Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lunch at Cone Pizza

There's this new italian pizza restaurant around my office so a colleague and I decided to try it today.....

hehe...well even though they are famous for their cone pizza, we decided to try their pastas instead.
This spaghetti bolognese is what my collegue ordered. Looks great...but too little sauce and that taste was quite bland. Not suitable for ppl who prefer strong flavours. Oh...but it was quite aromatic as you can really smell the herbs.
And this is my Italian prawn pasta. Doesn't look too appetizing but I enjoyed it! Yummy. The sauces taste just right but the prawns were mushy.....not fresh!!!
Just like other italian restaurants, you can pick ur pasta of choice and the sauce to go along with it.
This restaurant does have service charge or points!!!
I will be back again to try their cone pizza, which according to the staff is 6 inches long!

Lol....there's gonna be a whole lot of posts on chocolates from now on.....


Well because I realised that people always like to give me chocolates, candies or cookies as gift! And I'm not complaining either cuz I love them!

I must have the words "Buy me chocolates~" written over my forehead! haahah.....

Yup, and this post is on Arnott's TimTam!!

Yea, the first time I tried it was.....when I was in Brunei. I think Pancy bought it as a gift when she visited my house together with a bunch of fruits. But those were in tiny little packs and not one who big packs like these. I think there were 24 pieces and well.....I ate them all!

Ooo....leave them in normal room temperature, take the pieces out, hold them between your fingers and let your body heat melt the chocolate! haa....yummy~

Chocolates are best enjoyed at room temperature. I don't like keeping chocs in the fridge because I believe that chocs tastes best when you put them in your mouth...and it just MELTS!

Well if you keep TimTams in the fridge, they tend to stick together and is difficult to separate into individual pieces later on. Or does that happen only to me? Oh, and the chocolate cream hardens too......

But in order to maintain it's freshness, I put it in the fridge once it's opened anyways.

Ok, back to TimTam. There are now many flavours. e.g cookies & cream. My cuzzie YL bought me 1 from melb last year. It was nice and I love the cookie bits but this flavour is just a little too sweet for my liking.

Then there's honeycomb! I love honeycombs! nyomnyom~you know, those kind of feeling?? No?? Anyways. I first saw that in Sibu and I was like super excited. An instructor bought one and we all had a piece and it was super delicious even thought all the choc had melted and everything stuck together. After that I quickly bought a pack when we went back to the store. that I think about it. I haven't seen it since I came back. I wonder where did it go......
Yea, well there are lots more flacours which I hope to try too in future and not now....I just gained 2 kg, this cny!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Pancy bought me a box of this form Brunei when I met her here in KL last year.

I was shocked to see that it was a product under Ferrero, as I've never seen it before.......

...but I should've guessed so, since it consists of hazelnuts and chocolate!

yummy~ I LOVE the combination!

Tronky is basically just plain wafer cookie, surrounding a rich creamy chocolate centre with crushed hazelnuts as filling.

Ahh~ heavenly! The greedy me ate the whole box myself!!

and that's all because I couldn't find it anywhere.

Lol, thank you Pietro Ferrero for inventing the lovely hazelnut plus cocoa cream which produces products like Nutella, Ferrero Rocher...oh, and Tic Tac too.....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Muar's famous otak-otak

Otak-otak was one of the first things I ate after I arrived at Muar......yummylicious~ together with a plate of chicken satay!!!
See those lovely babies being heated? You know it's ready when you see burned marks on the leaves and when you smell something tasty!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

cute bento

This was my lunch on Tuesday.
lol...I always pack lunch, but this is the first time I actually took a pic because I thought it looked cute! haaha....
Mel's smashed potatoes + eggs + salad leaves (whatever u all 'em) + thousand island sauce