Wednesday, August 5, 2009


All about dance....
Last wk at class, most ppl said that their favourite dance style is newstyle, except for a new guy who said locking. As for me, I like girl style and hiphop.

When I first started hiphop, I really like poppin and locking even though I can’t do them. Luckily, I had 2 girlfriends from hiphop- PM and SM, who also liked poppin, take poppin class with me. When we first joined, we had dancing gorilla who wasn’t very good. Most of the time, we were just mimicking his movements. I seriously didn’t know how to pop or do certain movements. Worse of all, I don’t even know the name of some of the movements.

Even so, I still liked poppin. Luckily, we had a better instructor later on. But now, all 3 of us have stopped poppin. I wonder if guys make better poppers than girls because many of the great poppers out there are guys……or it’s because not many girls take up poppin. Well, there are some great female poppers too!

When we first started hiphop class with Z, it was funny and torturing!!! He would make us do horrible warm ups! I still remember that a girl actually told me that she’s never returning after the first lesson….and she really never came back!

Then some new girls came and joined the class to make it merrier and more fun! Z would always make us do the dance pair by pair. I normally partnered with PM and it soon became very easy to dance with her.

It was not long before his class was changed to newstyle. It was around that time that I was quite busy and couldn’t really attend class. Even till now, newstyle remains as the dance style which I join the least compared to hiphop, poppin and girlstyle.

Newstyle is nice but I still find it a bit hard to get the feel and to follow the music. I’m not good at the slowwwwww……and then *pop* fast! I feel like I’m always in doubt when I’m dancing newstyle.

I still remember my first girlstyle class. My poor neck and back! I couldn’t balance at all! I can’t flip my head! Funny~ because it’s nothing like latin! Well, my latin is not good either! Every time after I turn and flip my head together, I’ll lose balance and forget the steps! Haaha…..but now, I enjoy girlstyle because I feel like you can really feel the song when you’re dancing it.

I like hiphop because I feel that it’s more carefree! Anyone can do it and make it look nice in their own ways! I’m still working on my hiphop because instructors say it’s a bit girly. I’ll work on it! I esp. enjoy routines with a bit poppin in it. Not the tough ones though…..but those with small, simple poppin moves!

Poppin is seriously one dance that you really, really, really need to practice, practice and practice every day….like every single small move!!! One of the reasons why, I will not be a good popper….

It’s sad that, even though I’ve liked locking for so long, I’ve never attended the class even once. I chose poppin or locking last time and now, I really want to try locking. I’m waiting for the right foundation class at the right time….but then no, it clashes with my other classes!

Got SP and AhKit to teach me some top rock moves recently and they’re sooo cruel! They were laughing while I was doing it~~~because according to them, my top rock has a hiphop feel to it!

I first saw New Jack Swing performance 2 months ago and liked it. I recently got the chance to try out the class. PM, they finally have NJS on Saturday! It’s sad that you won’t be able to join us! I’m still very new to it and can’t comment much except that it feels a bit like old school hiphop because of the big movements.

I’ve attended Krump lessons twice. I thought it would be easier to put the feel into krump due to all the stress and unhappy events at work…..but no, I can’t seem to put them together. I can’t think of some stupid people who make me feel like punching their face when I’m dancing. It’s hard to even just put an angry face. I’m going to practice it in a mirror….the “provoke me and I’ll krump face”!

As for reggae, I’ve stopped going for classes after 3 lessons. I love the reggae performance for the concert! But yea, reggae class… super tiring!!! Truly admire anyone who can do reggae well!!!

Well….that’s it! Haaha….