Monday, November 23, 2009

Bday Lunch

Lunch with family at Daorae...

muahaha......pork belly~ yum yum!
As usual there were a lot of side dishes but I like this plain salad the most because of the corn salad dressing and I kept asking for more!
I've always wondered what's this jelly like thing and I finally found out from the staff- Korean tofu!
Bibimbap! Looks nice like this right?
After you've mixed everything, it looks like this......not very presentable, but it tastes great with the red pepper paste.
Steamed egg.......hmm, super 'rough' steamed egg!! haaha....
Chicken marinated in sesame oil~
This is actuallly grillled pork bones, only meat! Super convenient! I like it as it's less fatty compared to the pork belly but mummy n daddy prefers the pork belly as it's jucier.
The free korean pancake! I think my dad is the only person who wraps this with a lettuce together a piece of meat.....he said it tastes nice when eaten that way.

Yummy~ I just love korean bbq!