Friday, January 8, 2010

Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010

As with every year around this time, I will be watching the Johnny's concert countdown. I love their countdowns....I feel very happy everytime I watch them. Happy sunshine boys singing and dancing on stage. Well...they're not all young little boys, there are many senpai's performing on stage every year. So it is a show suitable for people of all ages as long as you like japanese music.

This year there are several medleys, starting with the debut single medley followed by the smash hit medley and lastly the shuffle unit medley. As with last year, the concerts were held in several halls: Tokyo Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka and Tokyo Imperial Theatre. Same show in 3 halls simultaneously?? Yes.....Johnny's very good at that.

Tackey, A.B.C and Kis-my-ft2 were in the imperial hall. Kanjani8 and the kansai juniors were based in Osaka and therefor Ryo-chan's there too. And the rest of the Johnny's at Tokyo Dome. It's sad that Ryo-chan had to be separated from the rest of NEWS but one cannot be too greedy. Ryo-chan has been spending a lot of time with NEWS and he was after all placed in Kanjani8 first.

Arashi was the host again this year..... *wheee* and everyone's wearing kira-kira outfits.

I knew that Kinki Kids have been having 29 consecutive no. 1 hits since their debut in 1997, but I never knew that it was a Guiness World Record. After watching the vid, I searched the net and it seems it's true!!! Omedetou~ Kinki Kids!

*happy* Uchi's there, Toma-kun's there too with Pi!!!

I love the shuffle medley!!! but it feels weird to have Kattun singing NEW's Kibou...hehe, totally different vibe.

Ryo-chan's record of being the only Johnny's member to be in 2 groups has been broken by *ahem* my 2 lovely sons: Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuuri. These 2 little ones together with cutie Nakayama Yuma and the B.I.Shadow boys form NYC Boys. N for Nayayuma, Y for Yamada (it's bolded as he's the leader), C for Chinen and the B.I.Shadow boys...well, boys = New York City Boys.

I find it quite unfair to the other senpai JJ and also for B.I.Shadow. I've been waiting for ABC and Kis-my-ft2 to debut for SOOOO long! Not very good looking but they are some amazing talents in there! Instead all the chibis get to debut first!!! Yes, I love Yamada and Chinen but kesian the B.I.Shadow boys who sings only a few lines!!

As with NEWS, NYC Boys were also supposed to be only a temporary group formed to sing for some volleyball competition. But I guess due to the good response, they were made permanent. Also, they're both now the only groups with members from Tokyo and Kansai region.

Here's their PV- NYC. Nakayama is starting to grow on me, I think I'll give his dorama a try.

Yea, my sons look great in the PV. Chinen has grown so much taller and his voice is a lot deeper now. His back flip is absolutely beautiful. Can you see this kid jump from like 3-4 metres high in the PV? I'm interested to see what his gymnast background will bring to his dance in the
future. :D

JE Rocks~!!!