Sunday, September 28, 2008


Finished 2 days of Financial Planning course on 24-25th. Quite informative since there's many things I do not know about: loans, insurance, estate planning, wills, shares/stocks....blah-blah. However, there are certain things which I would like to know much about, which the speakers didn't really touch on. Quite disappointing on that part. I guess if I really wanted to know more, I'll have to join their programmes.

Oh....and being a science and maths student, I have only heard of the scientific and graphical calculator. Thus, I didn't know there's such a thing called "Financial Calculator". When the speaker held up his financial calculator, a bunch of us science students were like...that's a scientific calculator isn't it?? Like...what's the difference? It's still a calculator!

Then as we go further into the topics and did some calculations.....we've realised the use of a Financial Calculator....because it makes calculation sooo much easier!!! We could easily calculate simple interest with the scientific one...but for compound interest, OMG!!!!

Sooo funny, there's this part on insurance with all the illness and the speaker was asking if we knew what they mean : hernia, endometriosis, neoplasm, cataracts, hysterectomy......etc.

"No? use Google!", said the speaker.

"Ahhh...come let me explain!", said Aki.

" easy!"

"Yalo, just studied for pathology...."

During the entire course, this is the only slide that's the most familiar to the 4 of us - Terence, Ursula, Aki and I.

Went shopping yesterday with a bunch of dance mates at Sunway Pyramid to get our costumes for the dance perf. We need- socks for locking, hiphop style jackets & white gloves. Not an easy feat.
It's soo hard to find a jacket that's not too expensive, that's long enough, big/loose enough, with hip-hop feel, comes in different sizes-enough for 6 of us.....
Jackets we saw are either, not yeng enough, are fitting types which are not what we need, too expensive!! RM170!!!, super large, too plain, doesn't come in that many pieces.....
In the end, we decided on jackets from this shop called 2PM, haaha...reminded me ot JYP's new group. We still couldn't get 6 same jackets in the same colour though....but their design is not bad.
So we bought GUY jackets in 2 diff. designs in shades along the lines of army green, forest green, grey and light grey in SIZE L!!! Guy's L size!!
I looked weird because I'm not tall enough for the jacket! and it's huge!!
At least we managed to get nice honey bee socks- yellow and black stripes. Those were the last 3 pairs from Socks Word and there's 6 of us!!! So each person gets 1! I will never get the chance to wear this sock again after the perf. haahaha.....
Dance was fun but tiring since I haven't been getting enough sleep for the past few days and I'm super tired! We learned a new style again today!!! New-School hip-hop!!!
It's slightly different because of the beats and it's much more on going with the flow of music/lyrics rather than beats. Nice style!! but I still think locking is a lot more fun!
We've also got new steps which require 5 counts on the now, my knees look beautiful with new blue-black bruises. I really like that part! Looks sooo yeng!!!
Oh yea...and now I've got prac every single day from Sunday till Thursday!
Z said....
Sunday 3-6, learn new steps
Mon, 7- , learn/ mark steps
Tues, 7-, mark steps sampai mati-mati
Wed, 7-, mark steps sampai mati-mati
Thurs, 7-, mark steps sampai mati-mati

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ahhh...!!!! Sooo happy when I received the postcard. I spent like 5 minutes looking at the picture trying to look for Moon's old apartment!!! And I think I spotted it but I'm not too sure which.....eee......I've forgotten the city plan!!!
Ahh....soo many memories from the postcard!!! I actually cried! I missed those times sooo much! I miss you guys soo much! *sniff* and I want to visit too! But this year end seems quite impossible....maybe next year after I graduate.
Chong's card!!!
I've passed by this mosque soo many times!! Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque!! We've even studied about it in history!! And it's like supposed to be the tallest building in BSB and you can see it from anywhere. But I've never entered it! Plus that boat too!!!! How I wish I could've taken a picture with this mosque as a background now.

Plus after sooo many years in Brunei and passing by there every week....I never that it's perimeter is actuall that round. I know la, when you go to Yayasan, you'll surely drive past it....but I guess I wasn't that observant.
The mosque is actually very beautiful.

credits pics from : wiki

Actually the Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque is also very beautiful. I stay so near it somemore! Every morning also pass by it! A chemistry teacher once said, "Please study hard, I don't want to see any one of you on the dome trying to scrap off pieces of gold." haaha...That was in MD, very near to the Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque ma.

