Sunday, January 11, 2009

Car park application





You smarties up there at the DSA department placed up a notice stating that the car park application begins on Monday, 12/02/09, where we can get a number from the guard house along Jln. Genting Klang.

Unless I cannot read English well enough or that I do not understand what I have read.....or that you idiots have a better command of English than I do.......I'm 101% sure that what I've read is 101% correct!!!!

Yeah, either that or the guards are stupid because they can neither read not speak in english!!! Blame it all on the education system!!!

Argh brainless idiots!!! I don't even know if it's because they can't understand english or what!!!

If a notice states that it will be given out from 12/01/09.....then follow it la!!!! Why give it out on 11/01/09????? You think I'm sooo smart that I have 6th sense??? That I know that the guards will be giving it today??? Stupid guards la!!!

CORRUPTION!!! I tell you!!! The guards are corrupted!!!!

Plus I stay super far from uni, you think it's sooo easy for me to get there??? Unlike some idiots who stay nearby and yet apply for the parking stickers!!!! Yes, all of you who got the parking stickers are IDIOTS!!! Corrupted individuals who do not follow rules and regulations!!!!

On the last day of my lab work, I asked the guard what time will they start giving out the numbers on Monday and he told me 12.00am.....I was like "What?" and he said "Yes, 12am!"

I thought he must've been joking with me!! Or....he thinks it's funny to mess with the students!!!

Here's the original notice!!!!



Dear applicants,

Please be informed that for the year of 2009 application, a numbering and first-come-first served system will be used. You can obtain your number from the main guard house (Genting Kelang Entrance) on 12 January 2009 by presenting your car registration card to the guard in-charged.

A total of 150 numbers will be given out on that day. The 151th student and onwards are to fill up the waiting list form. Those who obtained the numbers are required to come back to the DSA office from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm within that day (12 Jan 2009) to submit the application form together with all the necessary documents, money and the number that was given to you.

***The sticker allocated for the student who obtained the number and failed to appear at DSA on that day (12 Jan 2009) will be given to those who are in the waiting list.

Thank you.

Documents required:
1) Photocopy of IC
2) Photocopy of driving license
3) Photocopy of student bill
4) Photocopy of vehicle registration card
5) Photocopy of student ID

Stupid DSA, you are not sincere in your notice!!! The guards are not reliable!!! Ppl who like within 20km from uni and need a parking sticker are idiots! And those who live within 10km and still need a sticker are even bigger idiots!!!!

I'm super mad.....I'm already bickering and spamming like nobody's business here~~~

I seriously don't think it's fair!!!! Where is justice man????


"お年玉の中身は…、1人1万円!舞台には約60人の後輩が出演しているため、総額60万円の大盤振る舞いとなった" quoted from Daily Sports Online-gossips

I can't believe that Tackey gave new year's money (お年玉) (otoshidama), like ang pau....containing 10,000yen to 60 Johnny's Juniors~!

I don't know what's the exchange rate now....but I think 1,000 is roughly RM40-50. Then that means RM400-500 per junior!!!

Yaa~~ Tackey is sooo generous ne!!! but I don't think every single Johnny's junior for one as Johnny definitely has more than 60 juniors only!!! I can't read the last few kanjis in that sentence....haaha......I think he only gave them to the 60 who performed on stage.

Tackey is sooo fatherly~~~like a papa to the sayang them!! <3333

Like the Chinese, Japanese & Koreans also give new year's money to children on 正月, following the Chinese Lunar calendar. However, the Japanese no longer follow that and instead gives お年玉 on New Year's Day, 1st day of January.


My final semester starts tomorrow~~~

*sniff* Wish I could have rested longer as I just ended my lab work last Thursday~~~ and 3 days later, I'm going back to Uni!

Hope everything goes well smoothly for me this semester & that I'll make wonderful memories.

Monday, January 5, 2009


ok....I kept typing 08 instead of 09 everytime I make a blog entry.

Didn't have time to add much comments on the blog entry yesterday as it was already late....just kept uploading pics and more pics!

heehe....yup, とても うれしい(very happy) to see Moon again after soooo....LONG! Good chance to catch up on each other. Plus we had a little adventure on the high way too.....

KL highways are super scary because one wrong turn and you'll be like super lost. all happened because I was too smart for my own good! *nods*

We decided to venture into this new route on the way back to Taipan from Ara Damansara. I took the same highway from Sg.Buloh to Subang just like few days I thought I knew the place well enough.

