Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mel's dream home

Yes...Mel's dream home looks like this..... :D

It's sooo beautiful! I absolutely love the design and colour! Instead of flower...I'll have strawberries growing instead. So that in the morning when I wake up, I can pick strawberries for breakfast!
And the living room.......very chic! Love d wall behind d TV. At my house, you will have nothing.....but kitty meals! And lastly, this is the Queen Kitty's room! Every single feline out there loves a four poster bed!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pasta Zanmai~

Whee~~~ Pasta Zanmai finally opened a branch in Sunway Pyramid. They're having promotions from 1st till 15th June for selected items on their menu and they have this voucher which you can order the promotional items from.

Ursula and I visited the place last weekend and this is what we ordered...

I swear the food looks much better in reality. As you all must've known by now that I use a lousy 2.0 camera fon to take these pics.

Sarada (Salad)....always have this...everytime!
OMG!! YinLing, when you come back, I'll treat you to this to thank you for the "addictions" chocolate chip cookies you bought for me from Aus. This....I present to you, the "Hotate + mushrooms Pizza"!
haaha...I forgot the actual name.....the hotate was juicy and succulent! The pizza base had just the right crunch to it....and the mentaimayo~~~heavenly!!!

This....I forgot the name "unagi + egg+ mushrooms pasta". Initially I was worried that it was going to be quite tasteless because it doesn't seem to come with much sauce....but then it tastes just right. The best thing is that it came with 6 huge pieces of unagi. Hmph, compared to the 3 pieces of pinky sized unagi I have at yoshinoya~ Yup, this dish is not bad too....
This dish looks really bad in this picture.....but don't worry, the real thing looks more appetizing.