Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I-Dance Competition Penang

I'll be going to Genting tomorrow night for New Year's Eve.....hopefully the trip will be as fun as the last one. Oooo...I hope that it wun be very cold~~~~ bbrrrrr!!!

Ooo....remember the dance competition? The video is out!

For the preliminary round, we were the 1st group and then when the top 5 have to perform their routine again, we were the last one. Yea, so this is the second one.....

Urban Angels Winning Routine in I-Dance

Joel MySpace Video

Yea, the quality's pretty low....

Can you spot me? No? I'm the one in grey on the right in the beginning......

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sibu Trip

Blogging again~~~

The Sibu trip has been amazing. I really enjoyed it. For such a small place, it’s been really fun and most of all……a really great experience, esp for the dance part.

I had initially thought that we would be there for ONE performance on xmas eve only…..but no….we were dancing nearly every single day!!!

Let’s see…..( If I’m not mistaken….hehe…due to the lack of sleep, I might have mixed up several events and dates)

Day 1
Arrived at 9.00+ am: We were all worn out as we didn’t really get much sleep the night before as we need to arrive at LCCT by 5am! Omg~ Thought that we would be able to go home and sleep….but no….we were treated to a full 8 course meal at some Chinese restaurant facing sungei rejang (the longest river in sarawak). Finally got to sleep for a while after lunch before heading to church for prac….

Day 2
Press conference for the instructors and at night…..xmas caroling. This was soo cool man….I’ve never joined a xmas carol before and had never seen one as big as this before too….There were……thousands of ppl caroling?? It’s more like a marching parade actually…..with with huge flower trucks, marching bands, people and more people!!

What did we do? The prepared a jeep with speakers at the back for us….so that we can dance as we paraded around town! What an experience! The best part……was that it was RAINING!! I think we finished in about 1 hr+ but the parade lasted longer than that. That’s what you call street dancing man~~~

Then we went to Pintu Gerbang Sibu to watch the local bboys do their thing. They are really hardworking! You can see them practicing there every single night for hours!!! And I heard that they have to travel there by boat or something. Respect man~

Day 3
Minishows!! 1 was at a hotel and 2 more at a local mall. For the last show, we had to do freestyle and mine is like…..non-existence!!! Somehow I managed to do something which turned out to be part of choreography for some dance. It just somehow came naturally. Must be muscle memory~~~

Day 4 & 5
Instructor’s workshop!! The response there was good. And I go to join free workshops ….haha….
Oh, we also visited the local night market…which sells really good muachi. For someone like me who doesn’t like muachi, I think it tastes good too….

Day 6
Rehearsal….rehearsal…..then Movie night! Hehee…..visited this old school cinema there which still sells snacks like sour plum or old fashioned biscuits….and whose paper tickets have seat numbers written at the back with pencil!

Day 7
Xmas Eve and Performance Day! We performed on a state-of-the-art stage...well at least to me it is~ with all the lightings, huge screen on both sides and at the back, in the middle. There were camera crews who would shoot the dancers and project the image onto the huge screens for the audience....live~

Day 8
Mini perf at the church then..... Back to kl~ huhu......*sad*...and worst of all, the plane delayed for more than 2 hours.

Overall the trip was great, though tiring. There were trainings till late night, sleeping at 2/3 am. It’s nice that I got the chance to try out local delicacies such as kam puah, kom piah, chao bai guo gan, peppermint tea, mixed fruits ice…etc. It’s also unfortunate that I missed the chance to try the famous Foochow delicacy- ding bian hu. I missed the opportunity to go for an extra hour of beauty sleep…hehe….Oh and I didn’t get to eat Sugar Bun~…..it’s been like….more than 7 years since I had their fried chicken.

I felt as if I’ve gained extra pounds from the trip due to all the snacks and supper!!! It’s like a fat gain camp. When it’s time, meals will be provided to us by the locals and the serving is always huge. Plus I always carry snacks around with me and there’s always food in the kitchen. One good thing about eathing out there is that you will always be given a cup of hot water to rinse our cutleries.

I’m thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to go on this trip and also thanks to everyone else who have made it fun.

hm....that's all for now till I can remember what else I've missed out~ hehe....