Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'll be going to Ipoh tomorrow and will only be back on Friday. Thus I'm making this post now to wish everyone an advanced.....

HAPPY 2009!!!!


It seems as if this years passed by really fast! I couldn't really remember what I did or what happened as I felt as if I was super busy and that each day passes by with just a blink of the eye.

A new year is here again.......and I do this every new year. That is......write my new year's resolution......haaha.....which I fail to follow every single thing on it every year!!!

I shall make my list big this year and paste it up properly somewhere in my room so that I can see it every morning!

Anyways.......I want to try a punkish mullet hairstyle!!!

heehe...something I've never tried before.....

ok, maybe not that punk style but er.....how do you explain??

You know like the gatsby ad guys??? You know the way their hair is styled at the top....for those medium long guys.....er....ya, imagine that top with long hair at the bottom.......

Looks weird???

er....I was thinking of something like.....super layered hair~ with a super short upper cut so that it's like a bit spiked??? to add volume and then thin straight hair down......???

See the top of BoA's head??? er....something similar but a bit less tame. But I wonder how it'll look on me....haaha....plus I don't know how to stlye my hair......guy's style!~~
Plus I don't know if the hairstlye works on my face......haahaaa

A bit like the pic on the left.....wiht the hair a bit wild....

Either that or I shall just straighten my hair, just to be safe..........

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food and more food!

More food pics~~~ heehe.....

Mel loves......
>>> Cornetto Love Sparks.....
I think I've had every flavours like more than 5 times.
>>> Carbonara
ahhh...that heavenly taste!
>>>RT Pastry.....haaha
Don't really like this coconut tart....but it looks cute!

This is what I call a dinosaur's egg.......but no....it's a gigantic cheese bun, which is the size of 2 of palms put together!!!
The top burnt and cracked parts of the bread are actually tastes cheesy....
My love.....the garlic bread!!!
Normally, I would buy a baguette, slice it into pieces of 1.5cm thick and spread garlic butter on it before toasting them! Super yummy~~
Delicious gigantic blueberry muffin/ bread......topped with choc and some cereal/ seeds.

I love this bun!!!! The shape, the texture and the taste of it!
This is at the moment my favourite pastry from the bakery! So cute!!! It's shaped like a gigantic flower with 6 petals! Look at it's size!!!!
Each petals can be pulled out individually. Oh, this is a red bean bun by the way, with the red bean paste rolled between the pastry to make a rosette kind of design, which makes the texture of the bun nice too. Plus it's topped with almond flakes!!! Warning to those who do not like sweet things as this pastry is a bit on the sweet side.....yummylicious!
Went to Alpha Angle's Secret Recipe for lunch one day and guess what we saw??
Ta-da! An emergency door!!!! The door is just for emergency use only...!!
haahaa......but look who's behind the door!
You can just walk throught without opening the door!!!
I had their mushroom chicken. First time trying it, as the only thing I eat there is Chicken Cordon Blue and Fish & chips!
I feel like the serving is a bit small as I was still hungry after the meal!
So we needed desserts!!
I think this Marble cheese cake is one of the better cheese cake sold there.
Choc chip walnut!
At the moment, things I miss from Brunei~~~
>>>The best cheese cake in the world!!!! from Fleur-de-lys!!!!!

(Credits Ranoadidas for pic)

Look at it!!!!

aahhhh.......I miss it sooo much!!!!!

How come we don't have it here???

>>>Special California Maki from Excapade Sushi

(forgot where I got this pic from)

Love the crispy coat of the makis and it has unagi in it!!!

I also miss the ebiko tamago (sushi egg sliced in middle and filled with rice, topped with ebiko and mayo), cheap teriyaki salmon head (over here it's extremely over priced) and large servings of ebi tempura (*sniff* small servings)....Oh! and ebiko don!!! which we don't have here!!


Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've seriously been neglecting my blog recently.....I've only made 1 post per week!!!

I think SL & I will be ending our fyp soon since we've already done all the necessary biochemical tests.

We still have the TLC and bioautography but we need 3 consecutive days for that, which is what we don't have now!!!! It's not that we're lazy, but there's just too many public holidays this year end and labs are closed on public holidays. Thus, we were unable to get 3 consecutive days to run it.

