Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Absolutely Jaw-dropping~

Absolutely Jaw-dropping~

*jaws drop*

haaha....featuring "Rush Ball" again........

.....because these kids are such amazing dancers!!!

I think the last time I posted some vids under some Japanese Kids Dance Show.

Yea, the girls appeared on Star King recently and OMG!!!! what a big difference!!! I couldn't recognise them!!! Cuz last time, they used to sport army style clothes and had their long hair in braids. Plus they were a lot shorter! Now!!! They have super short hair like guys!

Oooo~ but I love her hair man!!! If cutting my hair like that can make me dance better, I would do it! Esp, for poppin'!!!! That hair goes so well with poppin'!!!!

Star King!!! (this is the clearer version but without english translation)

Ahhh....I wanna dance like them!!! and did I mention that they're only 10 and 11???

sooo...young!!! So much future ahead of them!!!

At the age of 10, they're already poppin' like that!!! When I was 10, I've never even heard of poppin'!!!!

I love the dance solos too......esp Jazz! haaha.....

I've watched the vid over and over again for more than 10 times now! The girls are just too good!

Yea, and here's a song dedicated to everyone who loves giving other ppl prank calls.....DBSK's "Wrong number"

*sings* "I'm sorry, you got the wrong don't call me no more......"

haaha.....I think Malaysian phone numbers have too many numbers or operators, that's why ppl always call the wrong number.

I received a really special one weeks ago.....


"Hello! *quite fierce* Who is this?"

M-"er...May I know who are you looking for?"

"Where are you now??!! You took my phone right??!!"

M-".....I think you got the wrong number....this is my phone!"


So funny man, he misplaced his own phone and dialed the wrong number summore!

credits: XiahJuns, rainyonme, youtube

Saturday, November 22, 2008


More pics of food......since we've been exploring different places for lunch after working hard on our fyp.

Went to Feeling Cafe, which was rumoured to be opened by famous Malaysian singer, Guang Liang. I think it's concept is somewhat similar to Halo Cafe, where there have singers/ bands coming in at night to perform songs for the diners. I think the price for food here is cheaper.

Heard that this cafe is always packed at night thanks to the live music. This cafe does give a nice feeling and they even have a pool section!!! woohoo~~~

But the food......sad case!!!

The pic quality is really poor because the cafe is really dark!!!

My supposedly turkey and ham spag. but I don't know why I don't see any turkey in this.....or did they serve me turkey ham???
Just normal pasta, topped with a super sour tomato sauce, ham and parmesan. I think the chef sauteed the onions for too long because there were black carcinogenic (cancer causing) bits in the sauce. You could taste it with every bite! Not good! I give this dish a zero.
This is their mushroom spag. The outlook looks pretty normal.....but according to 2 ladies who ordered this was quite bland.

And their set lunch funny one.....rice + meat + small salad + tiny portion of baked beans.
Everything looks bad because of bad photography......I think the bottom pic was black pepper chicken, I assure you the real thing looks better.....rather than a patch of black stuff here in this pic.
I still think it's a bit weird, could the salad and baked beans portion get any smaller???
Well maybe it's because they focus more on live music and drinks rather than food.

We also visited Nando's from South Africa.....a first for me actually. haaha.....
Ordered their 1/4 chicken set with 2 sidelines. Picked honey lemon flavoured chicken with chips + peri chips. Yea, because I ordered "honey lemon", I got a flag which says,"Not so brave!"
I'm afraid that their Peri flavoure ones would be spicy ma......
My chicken looks nice! haaha....and the Peri chips is actually just normal chips dusted with chilli powder.
I actually find my portion quite big....quite filling.

This is the Peri chicken with chips and potato salad. The potato salad was not bad. As for the chicken, it's only flavoured skin deep, the meat is quite tasteless. (comments from U who ate this) The same goes for my honey lemon chic.
Do you see a fork in both pics??? trying to steal chips??? That's SL's fork!!! The chips stealer!!!