Oh and I can see the Royal Regalia's roof! I used to like going there when I was younger because it's sooo huge and quite empty....and cold! Plus our school- SGS is super near to it!!!! But I only remember going there once with you guys. Wanna walk over to Moon's place also can see it right across the road!!

Oh! and I don't see SGS, but I know where it is la...... . I'm guessing the green building further up from the Royal Regalia's roof is Moon's old apartment? And I see CHMS!!!! and Pusat Belia!!! Then got Chinese temple! HSBC??? right? and Lina, is the building where we had our POA tuition in the pic too?
And the padang!!!! National celebration, Sultan's Birthday......then we have flag waving and we'll all be lining up along the road from Istana till there!!! haaha.....the old flag waving days!! And if some important people from another country comes, we'll be waving both countries flag! Then they will provided us with free food. I remember got bun, nasi lemak and drinks. hahaaha.....or was that the Sea Games package for dinner every night?
Ahhh sooo many memories!!!!
Yalo!!! and I was such a good girl somewhere(ahem ahem) till I met 'these' bunch of ppl....hahaa.....go lepak-ing after class!! Walk from SGS to Yayasan or Bolkiah/ Borneo cinema! Plus the Borneo cinema was 2 storeys summore and there's only a few of us sitting up there on the second floor! Scared me like mad when we watch ghost movies!
Plus once Pancy who was sitting next to me suddenly ran away......scared me half dead! Why suddenly next to me no one!!! Make me run away too!!!! And I remember throwing a bottle down the blacony once.....gomene!!!
Once worse, took the water taxi to Yayasan for the first time in my life in form 3!!! Scared me half dead!
When I look at the postcard, everything seems so calm.....but it's always been calm and safe. I guess that's what makes it special!
Yea, and we're always walking around!!! under the hot sun!!! under the rain!!! when there's stong wind!!!
Oh! And I took the public bus for the first time in my life with Chong, Lina, Moon, Pancy...and got MeiLin kah? I don't remember....Chong's always leading the way..... at first, I don't even know how much is the bus fare or which bus goes where....I just follow! sakai and like never sit bus before.
Plus I used to cannot cross roads alone! except for the ones near my mum's shop. And I need to tag along with somewhere especiall when crossing Gadong punya roads....super banyak cars ok!!! And then after lepaking for sometime! Expert liao~~~
Bah, next time you all come KL, I bring you all take bus!!! Then I bring you all to cross roads with even more cars!!! hohoho.....
Lastly, Thanks for the postcard! Really brought back loads of great memories! Plus it was such a surprise!
Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Ok, the last post was a little mad, but seriously I'm not like that at all! If you think of a crazy fan, I'm probably like 5% of that. And I seriously won't run like mad to get a touch of JJ if I see him in person.

I know because I've seen him(not he see me!!) in person for 5 times??? yea...

1. I never screamed!

2. I never run towards a star who's got nobody guard by his side and try to molest them. Instead I stand at a side and smile + wave.

3. I don't even scream much at concerts! I only scream at certain high parts! I cannot scream the whole time.....that'll only exhaust me and waste my money for buying an expensive tix!!! Cannot even hear the singer sing live man!

4. I don't run towards the stage when there's no guard around.

5. Even when the singer is right at the stage in front of me, I'm seated right where I am.

Yea, I always say I'll do something crazy but I never did! Maybe I really the future!

Just came home from dance prac with the girls.
We've got new steps today....LOCKIN'!!!
Sooo happy! I've been wanting to learn locking for so long and having the chance to do a small locking routine for our perf is sooo exciting!
Initially, we were supposed to do a small body wave but Z changed it to locking instead.
When I'm doing my steps, I'm like "uh-huh, yea!" haaha...soo fun!
The main song for out perf. is "I question mark" by Wade Robson. I didn't know he produced and album filled with dance songs till PM told me.
Here's a choreography to the same song by Vlad Kuzmin
Fiinally heard the opening song today and it's Danity Kane's "Show stopper".Very different from our style!! haaha.....
Lastly, enjoy WonderGirls-Nobody
I'm officially a WG fan since "Tell Me". I love the fact that JYP is sooo daring in letting the girls try soo many different styles....
This new MV reminds me of those olden days night club, back during the times where TV was black and white & people still uses big black disc. And people enjoy going to clubs to watch show girls perfom. The style is a bit too mature for their age. And seeing JYP in the toilet doing serious business is hilarious! But once again with WG and a cute little dance.....let's see if this will be another big hit!
I seriously think all of WG's hit songs have a catchy chorus which makes you wanna sing along and matching that with simple, fun steps, it makes a lot of people wanna dance along with them.
credits: VladMirazhDance, youtube

DBSK's Mirotic!!!

