Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farenheit concert

Warning: *extreme fan girl mode*

Ahhh.....Farenheit!!!! JIROOOOOO!!!!

The Farenheit concert was amazing! I'm now officially a fan! haaha......

Thanks to Aunt V who provided the tix!!!! I got to watch the superb concert!

Since it's Earth hour.....we had 1 minute of "darkness", after the opening act by Karen Kong. hehee.....
The stage....taken an hour before the concert.

I must say that Farenheit's fans dresses really nice to meet their idols. They wore cute dresses with matching heels or boots. They also fixed their hair!!! Oh and Farenheit has a lot cute fans! Plus their fans brought a lot gifts for them. Many brought bouquet of flowers, teddy bears, letters.....etc.

I'm not sakai's just that I must've looked super ugly when i attended dongbang's concert because most fans were all wearing the same super huge red t-shirt!!! Oh, and I looked like a rag at Rain's concert because all of us cut the concert t-shirt into.....rags! Ppl dressed sooo nicely to meet their idols and I dressed sooo badly to see the dongbang! Ok la....not like they can see me too......haaha...but I dress better to other concerts!!! as long as I don't have to wear any ugly t-shirts!
Anyways there's this section in the concert where the boys from Farenheit "were looking for their snow white"! At that moment it sort of clicked why their fans dressed up so prettily! 4 lucky girls got to go on stage with the boys!!!!

I admit I was a bit jealous.......because the boys were soo nice! They gave hugs and held on to their fans hands.....sang to them, played with them......etc. They were seriosuly very nice! I can totally see why their fans love them sooo much!

If you are WuChun's are super lucky! and he's one good artist!!! When the girls went on stage, the members went to picked the girls and the girls was supposed to introduce themselves.

WuChun actually knows the name of his fan!!! He said, "Let me guess....your name is "blah-blah"?"

OMG!!!! My jaw dropped when the girl nodded her head!!! She must be feeling super "lam" at tat moment! He remembers her because she was a loyal fan and she's been writing letter to him for quite sometime! THE MOST AMAZING THING WAS THAT HE ACTUALLY READ THE LETTERS!!!!!

I'm not stereotyping or anything but most artists who had achieved a certain level of status won't be reading any fan mails lo.......

If you are WuChun's fan! You can write letters to him man!!!!


Another member...I think it was Aaron, also remembered one of the girls because she attended one of their fan meeting once and played some game with them! They're sooo nice!!! They actually remember their fans!!!

Unlike some artists I know who won't even wave at their fans!!!! hmph!
The concert was actually quite fun! There were many times where I wanted to stand up or run towards the stage but of course you're not allowed to do so. But it was just sooo high!!!!

They didn't only sing songs from their album, they sang some songs from various artists too. My favourite part was the "broadway" style, where they wore suits and had mic stands. They sang in mandarin, cantonese and english.

Throughtout the concert, there were lot of interactions with the audience. They even accepted all the gifts from their fans, which amounted to more than 50, I think.

Another highlight of the concert was the solo performances!!!

My fav....costume!!!

I LOVE THEIR SOLOS!!!! I LOVE CALVIN'S BEATBOX!!! He was sooo amazing!!! I've never seen anyone produce any sounds from their NECK before!!!!
I LOVE JIRO'S ROCKER STYLE SOLO!!!!! He has such charisma!!! Plus, he's really good with the guitar, both acoustic and electric!!! <3333 data-blogger-escaped-span="span">
I LOVE AARON WITH HIS GRAND PIANO!!!! I love a guy who can play the piano well! Plus he sings well too~~~When he was seated there with the piano, I suddenly felt like hugging him! I'm not perverted ok! But, he's good! I can't believe the's only 2 years older than I am!
I LOVE WUCHUN AND HIS DRUMS! I felt that the other's solos overshadowed his a bit. But was great! CHINESE DRUMS!!! and you can totally see his sexy muscles at work! There's even some wushu incorporated into his solo.


Oh, and they had fans like from SG, Thai, HK, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and Brunei there! I thought no one was going to scream when they mentioned Brunei, so I screamed!!!! haaha, but there were many fans from Brunei there! lol....

There's a japanese girl, a few seats away from me, who wore a kimono there!!! She looks soo a pink kimono!

According to mum and aunts, the concert was better than Ah Mei's. Well maybe it's cuz there's more ppl singing on stage.
Lastly..... Jiroooo~~~
To me: Calvin's the beatbox king! WuChun's the one with the most well built body! Aaron is the handsome prince charming! and Jiro......ahh~~ he's just perfect! haaha....
For the encore perf., he wore "a pair of ears"??? I don't know which animal.....but I'm assuming it's a cat!!! Female cat meet male cat! Purrfecto~! End of story!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Arashi Believe

Arashi - Believe PV

Another great song by Arashi! They also release very meaningful songs! Arashi and NEWS are definitely my fav. groups from JE.

Part of the lyrics:

"That's right, we're always waiting
No matter how long it takes, we wait
Because the dream that we're always hold in our hearts
On the road that goes on forever
Will surely come true
We'll go on, crying, laughing "

"Pursuing passion all the time
It's a brand new world
Because we had found the light
In the days that darkened in pain
Shines on a single destination
Thoroughly paving the way
We don't need a future that taints our pride
It's within our grasp "

"We'll continue on the endless road
Shouting ourselves hoarse as we
Endlessly chase after that dream
That shines as it shows our future "

Well....the english lyric might seem a bit weird because it's the direct translation of the japanese one and there are major differences in sentence patterns between the 2 languages.

credits: ZzArashiForDreamzZ, youtube

Friday, March 6, 2009


I love breads!!!
Have them every single day for breakfast.
Have always been a fan of Gardenia bread since young.
I still remember that when I was younger, I used to like the light chocolate chip muffins that came in 5 per pack, in Brunei. Yum~ but they stopped selling that more than several years ago, I think.
Gardenia here in Malaysia had totally different buns than the one in Brunei and there's more varieties here.
Also, there's Gardenia bread from Singapore too, which also offers different things.
And I particularly like this!
The bread is super dense and thus weights more than normal bread. Plus look at all the pieces of fruit and nuts on a single slice of bread. (Front) yum~ apricots and walnuts!