XQ's 1/4 chicken with peri corn and potato salad. The peri corn looks just like normal corn, there doesn't seem to be any chilli flakes on it. Plus the 1/4 chicken here looks smaller than mine! haaha......I must've looked hungry, that's why I got a bigger But yea, XQ complained that she was still hungry after the meal and wanted to buy more food.
HW's honey lemon chicken with salad + rice. The serving was also small because HW also complained that she was still hungry after the meal! 2 very unsatisfied diners.
SL's Peri chicken burger with potato salad. Verdict? The bread was hard.
Overall, I think the chicken tastes better than KR. Not something I would crave for but it's ok if someone wants me to accompany them to Nando's.

Umeko.....revisited....AGAIN! haaha....
Here's U's shabu-shabu fungus set....It actually comes with a set of either sliced chicken or pork and as for the soup, you can choose from chicken, tom yam or herbal flavour.
It was pretty normal and bland, not something she would come back for.
As for me........of course it's PASTA! cream sauced pastas.

Cream lime spag. ??? I think that's what it's called. The cream sauce had lime taste and there were tiny chili flakes in it which gives it an extra kick. Yea, served with mushroom and prawns. Yummy~
I think I have tried all the white sauced pastas that's on their menu. Still thinking if I should try the tomato based ones.....haaha I, personally prefer cream sauce more. :)
And just a pic of a car with a lousy driver. I drove past this car and saw that there's an empty parking next to it, but by that time I have already passed it and there were many cars behind me, so I had to give the space up. Made another round, still couldn't find any parking and arrived back at the same spot to find it still empty........
Why?? because the lousy driver dunno who to park his car properly!
See! His back wheel is on the yellow line!!! Plus his car was wayyyyyy slanted. Worst than my parking skills man!
Mind you, the parking space is really small and thus with a driver like this.....other cars cannot park next to it la! Even with my thin car, I was having a hard time squeezing in next to it.....I was super close to the other car!!!!
Haiyo, somemore decor the car with writings to mimic race cars!!! But the parking skills........hai~
Next time pls park with all 4 wheels within the perimeter of the yellow lines!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Omedetou to self~~~


Ok, don't mind me!


Was busy working in the laminar flow with SL, to prepare our subcultures for the antibiotic tests tomorrow. And suddenly the ethanol sprayed tissue that I was holding with my right caught fire, but I had no clue it was on fire because the flame was blue( from the bunsen) and you don't see blue flames very well in a laminar air flow!

Also because I had sprayed my gloves with ethanol, the fire spreaded to my gloves instantly....but I still had ZERO/ NO clue! All I know was that the back of my right hand was feeling really in HOT!!!

At that moment I was holding both a tissue and the cover of my petri dish......

Thus, flaming right hand + tissue + petri dish cover, brought close to left hand which was holding the petri dish! *SWHOSH* Both hands burning hot!!!!

Everything like occured in seconds, from the tissue cathing fire, spreading to my gloves and me immediately throwing the tissue and gloves away.

Quickly ran to wash my hands under the tap and *ouch* it hurts, once cold water splashes on the skin!

.....and the tissue was still happily burning away on the floor......Thanks to SL, who cleaned up after my mess!

And the lab officer had to be in the lab at that moment to see it!!! AAHHH~~~

Sooo...scary ah! The old me is already very afraid of bunsen burners. I always jump from my seat when someone next to me set their new burners on fire and when the fire goes *WHOSH* (Tall and huge burning red flame) Plus I don't know how to use a lighter!!!!

The new me is now....even more afraid of burners!!!

Have I ever mentioned that I had my own special lighter??? the ones cigar smokers use??? Those without the black rolling wheel????? It's easier to operate....I just press, and green flames start coming out. haaha... Nice lighter! just that it's very heavy.

Stupid! I never knew it would be sooo hot when ethanol on your gloves caught fire!

I once laughed at SL because there's this once when her gloves caught fire and she started flapping her gloves away. I think I made a much bigger commotion because I was trying to pull the gloves out but I had to pull several times because it was hot! And I threw them onto the floor! scary, several of us had already experienced it~

Yea, back to lab work! I'm so happy that I can finally take a few days off from the microscope after I've been using it non-stop, day after day, from morning till evening for the past 3 weeks! I'm glad that my babies are growing well! I hope my new cultures and test organisms grow well for tomorrow's antibiotic tests!