DBSK's back!!!! with Mirotic 주문
(read somewhere that Mirotic means love that is soo deep that you can't break away)
HOT! HOT! HOT~~~~ *screams her head off*
Ok, major fan girl post here! Not for the faint hearted!
OMG! OMG! It's OUT!!!! Mirotic MV!!! full eng.subbed!!! I love songs with strong beats like this!
Ahh....soooo hot right!!! This is amazing, after Rising Sun, O, Purple Line and now....Mirotic!!! 1 word! SEXY!!!!
CHANGMIN!!! MY BABY!!!! *sniff* Mummy is sooo proud of you! You have grown up to be a fine young man! You got the height, looks, tanned-skin, great vocals and nice built! What more can I say!!!
And my brother JunSu!!! You look super hot too! Soo MAN and Omg!!! You are like becoming the most attractive member there already!!! But you are my bro, Lina will kill me *ahem*!!!
Yooo Micky! Your hair!!! Is that one of chong's masterpieces??? You, JJ and JS should go for those high fashion shoots man! Will totally look super yeng!!! I love the slanted fringe style!!!
Tai-lou YunHo!!! You must be sooo proud!!!
The chorus:
You want me!
You've fallen for me!
You're crazy for me!
You can't break out!
I got you.......
Under my skin!
After Mel's reaction:
You want me!
You've fallen for me!
(Of course!!!)
You're crazy for me!
(Right duhh!)
You can't break out!
I got you.......
(Ahhh...*screams like mad*)
Under my skin!
(Ahhhh!!! I want!)
haahaha....ok, I'M NOT THAT MAD! Plus, I don't really get why it's gotta be "under my skin".
And now, I'm gonna imagine I'm the woman in red who's got JJ tied up against the wall!!! haha....and then we'll see who's got who under their skin!!!
Ok, once again my conservative side is acting up! Is this mv ok for their younger fans kah???
When I was told about Mirotic by HL who's only 14, I was like "Oh, so hot right?" and talking about the only pic that I saw. But she told me there's lots more topless pics and I'm like, oh! Changmin's built now is one of the best! And SM was standing behind laughing!
I mean I'm sure they have lots of younger fans who are like 8 or 9 right? Since many of dongbang's fans are made up of young teens.
Oh, I found another version with eng sub and korean lyrics
Love the opening pose! It's not everday that you get to see JJ n JS pair starting the dance!
And they even focused on JJ's biceps...haahaha!! But yea, I don't this he's recovered back to his Hiyaya days....but still ok!
Someone please learn and teach me!
Love the swirling leg part! Like in Shinee's MV!
If only I had learned purple line's dance from Sora and plus this one! Then I would be soo happy! 4dances, 4 albums, 1 dance from each of their albums!! 2 down! 2 to go!
credits: kenoa93, sunberlosy, youtube

Sunday, September 21, 2008


NEWS is back with new their new single "Happy Birthday", which will be releasing on 2008.10.01!!!

Check info from Johnny's net <--click!!! (I don't dare to upload any pics of the single cover because I'm afraid it'll mess up my post, like the previous one- making all my fonts and lining out of orientation)

There's 2 edition:

Both with tittle track "Happy Birthday" and sub track "ガンガンガンパッテ(Gan Gan Gan Party)". Regular edition comes with a 3rd song "Push Oh!" while Limited edition consists of "GAME of LOVE" with "Happy Birthday (original karaoke)".

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Pi who just grauated from Meiji Daigaku with a Degree in Commerce this Sept 2008(on the 19th??)!!! 卒業(そつぎょう)おめでとうございます!!!!

Yuck! I hate commerce!

And that reminds me I have a 卒論{そつろん} (Graduation thesis) to write too before I graduate next year!

NEWS PV- Happy Birthday

A light and refreshing song with a cute and relaxing dance!