Plus we've never done autobiography before, we'll just be testing it out even if we run it. Hopefully we'll get good results.

haaa.........if I'm not mistaken, the last day for lab work is on 8th January 2009.

The X'mas deco this year at major shopping centres were lovely this year. 1U had this "Alice in Wonderland" theme! while Pyramid even built in a mini-ferris wheel!
Love X'mas every year~
In the west, people celebrate this special day with their family.......
Right here in Malaysia, most people celebrate with their friends, especially youngsters. There were sooo many people out on the streets along Pyramid that I could hardly move around or walk out of the place!!!!
Plus there's jam everywhere because people are trying to get to different places for countdown after dinner.
Then you see people selling cans which sprays out fake snow.......and you realise that the car next to you IS covered with fake snow!!! poor car!~
Yea, then you see people walking all around the place wearing santa's signature hat. It was then that I realised that I forgot to wear MY OWN!!! haiya~ left it at home!
Didn't get to eat any turkey this year. Although I've never really like turkey as I find it's meat quite tasteless and tougher than chicken but I like the sauces. Plus, it makes X'mas much more special! haaha.....
Anyways, MERRY BELATED X'MAS everyone!!!
Oh....and I forgot to mention where I had dinner on X'mas eve!!!
Yo~~~ X'mas ever is seriously a bad day to eat out!!!
It was sooo HORRIBLE!!!
I had to queue to get into the restaurant and I even had to queue to pay!!!
Anyways, ate at Sakae Sushi which I thought was not bad after several visits there. But on X'mas eve.....it was BAD!!!
Ordered some food.......which took forever to arrive!!!
Some didn't even make it to our table!
We wanted to order something else but we didn't dare to because we still got orders that never came!!!!
After 30mins, we called the waiter to check on it.........no reply.
We can't even leave early because we kept waiting for the food!!!! Our dinner like dragged for so long that the table behind us who came in later had finished their dinner and left!!!
After 45mins, called another waiter to check on it..........no reply!
After more than 1 hour, called another waiter........and he said that if we still want it, WE STILL HAVE TO WAIT!!!!
The waiting time was seriously longer than the eating time.
Plus the food tasted horrible......the sushi from the conveyor belt were warm from the lights and おいしきなかった!!!(not delicious at all).
Plus they served us food on a dirty plate!! The pink plate was covered with black marks......not appetising at all!
Oh...and I never had a crepe style sushi which cracked open!! You know, how a sushi's supposed to be round as a whole? Have you ever taken one which is broken???
Plus Sakae sushi had this special promo makis for X'mas and New Years with really auspicious names.....meant for good fortune or something like that. Tried one and it's really not worth your money!!!! Nothing special at all!!! You are paying extra for the names and not for the quality of food!
The manager very nicely offered 10% discount due to the poor service!!! However, they extra charged us RM10 for a dish we never had!!!! That equals to a BIG FAT O discount and we PAID EXTRA!!!!
But it was also careless of me because we rushed out of the place immediately after we paid and I didn't had time to check the bill till I reached home.
I'm a very disappointed customer who is STILL feeling unsatisfied with the service I got. Plus I don't get why do I have to pay the service charge when I never really got any service at all!!!
After that night, I swore I'm never going back to Sakae Sushi again......
and yes, good food is THAT important to me!!!
Went to Zanmai with the leng luis from dance class today.......for HL's farewell party!!!
HL's the Queen of Freestyle in my class and she's the only girl who can really do Krump style and make it look good!
All the best to HL who will be continuing her studies in Sydney!!! We'll miss her and of course, miss seeing her dance. Every single person who've seen her do krumping have been super impressed by her.
Turns out that there's a double farewell party today as SM will also be quiting hiphop class as she wants to concentrate on poppin.
It was really weird because I had a dream of SM last night........In my dream, we were at UG....getting ready for animation class but PM still haven't arrived yet.......and SM was like calling her.....and I couldn't remember the rest!!
I only remembered about the dream when SM mentioned that she wanted to take animation classes!
Sooo....weird~ am I having some weird powers??? haahaa.....
lol.....this is all because starting next February, there'll be 3 branches to poppin' - Foundation, Boogaloo and Animation. I'm still not sure which one to pick....but since my foundation is like sooo.....cacat!!! I might not be able to catch up in boogaloo or animation classes....haaha.....but animation seems interesting!!!
As for hip hop....there are also many branches now. I'm currently doing new style~ and Z has been making us do battles for the past 2 weeks including today.
Today....I got to watch!!!!! and not battle at all~ haaha.... Z said, "kamu duduk di sini!" while all the gals were separated into 2 groups and battled!
Sooo amazing!!!! I love watching battles!!! Really good battles! Everyone has their own signature moves. They were so good, they make me wanna dance too!
It's sad that from now on.....there'll only be the 6 of us left in class.....oh, and 1 more boy!