Thanks to all the stress from this FYP, people have been calling their bacteria samples all sort of names.

Like me, I call them my productive man~ I initially had 100+ babies!!!

Then some like SL, like to treat them like dogs, by telling ppl that she'll get her bacillus to bite them!

And there's also those who call them their "zai-zai"!(aka son)


Last week, PM and the girls bought Oreo Cheese cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate my....belated bday. Yes it was very nice of them since my birthday was already over! Not my bday but I still got a bday cake! haaha.....yay~

Thanks-thanks to all the leng luis from my class!

I seriously think we're turning the dance studio to a Bday celebration place! We've like......celebrated 4 Bdays there in 2 months???

Yes, and I'm sure there's more to come!


Watched Astro battleground and saw J & T's group.........danger man! I thought they were gonna be kicked out! But thank goodness, they pulled through! All the best to the boys for the competition.

Also watched the Gatsby competition vids, some were quite interesting. Jealous~~~ because the winner gets to go Japan for the finals!!! and the overall champion gets some sort of dance scholarship!

It seems Z wanted to enter the gals from HH into a dance competition but I don't know how true is's now 20/11 and the competition is on....6/12????
Happy Bday to my dear mummy!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

whee~~ Omedetou!!! to all the winners at MKMF 2008

I also agree that they're being really fair this year! I'm sooo happy and satisfied with the results!

Opening perf.

It's nice to see HeeJun performing with the younger generation to one of HOT's hit song. Well cuz, HOT= high five of teenagers and teenagers are conquering the Kpop scene now.

Congrads to Big Bang for winning Daesang!!!! Best singer of the year and Best Male group! G Dragon must've been super happy and proud of the boys! Hope they continue to make nice music.

Special stage, BB + Hyori- Lies

I really love this perf! ahhh....GD!!!

TVfXQ bagged 5 awards!! Congrads!!!

1. Best album of the year
I love this album~~~ every single song is nice!

ChangMinnie~~~ dun cry! omma is here! So cute la....this max, if you watch properly, he's been clapping his hands and bowing since they announced that they have won, till they were on the stage and when YunHo was talking! This cute boy~~~~

I know they must've worked really hard on this album.....and ah~ Chang Min-ah! *hugs*

2. Best auction fashion award
I love the clothes for their album jacket shoot, mvs and perf......of course la, it's Dior!
DBSK's Wrong Number!

Yes, love the clothes.....ah, JJ, my prince charming! white suit + fur! aahaha, JJ nearly topless!

3. Mobile award
Hit's compilation perf!

OMG!!! Hotness! to the MAX!!! Yes, love the boys thanks to all these hit songs! and I love how they end wih HUG because that's the song that started everything!!!

4. Auction Netizen popularity
Lots of Cassiopeians!
Mirotic(remix) perf., Hot performance!!!

Why is JunSu the only one who kept striping? Yah! Kim Jae Joong~ What were you doing? haaha.... poor JJ had the least clothes to wear, only 1 piece of outer coat! If he threw that away, he's gonna freeze to death!

5. Overseas popularity [TVXQ]
They deserved it, they've worked hard in their world tours and had been very active in Japan.

And, Best song of the year goes to Wonder Girls with Nobody. They also won Best female group and Best MV. Yes, the retro style and song was super addictive! I can hear it almost every morning on Malaysian radio! Plus I myself cannot stop singing it too~

Love the tango dance and their pink dresses! Together with 2PM's dance bridge and the Disco ver. of Nobody!

Yes, yes and Best Female singer and Best dance music went to Lee Hyori!!! U-Go-Girl!!! and Best Male SeoTaji? I've only heard his song Moai, but I think it's nice.

Special stage, Hyori with BB- U-Go-Girl!

Shinee wond Best male newcomer............Taemin~ ah!

Shinee performing to DBSK's Rising Sun! Max is like dancing along to them while Yunho cheers on happily and JJ is like, "Is that how I look like, when performing this live?" haaha.....

Best Hiphop music??? lol...who else but Epik High!!!


