Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pi's new J-dorama

OMG~OMG~OMG~~~ Pi and Kitagawa Keiko in a drama together!!!

Ok, I know I'm slow.....but, but....ahhh~~~

I can't wait!!!

Keiko was rumoured to be Pi's ex.....long time ago! Well, they did attend Meiji Daigaku together. Among all his rumoured exes, I prefered her best! Mou, seriously Pi, you should start dating nice girls!!!

I'm hoping for some love sparks between the real life!

I love Keiko ever since Sailormoon, she portrayed my fav. Sailor Mars sooo well!!! At the same time, jealousy-ne, she got to act as lead female next to Yuu Shirota and now Pi.

Title of drama: Match Point

Plot Summary: This is a youthful lovestory depicting how a man, working for a company sponsored basketball team, who's not very self-confident but straight-forward and a woman who is cheerful but strong-willed with an attitude grow up through the trials and tribulations of love and friendship. Main role Yamashita Tomohisa. The female role of the woman the man falls in love with has been given to Kitagawa Keiko.

Other casts includes Aibu Saki from Attention please and Zettai Kareshi! Another pretty girl! Aren't you lucky-ne, Pi-chan? Oh and the other hot guy is Mizobata Junpei.

I can't wait! I love basketball!!! I wanna see Pi play bball!

Aibu Saki plays Pi's gf in the drama but then he falls for Keiko......oooo......MUST WATCH! Oh btw, Aibu Saki was also rumoured to be dating Pi once upon a time! Anyways, either girls...I APPROVE!!! But personally, I think Keiko suits Pi more!

Oh well, famous actors and actresses always gets rumoured to be with one many can you believe?

I hope Pi plays a more expressive character.....but judging from the summary plot.... I hope it's not like Proposal Daisakuen. I was like, "Why don't you just tell her that you like her already!!!" and when he finally gets the courage, she dates her sensei!!! hai~~~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

With supervisors at Italiannies

Few of us decided to treat out supervisors for lunch on Monday (26/05/09). We finally handed in the final hard bound version of our thesis, with gold blocks!!!'s sooo pretty, I wanted to keep a copy for myself too!!!

It's d 1st time I drove from uni to 1U....following behing CW's car. That guy drives SOO FAST!!! The speed limit was 80km/h and he drove at nearly 110km/h!!!

Hello~ I don't wanna get a speeding ticket ok!!!! Already told him, I have bad driving skills.....and he still drove sooo fast! Kek sei ngo~

I had a speed racer in my car but she's not driving!!!

We initially planned to go to Shogun but we weren't able to make any reservations. Oh least the food at Italiannes was great!!! I will definitely revisit the place! There are many eateries here.....but not all are worth a 2nd visit.

We ordered many yummylicious food...but but but no pictures!!! WAH!!! because we were too embarassed to take pics of food in front of the supervisors!!! haaha.....

yummy pastas......delicious pizzas.....refreshing pink strawberry drink......cheesy tiramisu........*scratches monitor* yum-yum~

Few of us who were there with Dr.T and Dr.K.

5 out of the 9 under Dr.T, 4 biomedics and 1 biotech!
A fun day out with these nice ppl....hopefully, we'll all keep in touch!

I haven't played pool and bowling in a long time....that I've becomes super rusty!!!! I scored 70 for d 1st game n then 50 for d 2nd game!!!! AAHHHH!!! *hides face* Wahh~~ other ppl had strikes and spares and me??? all masuk longkang!!! :(
HW....why are you hiding behind there???