Monday, December 22, 2008



This FYP period is super tiring!!

Felt like a zombie last week.....had soooo many things to do.....

On Friday, we had soo much to work with that even by 5.30pm we couldn't complete everything we intended to do. Thus we had to pack up and bring them home!

I brought sooo many samples home that I had to make 3 rounds between the lab and my car!

Since I had poppin' on Fri night, I was only able to do my Ab susceptibility test after class and I worked on them till 1.30am in my living room!!!!

My dad must've thought I was crazy....haaha.....I set up a small little area in the living room, placed my samples, agar, bunsen burner, ethanol spray.........my god~ I can't even believe I snucked all these out of the lab! shhh......~~

Then I went shoppin with the gals at 1U on sat.....so wasn't able to work on my stuffs again......plus I had hip-hop. Reached home, started work asap......and worked till 10+ before I showered and had dinner! *sniff*

I'm starting to feel like a mad scientist................working at weird hours in the night! Less the fact that I don't have my own secret lab in the non-existence basement at home!

Plus my bacillus babies stinks.....omg~~~ and I had to sit in front of the bunsen with no fan~~~*hot*!

I was hoping so much that we could finish up everything within 1 week, so that we could rest at least 1 week before the new semester starts........which I'm sure we'll all be super busy!!!!
I had a sneak preview of the timetable and gosh~~~ I have classes till 6pm again!!!! *faints*
Worst still.......this morning the sea-witch told me that the latest class ends at 6.30pm!!!! Really? *double faint*
Then for group 2 students, all our tutorials fall on Monday!!! I guess they want us to stay home......and study hard on weekends!!!
Next semester, I'll be having Virology, Pharmacology, Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and what's the other one???? hm....I thought someone said, we'll be having Genomics......haaaa.....
hmm.....since many of the students will be moving to Kampar next semester, I wonder if there'll still be many students applying for the parking sticker????
I think most of the new intakes will only be engineering students since all the new intake for biosciences courses will commence in Kampar.
*prays that I get the sticker.....pretty please~~~ since it's my last sem*
I read somewhere once that we'll be having a Faculty of Medicine sometime in future.....but I didn't know it'll be this quick!
Sea-witch's dad called her today to tell her that he saw that they're offering medic course in the papers?? and asked if she wanted to transfer or something??
So fast???? I wonder is that's a 6 year course??? In Kampar???
I don't know....haven't read today's paper yet!
I've always wanted to visit the Kampar campus ever since I saw beautiful pictures of the lake and zen like gardens.
SL aka CharSiewPau mentioned that there'll be bus rides from my campus to the Kampar campus for only RM7!!!!
Sooo cheap!!!! Soooo much cheaper than normal bus fares outside!!!! Students can even travel back home daily man!
It's even cheaper than my travelling expenses.......and I like in KL!!!!
This is sooo unfair!!!!
Ppl living in another state can reach home at a much cheaper price than a person living in same state as the campus!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Bday celebrations~~~

We had a huge Bday celebration today.... no, it's not double, triple or quadruple.....It's a quintuple celebration!!!

Happy Bday to all the December babies!!!

The candles are arranged that way because 1 is turning 20, 3 turning 22 and 1 is turning 23! haaha.....

We went to Dominos for lunch to celebrate Jasmine, Ursula, Chien Wei, Yuen Loon & Seng Hong's Bday!
Everyone looks happy to see the cake! Either that or they're hungry/ tired from all the lab work!