Then without reading the signs properly and assuming that I know the place well....I took the wrong turn and we ended up at the toll to Shah Alam!!!! which I've never drove to before!!! Scary~~~

Then sakai ppl like me, decided to call for help, after paying the tolls.....but no one answered!!! *sniff*

We eventually found our way back, passing by the same toll.......Malaysian highways! tolls everywhere! one wrong turn and you've gotta pay extra!!!

We're following the road signs till this traffic light where the signs stopped and I didn't know whether to go straight or what. And I took a left I don't know where...but thanks to Moon, who recognised the Sime Darby building that we found our way back to Taipan!!!

Soooo interesting!!! At least I've learned 2 new routes yesterday.

Seriously, many people who have lived here their whole lives don't know even know the routes well....

1. If you stay in Area 'A', work there and have absolutely no need to travel anywhere won't know routes to other places. Many people I know are like this. Plus I think that each area is already big enough.......

2. New roads are continuously being paced!

3. Traffic Jams!!!! If not important, don't go out unnecessarily!

Oh, something happened today and I'm suddenly reminded of Youth Festival '09.

The Youth Festival will be held at PWTC from 9-11 January 2009 and there'll be loads of events there......... Design competition, Dance workshops, Performances, Youth Entrepreneurship and Battle of the bands, just to name a few......

Definitely an event not to be missed......and best of all, it's FREE!!!

To get your free pass to Youth '09....CLICK!!!!!!

All you have to do is just fill in your email address and name!

Here's the schedule for their events.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yum-yum meet up day with Moon & YL

"Yum-yum meet up day with Moon & YL"
Yes....finally met up with Moon in KL after like....SOOOO LOOOONNNGGG~~~~
Was supposed to meet up for lunch at Daorae (Taipan) at 11.30am but I was late!!!
1. Got stalled by the traffic lights on the way there...
2. Took a wrong turn to another side...

3. Got stuck somewhere and couldn't find parking!!!

Well.....YL & I made it there safely and the 3 of us had a scrumtious lunch~

It's been quite sometime since I had korean I was *HAPPY*!!! Soo happy and hungry that I didn't even take the pictures properly~

We ordered 3 dish which I don't remember their korean names.......2 bbq set- pork belly and chicken & tofu hot pot!

((Warning: Lina!!! don't look at the 1st pic!!!!))

Marinated Pork Belly
(I totally forgot to take pics of the chicken.......more importantly, I forgot to take picture of the cooked version!!! because I was too excited and couldn't wait to chow everything down!!!! Mianhe~)

The sauces

Tofu hot pot~
I quite like this dish with bap(rice).....but the bap is super expensive lo.....RM5 per bowl!!! but it's sticky rice la! Even so.....still expensive!

The "ban chan"......I think there are 11 in total. Moon & I both felt that the ones served in Brunei is much better compared to the ones we got.....
The BBQ area.....well, the waiter there cooked for us anyways......

The waiter cooking the pork belly for us......yum-yum!

I posed....and Moon stated that the "peace" sign is like the typical asian pose....soo.....
...a more original pose!

After that hefty meal.....we window shopped a bit and.....tada! Shaved green tea ice!!!
We then left for NZX, Ara Damansara......with the driver of the day, ME!

Brought both girls to Full House.......

The cute mini at the entrance....
Totally forgot to take pics at the living area as we headed straight to the first floor.....and this is me, posing with Moon's favourite bath tub!!!
...and Moon's 'future' four poster bed!!!
Then we just had to pose next to it~~

We all look sooo happy with a bed that's not ours!
Felt sooo at home~ can practically sleep on the bed liao~
The lovely dining table~
I actually kinda like the concept of full house, the atmosphere and the deco......but the food~~~ super disappointing!!!! This is my 2nd visit and the food is still bad!!!

My Spag. Carbonara which tasted nothing like the serving is just soooo small....sooo sad isn't it!!!! Look at the it!~~~ compared to the one I had in Umeko! Sad case!!!

The taste....HORRIBLE!!! I don't know why it tasted sourish.....and it's a bit on the heavy side for me. Then Moon said it tasted sweet! It definitely tasted nothing like the typical carbonara......sad sad sad ~!! Can you feel my disappointment???

Saturday, January 3, 2009




MY BABY~~~~~~~~~~