Of course there were more awards, but I only highlighted the ones that I like! haahaha.....

credits: cosmicsorrow, LoOiiSe, JaeLove12, yuulinajoongie



Here's a song to represent my feelings. MUST WATCH!!! There's a english lyric translation and it's really meaningful! *Cheers* to friendship!!!! A song of appreciation. Here's "Arigatou" by Home made kazoku. Watch Ah~!

Choc' Bday cake by coursemates to celebrate YetMei and my 21st Bday!!! So nice to have someone in my course of only 40+ ppl to have the same birth date as I do.

They stucked the candles deep into the cake and asked the bday girls to pick it up with their mouth....and I don't know why, no matter how I try, I cannot seem to bite on the candle!!!

This game seriously needs practice man! It's the first time for me la. Never done it before. Normally, they would have pushed the Bday person's face right into the cake when they're aiming for the candle.....scary~~

Another cake......Matcha cake! Green tea cake with red beans!!! Went to Zanmai for dinner again~~haaha.....then went back home to cut cake. Shall get other pics from boyboy soon.

Can you see the azuki beans??? yummy~~
I can't help but take picture and have a taste of everyone's pasta at Umeko that day. We were all really busy and it was nice of them to have taken the time to come out. We were sooo busy that we had our lunch only at 2.30pm.
The delicious mushroom chicken pasta!!! which the waiter called "plain". It might look plain but it super delicious. I shall try this the next time I visit.
I ordered the Pan-seared salmon pasta. The salmon was ok. The pasta is with normal white cream based sauce. Also a good dish! Maybe next time I shall try their other salmon dishes. It'll be to troublesome to go back to Umeko once I graduate. haaha........
This is either the Asian style or Wok-fried pasta which I don't really like. I thought I tasted soy sauce.....haaha....'s not my Bday present! haaha.....if it is, the person must've really want me to go on a full-carbo-diet!

These are little food stuffs I bought for the old folks home! You receive and you give~
lol....during SGS days when the whole gang of us went for community service at the old folks home, I saw that their shelves are filled with Jacobs, cereals and Milo. So I bought similar things. Plus Jacobs' seems healthy...judging from it's packaging.

And.......ta-da~ This just arrived in the mail today.....haaha, and yes chong! When I first saw the card, I thought it was totally me too~ pinkish and with heart shapes and Hello Kitty!
It's not only small kids who can like Hello Kitty! I don't believe there's an age limit! If you like something, you LIKE something!
This card really relates to us. We did dance together, share, sing, dream, smile, plan together and more and grow together!!!
Lastly, a new discovery! Delicious soft cheese cake from RT Pastry! Cool, soft and melts in your mouth............and my camera skills are getting worser!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


He like to move it, move it! She like to move it, move it! Mel likes to ....MOVE IT!

Yea, Madagascar is premiering today in Malaysia.....


Yo-yo-yo~~~ Mel is in the house ba-by~~

Are you feeling hot? *wink*

Lol....Happy 21st Bday to me!!!

Firstly, BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR ...BDAY WISHES, ...PRESENTS, ...BLOG POSTS & ....CAKE!!! *hugs* Also, Thanks to coursemates and family members who celebrated with me!!!!

english- Thank you!
japanese- ありがとう
korean- kamsahamnida (i can't type in korean)
malay- Terima kasih
french- Merci
spanish- Gracias
italian- Grazie
mandarin- xie xie
cantonese- to cheh
hokkien- kam siah

haaha.....10 different ways of saying thank you!

Will upload some pics some time soon..... kinda tired now....

Or if you wanna see my old pics can check them out at my GF's blogs.....*CLICK~~
MeiLin's & *CLICK~~Lina's!!!!

Lina drew a very nice cat pic of me.....with a round face like mine.....haaha...actually it looks like the meow-meow I had on my bad during SGS days which Moon liked to play with.

And OMG! when I saw ML's blog only I realised that we have sooo many pics with the same pose!!! haaha......both of us really partners in crime man! How come both of us like to point at each other like tat? Charlie's Angels version 2.0 kah???