Crazy man~~ all along the long table, we were all chatting in groups and each with a different topic. Oh did I mention we were really loud??? and we laughed really loudly too! Till the staff had to ask us to lower down out volume because they couldn't listen to the other end of the phone line.

We were thinking that since there's 14 of us, we ordered 2-Xtra large, 2-Large, 1-Medium pizza with 1-garlic bread, 1-choc indulgence and 3 huge bottles of soft drinks. Actually all these came in 2 combo meals.

I seriously thought we could finish the 2 combo meals easily.....piece of cake! so we ordered 1-Xtra large pizza as side order. Plus since we have 3 boys there. And boy, was I wrong!

The Xtra large pizza was really really huge.....just 1 piece and it's already quite filling!!! and we ordered 2 Xtra large summore!!! Plus we ordered the really cheesy types, with extra cheese on crusts.

I like stuffed 3 pizzas......yes, stuffed!! who would have thought it'd be sooo filling!!! Cuz I normally order delivery and I can take 1/2 of the thin crust one myself.

We had quite a number of slices left over.....because I think girls couldn't eat that much and also SL was saving her stomach for her Japanese buffet at Jogoya at night!

Then muscle man only ate 1 & 1/2 slice!!! Hello, I ate 3, 2 Xtra large and 1 Large!!!

Kept forcing the other 2 guys to eat up!! I think AA swallowed 5 and the champion of the day-CW who ate 6. Poor guys~~~

In the end we STILL had 2 Xtra large slices and 1 pack of choc indulgence left!!!

Reminer to self: next time order enough for 2 slice per person only!!!! and nothing more!!!