I really like the chorus:





君のHappy birthday

一年に一度の魔法 特別な日

For being born

For being able to meet you

That I can be by your side now

Thank you


A magical, special day that happens only once a year

This song is very meaningful and it's like a friend sing a birthday song to his/her best pal.


(from Jamae)

Exactly because I can't buy them with money

Treasures that can be expressed by feelings

I'll say it in words, "Happy Birthday"

Without feeling embarrassed at exactly 12 midnight


For being born

For being able to meet you

That I can be by your side now

Thank you


A magical, special day that happens only once a year


Today is the momentous once-a-year anniversary
Of you who is the most important in the world

Yet another one in beauty


The piling up of years

Is the multiplication of memories

That's why I'll send beautiful words

Only to you, look!


I'm happy that in the many thousands and hundred millions

We could have such a miracle as our meeting

And be this nearI'll sing for you


Because you're here

I can laughand be more honest than usual today

An ordinary day to the rest of the world

Fishing as per normal, yet

To me even the taste of the atmosphere has a special flavor


I especially want to meet your smile

Bye-bye to grimaces

With the extent of my power,

I'll send you my love

How many times have you cried up till now

The happiness where we can laugh now is safe

Today's HAPPY BIRTHDAY where we can be together

I'll sing for you


I won't leave you here alone

Definitely next year and the year after too

I'll go to meet you on the same day


A present from god


All the best for your future


Their 2nd track- ガンガンガンパッテ(audio)

ahh...I want this single!!! Plus their NEWS Concert Tour Pacific 2007-2008!!!! eee....I wonder if any place in Malaysia sells it!!! I haven't entered any CD shops in a long time!

credits: pinkishbear, memecat113, youtube

Saturday, September 20, 2008


恋空{Koizora} (Sky of Love)
Japanese novel turned Movie(2007) and Drama(2008). If I'm not mistaken, the drama just finished airing in Japan as I've just finished watching the last episode too~ The step taken here is quite different isn't it?
We normally get e.g manga ->anime->drama->movie. As for this, the movie came before the drama.

I wonder if because the novel itself is more quited to be made into a mini-drama series instead of a movie. I'm in no position to make a proper comment on that yet as I have only glanced through parts of the movie because the audio wasn't working for me and I lost patience half way through and just skipped through it.
I first saw the movie trailer on Astro......the bleached hair guy really got my attention! <333
Love his hair!!!! and saw Yui Aragaki from Dragon Zakura! She's really pretty!!! and her look was sooo different from in DZ! Searched for it and found the drama instead.....

Actually I was reading while watching Astro and I suddenly heard, "私はヒロです!" (I am Hiro) and I heard "HERO!"
I was wondering which idiot will call himself HERO! and I looked up to see this bleached haired guy!!! <333

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that 恋空 was a story posted on a mobile online site in Japan by the novelist who named the main character of 恋空 after her. It then became super popular.....

Many said that it was written based on her own experiences!!!! PLUS PLUS PLUS POINT! here for me!!! True Experiences??? What a life man!!!! To undergo all the things she's been through......ahh~~ I cannot imagine!!!

The overall plot of the movie and drama are similar except for some small parts like how they met and the handphone thing.

I wondered if it's because directors always like to cut here and there or change certain things so I went and found myself the original novel!!!! SOO HAPPY!!!

Can't wait to read it!!!! It's sooo much better to read the real thing!!! Anyone who wants the original can get it from here!!! <<--click!! It's all in Japanese though.


The casts for the movie and drama are different. For the movie, Yui Aragaki as Mika Tahara and Haruma Miura as Hiro Sakurai. Sooo young man!!! I mean Miura! Born in 1990!! I think he acted in Gokusen 3 too..... I love Yui!!! I think Pi should date her!! haahaa....

For the drama, Elena Mizusawa as Mika and Koji Seto as Hiro. He is just sooo kawaii!!! Oh and he's part of D-boys! Same company as Yuu Shirota!

Yuu was an ex-D-boy too! And I totally didn't spot him in the tenimyu musical series because I was only focusing on Yuu-u-~~~! can visit their blog links available on the right.

Koji & Elena(I wanna see Koji and Yui together!!!)

Plus his little guy is d-main vocalist of a J-rock group- Tetra-Fang. I wonder if they only sing for Kamen Rider.... anyways their songs are not that hard-rock, still a bit pop-ish for me.

