Monday, March 29, 2010


This video is really interesting. It was done by this japanese guy called Kenichi Tanaka, for his final thesis project.

You can visit his blog at

This is the video! Japan- The strange country (English Version)

Japan-The Strange Country (English ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.

Here's the japanese version:

Japan - The Strange Country (Japanese ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.

Great video! Totally Love it~


Meeting up with Tham again after....6 months. Haven't seen tat gal since graduation. Plus she seems pretty busy as she couldn't come out everytime I ask her. But she was finally able to make it~~~

Here's Ur and I while we were waiting for Tham at Pasta Zanmai. lol...I think I've eaten there like 20 times, mostly with my cuz. Crazy~...if I like something, I'll just keep on eating it. My most visited restaurant would be Zanmai Sushi.

Arr...I'm hungry, where is Tham??

Oh~ there she is! Just in time, before the food arrives.

Picture session first...since it's been so long!

One more!

Mini chicken pasta with onsen tamago

Mini hotate pizza

Omu rice (tomato fried rice with japanese curry sauce)

Potato gratin with prawns and scallops on top!

Yummylicious~ Can never go wrong if you dine at any of the Zanmai outlets. I'm glad that even Tham enjoyed the food hehee, esp the japanese curry which is soo different from normal Indian curries.
It's great to meet up again after so long but someone's missing from the picture and it's "JAS the mutated sheep"!! She must've mutated to some other forms by now. Bet she's busy with work adn stuffs in Penang. Hopefully, she'll come down to visit us one day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Last wk seawitch and I met up at Pyramid. I was planning to watch Alice in Wonderland.....but then someone watched it without inviting me lo~

So anyways, we went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. So fattening~~ that was my 3rd fast food of the day. I had McD for breakfast, then Pizza for lunch and omg~ Sea food platter for dinner!!!

This is my so called "Fresh mango juice". I asked the waitress if they use real fresh mango juice or packaged ones. She told me, "We use fresh mango juice!" But judging from the taste and look it's clearly packaged mango juice....argh!!!

Our monstrous meal!! Anyways, the prawns were seriously not fresh...the insides of the head was already black. No, not from the burning, but because of it's un-freshness. Needless to say, I suffered from stomach ache the next day!!!
Being a shop that specialises in seafood, you'd think they'd use only the freshest infredients. hmm...think again!

The seawitch smiling happily after I served her a portion of the food.

Me....happy to see the food in front of me!
This meal was seriously enough for 3 ppl. I should've known because I had it before and you can never finish this with only 2 person.
We were sooo stuffed, we could hardly move after dinner. I think we stayed there for quite sometime....heehe....

NEWS-Smile Maker

Dedicating this song to Pancy....

Smile Maker by NEWS

A song whose lyrics really suits us at this point of time!

Yay~ to friendship! *cheers*

English Lyrics

Sometimes things just go wrong, and even if you blame someone
Some things are hard to get over, I understand, its rough
No matter what reason you give, no one is satisfied you know
But surely there is someone looking out for you, someone special, who can genuinely laugh with you

*Smile! Even if things are hard, the more painful things are, the more you should smile
Lets shout! WOW! Laugh it away, [life] GOES ON
Even if not for yourself, smile for someone else
You’ll gain strength from those smiling faces

If you start worrying ENDLESSLY, it doesn’t really matter but
Its not like you like worrying, right?, just you’re frustrated because you’re worrying anyway.
You don’t have anywhere to run, and you want to shield your heart,
And while people are passing by you without noticing, time ticks on.

Even if the waves swallow you, and even if you get swept up in time, I understand that it really isn’t anyone’s fault.
Looking down [at your feet on a] CLOUDY DAY, being honest with yourself is a bit scary,
That’s when, what was it that MY FRIEND always used to say?, “It’ll be alright!”