Yay!!! *claps*
~~~Lab work~~~
Christmas is only a week away~~~
and a few of my course mates have finished their FYP!!!
Unfair~~ *sniff*
I'm still on biochemical tests.....hope to finish up all the necessary tests as soon as possible and then run TLC + bioautography and then done!
SL & I could work a lot faster if only we had the laminar air flow and enough tubes......
Sadly, there's too many of us and we had to share everything and many are also at the same stage now and thus using all the same equipments.
Plus, I overheard from friends that who also overheard that we've gone over our budget for the fyp.
Is that possible?? I mean for my project....I'm using simple things......nothing of the expensive enzymes/ primers/ solutions which costs $$$$.
I think ppl in charge should really allocate and do the accounts properly.
Plus order the right things in the right amount!
Got pretty upset yesterday in the lab.....
SL & I are always quite unlucky at times.....
We work together to prepare our things because we don't wanna be take up all the equipments meant for everyone under the same supervisor/ take up too many slots for the laminar air flow.
But so far only SL & I and U & J are working together to prepare stuffs.
A lot of things just weren't going our ways in the lab, autoclave room and decon room.
Things that we need are always unavailable to us but somehow others seem to be able to get them.......
and lots of other things too......
We came up with the conclusion that our l.o (lab officer) hates us!!
We can never get the things we want!
Something really funny happened yesterday......
Few days ago, I asked for a new loop. It's just a loop man, how much does it cost???? gosh!!!
I didn't manage to get 1 from the l.o
Then yesterday, I asked for a innoculating needle......
l.o-no needle!
mel- no, needle??? then where do I get one?
l.o- cut the loop!
mel- cut off the loop??? er...then can i have a new loop?
l.o- no..
mel- huh?
l.o- no more loops!
mel- so if i cut off my loop to make it into a needle, i won't have anymore loop....?
l.o- *look at me* *nods*
mel- oh ok....
What the heck???
Sooo stupid!!!!
How can you run out of loops???
OMG *faints*
Every single person in the microbe lab uses the loop/ a needle every single day!!!! and you ran out of loops!!!???
Cannot order in advance??? how much can it cost man???
I wonder how are the other l.o for other supervisors doing???

Monday, December 15, 2008


Starting time : 5.25 pm

Name : Melissa
Sisters : 0
Brothers : 0
Shoe size : 6
Height :
1.61 m

Have you ever been on a plane : yes
Swam in the ocean : no....but I did flew over an ocean before....while in a plane!
Fallen asleep at school :
don't think sooo....maybe I did doze off in class :P
Broken someone’s heart : sadly, yes
Fell off your chair :

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yes
Saved e-mails :
yea, important ones
What is your room like : er.....Melissa-like???
What's right beside you: a table fan??
What is the last thing you ate : ice cream~~~

Ever had... Chicken pox : yes
Sore throat :
yea, who doesn't?
Broken nose : no
Do you Believe in love at first sight :
I'll believe it when I see it...
Like picnics : yes....depending on the location

Who was/were... The last person you danced with : In my dreams, I latin-danced with my non-existence dream guy......ok, er.....my partner in (dance) crime- Pei Mun, on last Sat's dance battle
Last made you smile : I'm smiling right now!
You last yelled at : I don't know........can't remember

Today did you... Talk to someone you like : yea, like all my girl friends
Kissed anyone : today??? no. before??? yes.

Get sick : today or wat?? no.....before??? yes.
Talk to an ex : not today is it? yes
Miss someone :
why did the questionaire start with a today then??? miss someone before??? yes la!

Who do you really hate: smokers and bad drivers
Do you like your hand-writing :
Are your toe nails painted : no
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : ........my parents?
What color shirt are you wearing now : pink and white

Are you a friendly person : I think so....
Do you have any pets : I have several.....in Uni, a mutated sheep, cow, rabbit, pork-bear, T-cell, octopus.....
Do you sleep with the TV on :
don't waste electricity!
What are you doing right now : answering your questions...
Can you handle the truth : Yes, I'd prefer the truth

Are you closer to your mother or father : Father
Do you eat healthy :
I want to.....
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : yea
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : my parents/ friends....
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : depends on company....
Are you confident : depends on what I'm doing....

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) exactly 10 years ago??? 1998......dancing for SEA Games
2) entered SGS and meeting all the sisters for the 1st time

3) Britney Spears.....Hit me baby one more time!
4) Anime
5) started learning japanese from friends

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Travel around the world with family and friends
2) charity- adopt a child/ provide education to children

3) learn as many things as I could....languages, instruments, dance, arts....
4) investment
5) .........well see, if I really become a billionaire

5 of my bad habits
1) slowing down on the highway when the car behind sticks real close to my butt
2) not sitting/ standing with my back straight
