Sunday, September 27, 2009

More food....

Met up with the gals last week at Ikea....

This famous meatball is what everyone else had, except me, because I don't take beef.....heehe
After shopping around...I got hungry again. So Sora and I went for pancakes!!!
Rue, Wayne, Sora and I

Monday, September 14, 2009


Was supposed to go for a farewell party for XueQin last Sat, but then the since the main star couldn't make it that day and some others too due to various reasons...... d' remaining 3 of us decided to still meet up.

Seawitch, ChorYin and I headed to Pasta Zanmai. (You must be thinking "AGAIN!!???" haaha...yes, again! cuz CY never tried it before.)

Tada~ D 1st dish! Unagi no Spicy pasta!!!! (hahaa...when CY read it, she tot it was "not spicy". LOL~)

This pasta is just nice with a little sauce from the grilled unagi and some chilli flakes. Initially, I was thinking that this dish wodn't be spicy because there's only a feww TINY flakes...but I was wrong, it's quite flavourul actually. The more you eat, the more heat you'll get! It might be due to the sauce too....But yummy~ and as usual, their pastas always Al Dente~~
This pizza here is one of their specials for the month of September. It's curry mochi pizza with minced meat. Weird right?? Mochi??? and curry??? on pizza??? As weird as it sounds, it's not bad. I guess you can never go wrong with japanese curry as even a non-cook like myself can make japanese curry.

The curry meat sauce smells great! Just the fragrant alone will make you salivate! Plus the stringy mozzarella cheese on top!! *yummy* The mochi is just a thinly sliced rectangular piece on top of each slice. It's actually tasteless...I think they added it just for it's texture. The chewy and springy texture. Q-Q?
Next is the ebi potato gratin!!! I tot it was only ebi, but it came with hotate too!!!! See....3 hotate and 3 ebi!!! Well, wasn't expecting too much from this dish initially as I thought it would just be another normal potato dish with the potato all smashed up with some cream sauce. But no~no~, this one has a great texture!!!!
Heavenly, the 3 of us love this dish!!!! My eyes went like O_O at the 1st taste! Because it was just too gooood~~~ You can feels the lumps of potato as supposed to just a soft smash. The cream sauce was lovely and not too thick. There's some mushrooms at the bottom too....Ah, this is definitely a dish that's meant to be shared! It'd be too filling to eat it all alone.
Lastly, but not least....desserts!!! Ichigo ice cream served on a thin slice of crepe with fruit pieces and chocolate drizzled on top. This dessert was average in my opinion. The crepe just didn't wow me!

We decided to plan a bigger meeting with our ex-coursemates who are currently residing in KL. It's been a month since we've seen everyone. So hopefully next time more ppl can join us!! Or else you're gonna miss out on all the great food!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Ok....Both of them caught influenza A but not the H1N1 subtype!

Scared me~~~

がんばれ!to the 2 guys who are still filming Buzzer Beat and Orthros no Inu respectively!

I'm looking forward to watching Pi in his pink + black basketball jersey! hehe....

Ahhh~~~~ true or not one!!!! Pi and Ryo-chan caught H1N1???

イヤ!! ゼッタイダメ!!! ダメです!!!

Pi と錦チャン、早く元気になって!!!

Eeeeeyadaaa~~ Why my Pi? Ryo? NEWS?

One of them might have caught it and spread it to the other.....I hope other JE boys are ok!

Seriously hope they recover soon!!! JE pls let the boys rest~~~