I once watched the NHK Jrock special and......oooo......some of them really a bit.... erm..... yes....*speechless* but some are really very nice!

Tetra Fang - Destiny's Play

His vocals are not bad.....


Yea....recommending this to everyone, because I think the story itself is not that bad. (real life experience) Plus it's quite touching and sad at some parts. I actually cried!!!

And I normally don't like K-dramas where you cry and cry and cry till the end. Stairway to heaven and Autumn in my heart are more than enough for me.

Ahhh!!! I hope Hiro rests in peace in heaven and watch over Mika!!!

Lastly, must end with a pic of my love for bleached haired guys!!! haaha....

I think that as long as you're fair, you look good in any hair colour.

Ok, going to to finish off the movie version and to read the original novel.



yea!!! peace!!!

Exams are finally over!!!

Everytime in the exam hall, I tend to do something stupid which could be avoidable....but I just did it!

For instrumentation, I read the question correctly, but I answered another thing else and on the way back, was chatting with Aki.....and suddenly we came to that question...and I'm like, "eh, how come I don't remember answering something like that? The question is like this "..."right?" and "Oh crap! yes! the question is like this!!! Why did I answer something totally different????" Ok, pretty worried now because my mistakes could have cost me about 20% of the paper!!!

As for Toxicology, there's just not enough time for me, it was exactly last 1/2 hour when i attepted the last Q and.....last 10mins!!! time! quickly attempt the other sub-questions first before going back to the graph and my graph was out of scale of the paper......thus
I couldn't extrapolate my graph because I would get no values(way out of graph paper) I just drew one straight line and god knows what I was doing then!!!! haaha......

Ok.....I'm just glad everything's over right now! Hope everything works out fine for all my 5 papers!

It's supposed to be sem break now...but it's not going to be easy-breezy for us as we all have to do out final year project these 3 months! Plus I've got a porposal to write to be submitted to my supervisor.....SOON!!!!! which I have not even attempted yet!!!

I am yet to find all the necessary resources......I need good research journals!!!

As for dance.....we're having another performance again!!! yippee~~~ 7 dancers this time!!! Can you guess what I'll be doing???


Yeng or not???'s true!!!

Oh, talking about dance....there'll be dance workshops this coming 3-5 Oct, 2008. It's open to outsiders too for RM80 per dance workshop and students at RM60. Dancers from Team Vibe Philipines will be giving the workshops. It'll be a great chance for those who enjoy dancing to learn from these Pros. There'll be workshops for Girls Hip-hop, breakdance, krumpin, house???, new-school hip-hop.......

I'm joining Girls hip-hop.......which falls on 5th Oct, the same day as the dance party!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Omg!!! *faints* WONDER BOYS!!!! from...Big Bang, Shinee and Super Junior.....


I know "Wonder girls" is the hottest thing right now....but this is......."jaw dropping"

Omg...and ShinDong is doing my fav. rap part! no comments on that......It's sooo weird to see a guy singing, "I'm so hot! I have such charms!!"

And Taeminnie!!!!! ahhh!!! so cute in pink!!! ok....I need some time to digest all that! haahaha....!

On the other hand.......from Tohoshinki----> DongBangShinKi

*Crazy, stupid fan girl mode*
Hot??? Hot???
pls dun focus too much on his body!
you can look at the others at much as you like.
You can see....but no touchie!!
Don't think too much too!
*ok, end*
hahaa....ok, you can look at his nice body as much as you like!
Just one thing....
wonder how many actually noticed it....
Why is JJ topless but he has that collar thing on his neck!!!???
It looks totally like "playboy" style.....or "playgirl" if there's one...
Ahh...y can't he just be topless, but instead he have to add that thingy on your neck!
ok, nvm makes him look....funny too....haahaa.....

Nice new hair, skinny jeans, white shoes, grey-ish bag and "that" shirt!!! It's a nice shirt....but....
Is it me...ot does jj looks a bit g*yish. I'm sorry!! Ok la, at least he looks stylish!! (before I get scolded by his fans)
He looks like shin and bones only.....pls eat more!!!

er....nice lines???

er....nice neck?? and ear studs?? lovely side features....

seriously no comments! hahaa....

I just think it's sooo amazing that fans can capture all these pictures sooo nicely.

I think I still prefer him with long hair in either blonde or black! <3333