Ahhh~~~ I seriously miss the good old times! hai~~~ *sniff* make me feel like going back to Brunei.....


Such lovely drawings isn't it? By the future no.1 architect in Malaysia!!!! Thank you~~~

This is TaeMin by the first, I thought he looks like my cousin brother. haaha....
My hubby &, showed this to my mum and aunt, and they both know that the 2 boys are members of, all thanks to their daugthers!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Didn't really had the mood to blog the past few days.....

1. was too tired...

2. my babies got a bit naughty....

3. too busy watching vids....

4. wrote my progress report...

Lab work has been busy and tiring....frustrating at times....but there's also lots of fun to it too!

You'll get frustrated when you do not get the results you want, or when results doesn't satisfies you.

But at the same time, you'll laugh at the little jokes or silly things you and your friends say/ do.

Some funny things happened in the the time when....

1. SL & I were using the laminar flow and I accidentally set the beaker of ethanol on fire!!! Yea~~ the flame was blue!! It was really beautiful~~ but it totally freaked me out!! accident! Threw my loop into the beaker of ethanol without realising that there's flame on it and *whoosh*.

My first reaction was....*pokes SL*, "Fire! *points at the beaker*"

haaha...I really should have put off the fire....first thing!!! but I didn't...haaha.....

2. Few days after, SL set her own gloves on fire while she was flaming her loop because she just sprayed ethanol on her gloves!

haaha....and she couldn't stop laughing because she kept remembering the incident where I asked her to look at the fire I've set. So she imagined herself, with her gloves on fire, calling out to me, "Mel, look! My gloves are on fire!"

Of course, she didn't la! haaha....she quickly took off her gloves and laughed like mad before telling what happened.

3. Turns out another guy at our bench also set his gloves on fire few days ago.....

4. Today, while I was busy doing my work and thinking about the next step.........I "steamed" my loop above a beaker of steaming water which I was using for my endospore stain, instead of "flaming" them with the blue flame.

When I realised it, I was like, "What was I doing/thinking man?"

5. SL was viewing her gram stains and thought, "Wow, the stains looks sooo beautiful today! Everything's gram positive~" After that she realised that it's because she just stained them with crystal violet only!!!! haahaa.....

There's also lots of happy moments during lunch time because we're always joking and eating out at different places.

I love this restaurant, Umeko which we went to on Mon. They serve western and taiwan/japanese cuisine.......pastas & shabu-shabu!

Seafood spag. Pic blurry, no thanks to camera person's poor skills...keke
The real thing looks much better.

Chicken Spag. Carbonara! Can you guess who ordered this? haaha....

Topped with an egg yolk~~ yummy!!! I love it~! Best carbonara I've had in Malaysia! Love the sauce~~~ Will definitely go back for more....

I see someone trying to steal someone's food.....
I personally think this place is more famous for their pasta and shabu-shabu.....

Lastly, Club sandwiches! Delicious! though I only stole a bite!
Can you see the fillings? The chicken's really juicy too! Totally worth your money!!!
Seriously taste better than the sandwiches you get at other cafes.

If you like pastas, I recommend Umeko, Wangsa Maju.
Will try their one of their salmon dishes next time I visit the place. Seems like they have a lot of different salmon dishes there.

Always tie my hair in a pony tail and clip my fringe to one side when I'm in the lab These 2 seems sooo serious man~


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

20 to 21

20 to 21....

sings to Britney's "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman." haaha.....

lol....sot liao! due to lack of sleep!

Is getting a golden key from your parents a must? or just a tradition?

Since young, I've always heard of the "golden key" that one receives when he/she turns 21. The golden key which signifies.....adulthood and freedom??? At least that's what I think?

But even if you don't receive a golden key, you still turn 21 and you still become an adult isn't it? It's not like you can stay young forever at 20 by not wanting the key.

I wonder how many people actually received the golden key from their parents. What do you do with it? Does it open anything?

I know some people get keys to cars still signifies freedom to any place you like!

Well whether it opens anything or not, it's not important, it's the meaning or wish from the giver to the receiver that matters.

Mummy asked me if I wanted a golden key for my 21 birthday.

