

11/07/08's been a long time since I've blogged man!

Been really busy the past 10 days....but now, I'm ready for a COMEBACK!!!

Are you ready???

No, I'm not back with a comeback performance...but I'm back with a BM post!!!

What??? Don't believe me??? Think I cannot type a thing in BM?

Yala....boleh buat apa? kena tag oleh Si Harimau! Saya hanya seekor kucing comel sahaja! hahaha.....

Tag Dalam BM
7 fakta tentang saya:

o1; Nama saya ialah Si salah! Kawan-kawan semua panggil saya, Mel, Miao, Meow....
o2; Masih berumur 20! hohoho
o3; Saya sangat suka makan!!! Jika mahu cuba apa-apa restaurant baru, jangan lupa saya ya!
o4; Suka menari!
o5; Mempunyai memori yang teruk....
o6; Ingin pergi melancong dengan "Chong dey O" gang!
o7; Ingin tinggal di Jepun!

7 perkara menakutkan saya:
o1; kehilangan orang tersayang seperti keluarga saya dan kawan kawan saya.
o2; mengagal dalam peperiksaan
o3; bakteria dan virus! hahaha
o4; serangga, anjing, ular, tikus....dan banyak lagi
o5; berada di tempat yang tinggi
o6; kehilangan mimpi yang saya mengejar
o7; kehilangan segala yang saya mempunyai sekarang

7 lagu buat sekarang:
o1; Ayaka-Okaeri
o2; BoA-Sparkling
o3; Hey Say 7- Dreams come true
o4; SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH - Allegro Cantabile
o5; Kame & L.N.K - Rizumu(リズム)
o6; Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love
o7; Big Bang - Lies

7 perkara yang selalu sebut:
o1; huh?
o2; er...
o3; ya...
o4; ok!
o5; what? in malay "apa?"
o6; hehe....
o7; ah!

7 perkara yang amat bernilai:
o1; keluarga/kawan
o2; kenangan dan pengalaman
o3; degree saya
o4; menari
o5; musik
o6; makanan
o7; telefon bimbit

7 "pertama kali" dalam hidup saya:
o1; membuat tag dalam Bahasa Melayu!
o2; seorang pergi ke Jepun
o3; berjalan kaki dari Kiulap ke SGS(sama dengan Si Chong)
o4; tidur di jalan raya semasa Sea Games
o5; terpaksa bermalam di Genting apabila Sky-waynya sudah tutup
o6; tengok konsert Eason bersama ibu
o7; memandu di highway Brunei dengan bapa saya....

7 orang bertuah (JAWAB TAG INI BALIK):
Banyak orang yang saya mahu tag telag di-taggedkan la!

Bah...sudah siap ni!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Korean BBQ Chicken

Went to this Korean BBQ Chicken Restaurant last Sun.....but didn't had time to post this up.

Heard from Moon the night before that DongBang advertised for their BBQ chicken in Korea. haaha, didn't know they actually have several chain stores here in Malaysia too....

The interior
Looks quite decent

My hot chocolate which.......could've taste better......

Mocha and Hot Chocolate together!

The Red sisters!

The X-sisters!

Thank Goodness the food arrived right on time before we started chopping one another...

Here's the Charbroiled chicken.....Delicious!! Love this!!! It came with shrimp rice just normal plain fried rice! because I don't see any shrimp in it at all!!!! The salad is ok.

GINSENG POWER CRISP CHICKEN! I got a shock when I saw Ginseng fried chicken on the menu.....someting new....but not bad, you can actually smell and taste Ginseng! The mashed-potato was disappointing though, plus the sauce was too watery!

Dessert-Pat Bing Soo??? Super Disappointing ah!! Didn't look like the one in the menu. Didn't look that nice and it didn't taste that great either. Just shaved ice with some red brean, cocktail fruits, nata de coco, jelly beans and ice cream.

I prefer our local Ice kacang/cendol more! or Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream with red bean paste!

Otherwise, the charbroiled chicken and ginseng chicken was really worth trying. But the service was....not that good! I realised that restaurants with chinese workers give better services. (I'm not being biased).

The waitress never opened the door for us to enter/ leave the restaurant. They never say "Thank You!" Worst part is that the waitress cannot understand spoken English!!

I wanted to asked if the food will take long....."will we have to wait very long? we're kinda in a rush!""will it take very long to cook the food?"" it gona take long?" I had to change to another language.

"Please bring us 3 small plates!""plates?? *does some action?""piring?"

We even had to change language when asking for a spoon from the waiter!

No, even though it's Korean BBQ, the waiters are not Korean ok......

Lastly, a pic with cutie Meen before we leave after our last day with Dr.EM for Academics English Writing.