3) going shopping everytime I have cash
4) inability to resist food

5) impatient

5 places I am living in
1) my room
2) my living room
3) my toilet
4) my store room
5) my kitchen

5 people I tag
let's see if the fellow Utarians for tags....
1) Xue Qin
2) Shel Ling
3) Moses
4) Terrence
5) Jau Yn

Sunday, December 14, 2008


eeee....just finished reading everyone's blog.....after not coming online for nearly a week??? or 5 days??? Yes, and as usual...I can never enter Pancy's blog with my lappie!!! Geram-nya.....

Yoooorrr....Lina got put my picture on the table or not when you all have gatherings???

I miss everyone sooo badly when I saw the pics!!! eeee, I wanna take couple pics too!!! I don't care!!! Someone pls grab my picture and take a pic with it!!!! I'm in a state of desperation right now!!!! Grab moon's pic also la, since both of us here in kl! haaha....

Then there's SGS reunion??? Ah, I'm missing out on soo much! I felt like I've never been to any reunion meetings before.....or maybe I did, once! Does that count?? .....The one many years ago, in........what's the restaurant again?? mameh?? mamuh?? the one near Supa Save??? Oh god, I don't remember.

Some one please bring my pic along and place it on the table!!! haaha.....

Many ppl from sgs are back in Brunei??? I wonder how everyone's doing. Help me send my regards to everyone please.


I'm recently in love with this song!

SS501's I'm your man

credits: CJWTown, youtube

I love the chorus....it just keeps playing in my head! Plus I love Young Saeng's voice. Kyu Jong??? looks very yeng! Their names are soo difficult to remember!!


There's going to be Korean version of the oh-so-famous Hana Yori Dango.

And....and.....Kim Hyun Joong from SS501 is going to be Hanazawa Rui!! whee~ my favourite character! I approve!!! haaha...because I think Hyun Joong is one of the most handsome korean guys around and he definitely suits Rui's character!

At the moment, other than Rui, other characters look kinda weird. I think only Hyun Joong and Chae Young suits their chactacter best!

I love the jewelled tittle!

Makino looks like 2 different person in both pictures (the bottom one looks better) and Doumyouji's hair is.....hilarious! The curls/ waves....look soo....weird....it's like you can actually see and count the layer of curls. haaha....

Let's see......the 1st ever hana yori dango drama series.....
The taiwanese version was ok.....but the series is too long!!! and I kept crying and crying~~~

Personally, I think Jerry's octopus head is not bad!

Then there's the Japanese version....

......which I think is really good and worth watching.

As for the korean one, I still think 24 episodes is long, but it depends where the story ends. For me, anything longer than 15 episodes is long! and I don't like watching long dramas! But I'm really looking forward to see how it all turns out and Hyun Joong + Chae Young together!!
Plus I've been looking forward to see HJ act ever since Lina started telling me to watch Hwangbo couple, which I will....when I have time, the series is very long le........

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My unexpected visitor!

Yes regarding my "unexpected" visitor last week!

Was watching TV with my dad when I saw a ball of fur moving behind the foot massager and I immedately thought it's a mouse!

Quickly shouted for my dad and pointed and the foot massager, and I quickly jumped up the sofa.

As my dad picked up the foot massager, we were both like, .....huh???

Lol, it wasn't a mouse but a hamster (at least that's what I thought it was). It was moving sooo slowly, sniffing about, sticking close to the wall, trying to find an exit of some sort. So cute!

Well since we couldn't just let it roam about freely around the living room, we've gotta place it somewhere safe....but it wouldn't let us!!! It kept hiding below the sofa! reluctant to come out!!!

My dad and I like made all sorts of weird sounds, trying to make it come out! but that little guy just wouldn't!!!

So....I use a bait! Chocolate raisin bread! haaha.....ok, because I seriously had no idea what do hamsters eat!

It never came out anyway!

My dad had to pick him up and place him in a basket.

We tried asking our neighbours but neither of them raer any hamsters.....so we took him/her in for the night!

haaha....let's just call "it" a "he".

See, the little guy eating bread??? He did finish up the chocolate raisin bread and next I fed him wholemeal bread. Plus I gave him water in a small petri dish! haahaa.......
No, I did not shred the piece of tissue to pieces...the little guy did! I laid him on top of some oil paper, because I was afraid he would pee.....and hours later he shred the whole thing to pieces! Amazing!!!
He even hides his poop inside the shreds.
These were the best pictures I could take of him because the guy was hyper active and couldn't stop moving about in the basket.....I guess he was trying real hard to escape.
Plus, I dare not touch him....at all!!!
After seeing him shred the tissue to pieces, I thought he must've like shredded tissues so I thew him some. And this little guy, took the shredded pieces and place them into his mouth!!! Stuffing his mouth with all the pieces I gave him!
At first I thought he was going to eat it all up.....stupid hamster!!! I wanted to knock his head to tell him to stop.....but once he could stuff no more into his mouth, he spitted everything out! What a weird little guy!
