Sunday, August 31, 2008

UGDN's 4th Bday bash! 29/08/08

Jelly Mooncake - Coffee coated, Yam with yolk

4th Bday bash!!! at Subang branch!
The studio there's really big compared to the Sunway one.
Love all the graffitied walls!

top-bottom: PM, SM, HueyLi & I
Thanks to Kah Kheng for taking the pics.

We look like we're just falling into the pose...

Nice wall!!!

Hiphop instructor Z!
Us with the amazing Bboys from Kepong!

From Philipines.....
Winner of the new school hiphop Asia?? not too sure where.

Bboys with a locker from Sg waiting for their turn....
Happy Birthday to You!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Introducing Shinee's Love like Oxygen which is a remake of Danish singer- Martin Hoberg's Show the World! <<--CLICK!!

Jong Hyun(in gold)really has the potential to go solo man. Look at his charisma!

I like Taemin!!!(guy walking around in the opening, wearing hat while dancing) baby looks sooo mature now!! But still a boy boy!!!! Love the way he flipped his jacket!! Yea flip baby!

O-new is sooo cute too! (in green) this leader got cute voice!!

Don't compare and tell me Shinee's version is better or what.....they're the same song and only in different languages. I like both!!!!

The thing with pop idols is that when their idols songs get copied, they scold the other guy like he's not worth anyhing!!!! and when their idols sings other persons songs, they say the their idols version is much better!!! ^_^~~~!!!!

Hyori's Hey, Mr.Big

She always looks sooo good in whatever style she opts for!!! I love her pink hair!!!

Big Bang's Haru haru MV part 2


Mooncake Jelly- Durian with yolk

Visit to Izzi's

You can blow this special pipe for just RM20

some pics for their beautiful cakes

with reasonable price too

not too mention that they look attractive too


apple strudels!!! see how big this is???

choc + straw = heaven

open kitchen concept

Inflation Busting Menu!!!

Dough balls

Chicken soup

Prawn Linguine

Margherita Pizza

Choc Fudge


It's not cream, but meringue.....
You know, in those kids activities book, in the baking section...they will teach you to beat egg whites with sugar and the resulting misture baked to make a crispy outer layer...

So cute!!! but the strawberries are TOO SOUR!

The inflation menu is really worth your money!

Sora and I ate there once...ordering ala-carte...and I think it reached about 60 for the 2 of us, with only 2 pastas and 1 plate of cheese balls!


Mooncake Jelly- Dragonfruit with yolk

No more class~~

Having study week next week!

Good Luck to everyone who's sitting for their finals this coming September!!!


Received a call from the soft skills person today....don't know who, because I've never heard her voice before! This lady ah....I tell you!!!!

I've registered for financial planning about 2 months ago and K-workers less than 1 month ago, though I've always been saying since the beginning of the sem that I wanted to join K-workers.

When I registered that time, I was told there's 30 spaces and there's only 10-15 spaces left......I of course immediately registered. At the time of registration, I was told that K-workers starts from 24th of Sept.

However, because they've postponed the financial planning to 24th, the k-workers will have to start on 26??? And that was days after I have registered.

Yesterday, this lady who called weird man.....she asked me to take note of the dates for FP, which I did. I was like telling her "ya...ok", and she kept asking me "did you take note of the date or not? please take note!". If I didn't have my planner/ pen and paper with me, do you think I will say yes and ask you to tell me the dates!??

After that, she like telling me many people wants to joing KW too! and this and that! And if I cannot come, I should give my place to others!!!

Like I care!!!! Soft skills workers comes to all campus grounds around once every 2 weeks....and they always inform students of the latest courses available. It all depends whether you have the initiative to join them or not! When the person said there's only 30 spots, you should register straight away la!!!! and not when ALL THE SPOTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN!

Stupid one!!! Since they've postponed the KW, the dates clashes with the start of my final year project!!! Actually I could still go for KW and just miss the last few days.

This stupid woman like really want me to cancel!!

So I told her, since they have postponed the dates, it would be INCONVENIENT FOR ME AND THAT I WOULD LIKE TO CANCEL!

Then she's like....nearly wanted to yell on the phone....."since when we postponed the dates! when you registered, it was already for 27th!!!"

Then I had to keep explaining the situation to her! Don't know whether if it's her inablity to understand english or my inability to speak english well enough to be understandable!!!

Once she finally understands it, I told her that I will still go for the FP which I HAD ALREADY REGISTERED! and there she is....telling me that registration is closed and all sorts of nonsense!!!

ALREADY REGISTERED!!!! What is it in this 2 words that she don't get man!!!!

"I had already paid 2 months ago!!!"

Asked her to check if my name is in the list, just to make sure..........and she's like, "If you have registered then it's ok la."

Oh yea! Well Thank you for being no help at all!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Mooncake Jelly - Black Sesame with yolk


I finally got my FYP topic!!!!



Saw some girls dancing to WG-"Tell Me" and Shinee-"Replay" at the dance studio on Wed......I WANNA LEARN TOO!!! haahaa......I saw an instructor teaching a choreography to Replay!!!

Yesterday after all that practice and poppin, I was already feeling tired....then Z asked if we wanted to stay to prac / go home. Told him I was hungry and he said, "Selalu Lapar~~ PATUTLAH GEMUK!!!!!" and slapped my arm!!!


Yala~ Gemuk!!! I also know that!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Japan's Top 20 'most Wanted Lovers'

Japan's Top 20 'most Wanted Lovers'

20. Daigo (Breakerz)
19. Koike Teppei (WaT) <3
18. Shindo Haruichi (Porno Graffiti)
17. Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
16. Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS & Tegomass)<3
15. Kamiji Yusuke (Shuchishin)
14. Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8 & NEWS)<3
13. Kobuchi Kentaro (Kobukuro)
12. Okano Akahito (Porno Graffitti)
11. Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)<3
10. Sakurai Sho (Arashi) <3
9. TAKUYA∞ (UVERworld)
8. Jaejoong (Tohoshinki)<3<3
7. Matsuda Takahisa (NEWS & Tegomass)<3
5. Yamapi(NEWS)<3<3
4. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
3. hyde (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
2. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
1. Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN) <3

Congrads!!! JIN!!!! Must be because of his sexy, pouty lips!!! ahhhh*screams like a mad fan girl* or it might be his sexy dance moves + his sexy bad boy looks!!!

My Pi is no.5!!! not bad not bad!!! There are a lot of Johnny's on the chart there? Pi must be sad that his bestie just beat him on that list!! Even Pi, after his *ahem* photoshoot, couldn't beat Jin! Yea, but it's a known fact! Pi is huge among teen gals in Japan.

I can't believe my JJ is no.8 on the list!!! The only foreigner on the list!! not bad not bad!!! Is it because of ur eye bags??? haaha....or that square face + helmet hair??? thick lips? SEXY VOICE? or his inflatable & deflatable muscles??? No?? Broad shoulders with small waist? his funny dance??? ahhh!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!

BM Y3S1 pics

Theme: black
Group pix with our Toxicology lecturer.

See that we have ppl who are not in black.....

The girls....+ 3 boys!

Boys and Girls!

More of us!!!

My group members and our poster! The only horizontal poster of the day.....thus we took 1 whole moving board to ourselves.

Non-glossy surface poster.

wanted to do a glossy surface one but unfortunately our file size is too small, so we settled for this.

Us with our hematology lecture!