I seriously can't think of what I'm going to do with a key. Plus I'm not a gold fan.

In Malaysia, its dangerous to wear anything, been hearing that since a child. So now that I'm in Malaysia, I really believe in it!

Plus it's not like I don't have any freedom anyways......

Mel- I wanna go out....
Mum- Cannot!
Mel- *shows golden key*
Mum- Ok! Go...!


It's not like you will have bad luck if you don't get a key right???? because if not, I want one! haaha.....

So it's ok not to have one right???

I told my mum that I'd rather have a "Portable Grand Series Keyboard"......heehe......

I've been wanting one for a long time....ever piano was sold off........but I've never really looked/searched for one.

I want a 88 graded hammer or soft touch keyboard + a pedal. I just need one with nice sounds and a keyboard with a good feel and touch to it. So that I can play some of my favourite songs to myself! haaha.......

I love and miss my piano. The piano has really beautiful and rich sounds which I love. But I think it'll be wasted on me, because I only wanted one to play for fun now. Plus I've never been very good with classical songs........which requires very high technical skills on the piano, which I lack!

So a portable keyboard that can produce sounds enough to "disturb all my neighbours" is enough.

I was totally kidding~

88 key or at least 76.......61 would be too little to even play a song properly, I feel.

Where to find reasonably priced keyboards that are good???


or something even better!

Mel- Mummy can I have this for my Bday??? *watches youtube*

Mum- Crazy!!! need the real thing! I'm just kidding....but that was really a nice performance in Tokyo Dome!!! Love the stage sooo much!! the slide boards???? and the water fountains!!! (not just water spraying from the top)

Yes, love stages with water fountains!!! Ayumi's concert also have very grand stage sets like this. I think her water fountain is much grander than this.

Too bad the Harry Potter movie's been postponed, or else I would've been able to watch it this Nov. hai~~~ my Harry Potter~~~~

credits: newsalley, youtube

Monday, November 3, 2008


Just because the last post wasn't that happy....I shall post some pics of nice food!!!

Yummy~~~ haaha....

Shaved ice Lo Hon Ko
Yummy Japanese bread! Gion Kyoto Japan....easily available in large/ japanese hypermarkets

ahhh~~ that thick toast with layers which resembles a rich....such aroma....sooo filling.....sooo fattening!

homemade-mummy brand-pinched style pan mee! with loads of toppings added by mua!

wakaka...the generous amount of anchovies

delicious sunflower seed coffee bread with butter milk filling from RT pastry

cute little bread.....with skin which resembles that of rotiboy

....with an unexpected filling- banana chocolate!!
Not a fan of banana, but this...I like!
Thin pan mee with crunchy fish cakes....*crunch crunch* from Face to Face

Love all the different types of chilli/ sambal sauce to go with the pan mee

Theme: Havoc lunch
er.....doesn't look very presentable....doesn't taste very nice too......haahaa....
made by Jas-SL-XQ-Mel

haaha....we left the lab in a rush to Jas' place, cooked this in a rush in a small area with pipes splashing water at us! haaha....we cooked the noodles till all the water in the pot dried up and the noodles got stuck to the pot!! lol.....
The result = a sour tasting spaghetti........Kimball brand + Prego! = a memorable lunch!
Not so filling chicken lasagne from Delifrance. 1 lasagne is seriously not enough for Mel....need 2! Taste - mediocre.

Cute little lovely salted cheese cake from RT pastry. Sooo cute right?? The taste and texture is ok, but I would love it more if it tastes more cheesy! Major cheese-fan here!

Know what this is???
Freshly sliced homemade-mummy brand- prawn crackers, ready to be dried under the sun. Best in the world! haaha....

The lighting is pretty bad.....

The name of the dish says it all, Yummy Crispy Fried Chicken Rice from Genting Klang.


sigh....had no internet connection for the past 4 thanks to streamyx.....which I had zero idea what the problem was......

The past week was....busy, haahaa.... my holiday is more tiring than when I'm having classes, all thanks to the fyp. I wake up at 6 every morning, enters lab at I go home at either 5 or 5.30pm. Then I get stuck in the jam.....reach home-fill in log book-sleep at 11pm.