The next day, I went and bought him food and saw other little guys who look just like him!!! He's a guinea pig!!! and not a hamster!!!
It's no wonder it's a guinea pig, that guy sleeps and then eat....and sleeps again......that's all he ever does....
At one moment, I thought it died in the basket because he was not moving and didn't respond when I called him. So I touched him to make sure he was breathing!! It turns out, he was just sleeping!
Anyways, we found his owner who live 2 houses away. It's amazing how this little guy/ gal escaped from it's cage, walked 2 houses away and into my living room!!!
Yes....good bye little one!


wheee.....finally got time to blog!!!!

Been dying to blog about several things...haahaa......but just never had the time.

Yup...have been pretty busy the past week.....

Oh...and oh.....yes! I've been dying to blog about my unexpected visitor who came totally unexpectedly!!! And I will dedicate my next blog post to him....with pictures included!!!

What have I been up to??? that I was too busy to blog about this cute unexpected visitor???

1) On the way to KLIA on Sat morning, at around 1.30am, I saw this car on the other side of the road stopped right after the toll and there's this woman lying next to the car. At first I thought the car knocked her but at a closer look, it seems like she was a passenger and just needed to get some fresh air.

On the way back, at about 3.30 am, 2 hours later, there were police at the site, so I quickly turned to look at the place where the woman was lying......and the police had already cover her up!!

I was sooo shocked! I wonder what happened! 2 hours is plenty of time for an ambulance to arrive esp. during wee hours....or maybe no one called for one.

2) We celebrated Siew Mun's 22nd Birthday last Sat! No pics at the moment, had to get them from PM.

3) My japanese exam was last sunday.....and since I didn't study/ prepare for the exam at all, I was trying to cram in as much as I can the night before the exam!!! Sigh~ burning the mid night oil.....not something I normally do for normal exams.

Once again, the exam site was UPM, at their engineering faculty. And I was shocked to see mini planes in their faculty that I thought I was in the flight academy.

As usual, there were thousands of people taking the exam at the KL test site. For my level, there's slightly less than a thousand I think.

Right before the exam, I over heard some people next to me said they had no confidence and were afraid that they might fail.....Hoi~~~ I'm the one who should be super worried lo.....because I didn't even attend any formal classes for the past 3 years!!! My god! Made me feel even more worried!!!

1st paper was ok, but I did realise I made a stupid mistake for one of the kanji characters......Soooo stupidd~~~ it was like one of the very few kanjis I've ever learnt and I picked the wrong answer!

2nd paper was the listening paper and gosh! I just hope I did ok!

3rd paper was OMG!!!! Die ahhh!!!! This paper holds major marks!!! and I forgot to study literally everything required for this paper!!!! AAahhhh~~~ When I opened the paper, I was like....OMG!!! I forgot to study these!!!!

Sigh~ praying for the best!

4) I went and bought myself YAMA-PI with my parents on Monday!!!

Happy~~~~been wanting to get one for so long and FINALLY~~~ couldn't wait to get my hands on Yamapi!

No....it's not......him!

I wish!........but......

Tada- introducing my YAMA-Grand-PI!! Yamaha Portable Grand Piano DGX-230/ YPG-235! 76 soft touch key!!! haaa...lovely isn't it! Bought a stand and a sustainer pedal for it!

Though I initially wanted a 88 key one...but then it turns out the 76 key one was just nice for me! Plus there's so many functions on it! Now I can play back all the songs I love!

Pi looks good in stripes!!! haahaa.....

5) Lastly, lab work!! lol.....Jas, SL and I had sooo much work to do on Fri that we didn't manage to finish what we wanted to do and since the lab HAS to close at 5.30pm! We packed up and brought our things home!!! haahaa......

Tada... my casein hydrolysis and NaCl tests plates! in the store room, next to my YAMA-PI!

Lol....actually I finished my work. It's just that I didn't have enought time to observe the results for the NaCl ones so I had to bring them home. Then I had to observe the result for the casein hydrolysis after 48 hours and lab doesn't open on sundays......

It's only been 24hours and from this pic, I could see that the casein hydrolysis has begun.....so fast! I wonder if it's ok to look at my plates tomorrow morning.....I just showered and I'm going to bed soon!!! I don't wanna touch my 'babies'. Bad mother!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pasta de Gohan

Lol......To prove that Mel really loves food......

I saw this flyer last last Friday night from foodpromotions.blogspot.com, as I was surfing throught the web........

Then I reveived the flyer itself, delivered to my house last last Sunday.......

And right away.....I visited the place last Monday!


Yes, Pasta de Gohan's new launch set meal.....
Visited the place with Ursula after lab work.
We both love the decor.....and all the "fake dishes" used as decorative items on the wall.
Both of us opted for the pasta set lunch, priced at RM17.90,
which comes with.....
Cream soup....which I think was cooked with Bonito stock. Fusion style!
........small sad looking salad in dunno what dressing. I thought it was soy sauce. haaha....

oh....cutely shaped fork and spoon. haha ShInEy~

The wall next to us! and no thanks to my stupid camera phone again lo. Such lousy quality pics!
Anyways those were the 'fake dishes'. There're everywhere around the restaurant.

Ursula trying to show more decor dishes behind her.....

I was too hungry and had already started on the salad......

oooo...the yummy garlic bread!!

Ursula attacked it before I managed to take a nice pic of her.....Asparagus + Potato Wafu style pasta.

And my, Spaghetti Carbonara Waruku style.......

And lastly, Calpis Yoghurt drink + soda. You can easily get Calpis drinks at Shojikiya stalls.

The taste of my Carbonara was ok.....

I thought the serving was a bit small...haahaa....but it's actually quite filling!
Plus, I had no idea what wafu or waruku style is.....but Waraku Holdings is the company behind Pasta de Waruku in Singapore which brough in Paste de Gohan to Malaysia.
I still wondered if some bonito base was added to my carbonara because I was thinking waruku means something like asian + western fusion and bonito is very japanese right???
But, It's stated that all their pasta are flow in from Japan.
Yea, and I love the fact that they have a bottle of parmesan cheese for us. I LOVE PARMESAN CHEESE!!!! couldn't stop adding cheese! till my cream sauce became thick! haaha......
Personally, I still love Pasta Zanmai's black sesame cream sauce pasta more. But I do wanna come back to try their doria and gratin.



Just handed in my draft yesterday! Felt happy and yet not quite.....because I'm always in the lab from early morning till nearly evening.......and thus didn't have much time to work on the lit.rev.

Yes, we were given the notice early.....but that didn't help either. I couldn't get myself to actually start writing. I was reading journals after journals.....haaha.

No time to rest~ I have Jap exam this weekend which I've prepared 0.01% for! I really had ZERO time for it! I applied for the exam thinking I'll have plenty of time to revise for it.....but no~~

I've not visited the library once! I've not attempted any past year papers! and I've not touched the text books either! I might as well not go for the exam either! because it's quite clear I'm going to flunk it~ahhhh~!!!!

Oh yea, and my wisdom tooth's growing and my gum hurts! The worst part was that I was having sore throat at the same time! I hope the it grows out nicely!


Went to Timesquare last Fri for the Yamaha Instruments Fair.......and saw some really amazing performances on the digital piano. It seriously sounds amazing!
At first I thought it sounds quite similar to the organ but the person there said that the organ cannot produce such nice and realistic sounds. er.....couldn't really tell which sounds more realistic because there wasn't any organ performances at that time....but they both have similar functions and programmes. Oh....and yes, the digital piano was lovely but the price was also very beautiful!

Big X'mas tree!

I love the combination of red, silver and gold balls.

Yesterday was World's AIDS day!
Also at Timesquare....and it's still there I think. There's this exhibition area which was built inside and behind the wood planks as seen below......
They were having this "One life" event, co-organised with World Vision??

Anyways, this exhibition is free. Just line up.....if you don't mind waiting the long queue.

You enter alone with the earphone and mp3 player provided to you. There are 3 different stories and the person there will tell you which story you're getting. After that, just listen to the narrator as she will tell you which way to go....

It's really quite interesting!

I got a story about a woman from Cambodia called Strey Mum. Once I enter the place, I felt chills~~~
There'll be several stages separated by curtains. The narrator will tell you when to pass and at the same time tell you stories about Strey Mum's life and about Cambodia. Quite tragic and sad!
Among all the rooms I've walked through, Strey Mum's room at the brothel left the biggest impact on me. When I stepped in, I felt like I wanted to run out. It's like....ha~ I don't know....maybe it had something to do with the narration too.....*goosebumps*
You really have to be there to experience it yourself. It's a really good exhibition.....they move from cities to cities.......Tokyo, Beijing, London, Seoul......Kuala Lumpur!
Yea....and I had to pass by this clinic where the doctor stamped my hand with this "+" stamp, indicating HIV positive! and then I had to enter the reflection room!
Before you actually leave, you get to see real life pictures of the person's life whom you've just walked through and what they are doing now to help others. Then you pass by several more rooms........there's this room, where you can leave words of encouragement and pin them up on the walls....... more pics of different people around the world. And lastly, a feedback room with more info's on AIDS.
For me, I think that this is a good exhibition. It's a way to educate the public about AIDS. You've gotta go and see it with your own eyes to appreciate it. Plus it only takes 20mins. Plus the narration come in 3 different languages, you can pick whichever suits you best.

There are some goodies which you can buy there. All proceeds will be used for charity. Or you can opt to adopt a child too at World Vision.