My babies have been staining well now because I've been pampering them by subculturing them every now and then....making sure, they are receiving the best nutrients.

At this moment, I'm just praying that my babies are the ones that I want and now something else. *prays hard* Be good la, mummy will treat you super nice!!!

My hands are getting worse....there's no time for recovery. My skin itches- *scratch*- becomes red- swollen- skin peels- *hurts*- skin dries off- becomes rough- still itches- skin hardens- scarring begins- *pain*- movement becomes painful....

Certain times in the lab, I'm sooo irritated, I feel like screaming my head off.

*Procrastinating Queen*

1. When I'm trying to finish all my job before the lab closes and someone comes asking me when something goes missing or what.

You think I'm not fed up that people keeps stealing our things? or that someone used them and forgot to place them back into the box? I'm super fed up!!!

2. When I'm sooo busy staining all by babies and they stain runs out. Then I go and ask the lab officers for stains to fill up the bottles and I place the whole new bottle of stain there on the "stain rack".

But why is it that no one else bothers to look at the stain rack to fill in the bottle of stains that they are using?? Instead, they come stealing other people's bottles???

I don't mind you using, but I REALLY MIND lo, if you finish up my bottle and leave it there for me to refill it AGAIN & AGAIN when I need to use it!!!

Ok, my name is not written on the bottle, but I'm the one who fills the bottles I need to use every morning!~ I even placed them in a box with the name of my supervisor, meant for only students under the same supervisor as I am to use!!!

But then, some people are blind or JUST LAZY!!! They just use every single bottle from your box of stains!!!! and finish up everything!!! At least fill it back up for me la!!!

Today something even more amazing happened. Ursula was using the stains and suddenly a guy from the next bench walked over and started looking at our box of stains.....and then he took the whole box away to his bench!!!! Ursula quickly went and took the box back from him!

Wah lau eh~ I really wanted to scream at him at that moment! Is he blind or what?? It's written on all 4 sides of the box, "Supervisor's name"!

Then later in the afternoon, when SL was using the box of stains at the other end of the bench, a girl on the same bench with us who was doing her gram stain on my end of the bench ran out of gram's iodine. Instead of walking over to the "stain rack" where I placed the big bottle of gram's iodine for refill. She walked over to the other end of the bench where SL was and took the gram's iodine over to my side and started using it!!!!!

Hey yo....SL was still staining at that moment! You think that she won't need it???

Several people from the front bench kept coming up to use our stains too....but I kept my mouth and EYES shut! ....and they finished up everything!!!! HOW SELFISH CAN SOME PEOPLE GET???

It's not like you don't know where to get stains!!! You know where to get the cute little bottle of stains ready for use but you don't know how to look at the same place for larger refill bottles??? FREAKIN' ANNOYING PEOPLE!!! GO GET YOUR OWN STAIN BOX!!!

3. The last 2 weeks, 9 of us under the same supervisor didn't have our own alcohol spray bottle. We were using other people's and also the "free" ones from the lab. Till we saw a cute one which Jas has bought, we decided to buy another one. Plus it's not nice to be using other ppl's or even the "free" ones from the lab because everyone is "EYE-ing" it.

Labelled the new pink one, "Char Siu Bao" and Jas very nicely added, "very yummy~~"........and it still can "go around"!!!!

It's not like we labelled it "95% ethanol spray" daring ah, these ppl........what happens if I placed something else inside?

4. Distilled water!!!! Why does the distilled water bottle which I fill up early in the morning always goes missing in the afternoon??? Why can't people fill they're own distilled water bottle??? There are sooo many bottles in the lab and plus distilled water is free! Or at least, place them back where they took it from.

5. I really don't want to have to really shout at someone in the future.

6. I just want to work in peace.

7. Why is it that the l.o can never give me properly the things that I want??? If I was born a handsome guy, do you think I can get the things I wanted?

Why is it that a guy can manage to get the whole box of falcon tubes but I can only get 10???? It's soo unfair! esp when I need it more than the guy because I'm the one with ZERO universal tubes.

Oh well~~~ *prays for all the best*