This relationship is humanity’s way of connecting, there are no lies in a held out hand,
In this time we’ve spent together and in the future to come, the trust between us is beginning to grow more and more.
YOU AND I [are together], I’m not alone; when I think about that I feel like my life has doubled, yeah
Strong but kind, because we’re supporting each other I feel this gratitude in my heart, TRY

On the separate roads that we’re walking now, there is no one who doesn’t fall at least once.
“This barrier is here so that I can overcome it!,” If I think of it like that I feel like I can get closer to my dreams


Everyone is weak, obviously. But everyone is scared, even if they hide it.
Just no matter what happens I’m not giving in; the bond that we protected should be your support.
I’ll always be on your side, so with that support below you look to tomorrow
I don’t want to see your depressed face, so chin up and smile! YOUR LIFE


Will be all right Put a smile on your face

Japanese Lyrics (for my own learning)

上手くいかない事 誰かのせいにしても
どこか許せない事 解るよそれじゃ辛いだろう
何を理由にしても 誰も喜んでないだろう
でも見てくれてるよ そっと 本音で笑い合える大事な人

笑え 苦しい時こそ 辛い数だけ笑顔見せてよ
さぁ声上げて Wow いっそ笑い飛ばして Goes on
自分のためじゃなくても 誰かのために笑おう
喜んでくれた顔が 与えてくれる力を

悩みだしたら Endlessly どうでもいいならいいんだ 別に
好きで悩んだ訳じゃないし ただ それがイラ立ってる原因
逃げ場所もなく 心ふさぎたくなる
誰も気付かず通り過ぎる でも時計は回る

波に飲まれても 時に流されても それは誰のせいでもない事 解ってはいても
うつむいてしまう Cloudy day 素直じゃ少しこわくて
そんな時に My friend いつも言ってくれたっけ 大丈夫だって

笑え 苦しい時こそ 辛い数だけ笑顔見せてよ
さぁ声上げて Wow いっそ笑い飛ばして Goes on
自分のためじゃなくても 誰かのために笑おう
喜んでくれた顔が 与えてくれる力を

この関係は人生の繋がり 差し出す手に嘘はない
共に費やした時間と この先の未来 更に増していく信頼
You & I 一人じゃない そう思える事で人生って倍 そう
強く優しく支え合えるから この感謝を胸に Try

今 歩いてる個々の道で 一度もつまずかない人はいない

笑え 苦しい時こそ 辛い数だけ笑顔見せてよ
さぁ声上げて Wow いっそ笑い飛ばして Goes on
自分のためじゃなくても 誰かのために笑おう
喜んでくれた顔が 与えてくれる力を

弱くて当たり前 本当はビビってる誰だって
ただ どんな時も意地を張って 守った絆が君の支え
いつも君の味方 その確かな足で向かえ 明日
暗い顔は見たくない だから 顔上げて笑えYour life

笑え 苦しい時こそ 辛い数だけ笑顔見せてよ
さぁ声上げて Wow いっそ笑い飛ばして Goes on
自分のためじゃなくても 誰かのために笑おう
喜んでくれた顔が 与えてくれる力を

笑え 苦しい時こそ 辛い数だけ笑顔見せてよ
さぁ声上げて Wow いっそ笑い飛ばして Goes on
自分のためじゃなくても 誰かのために笑おう
喜んでくれた顔が 与えてくれる力を

Will be all right Put a smile on your face

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buzzer Beat

I finally had the chance to watch this drama before the end of CNY....all because I bought the DVD.

Sooo happy!!!!

I was deciding between this and Mei-chan no shitsuji at the DVD store. I couldn't get both because I didn't have enough cash with me.....

I was thinking Pi..Buzzer Beat or Hiro...Mei-chan no shitsuji. In the end I picked Buzzer Beat!! heehe.....well it's cuz of slight biasedness, the drama has won so many awards!!!! Plus, I love basketball.....and also because I had already watched 5 episodes of the latter drama online. :P

Pi's drama + basketball theme.....whee~~~ = Mel loves!!!

Love Pi and Keiko together! I like how their relationship which started out as something mutual to something special. It seems they've brought their on-screen romance off-screen....but I approve!! They make a lovely couple!!!

I really like Pi's character, Naoki, in this drama compared to his other roles. "Yasashii otoko" = gentle guy. He's soft spoken, has a goal in life, gentle, serious, atheletic, a great friend and someone whom you can just talk anything with, without worrying that he might make fun of you. He is sweet, caring, does the housework, supports his partner and chase their dreams together! haaha....yea, the type of guy that I like. *sigh* too good to be true.

It's nice to have someone like Naoki who knows nothing about music, be interested in it, when Riko talks about it. At the same time, Riko knows peanuts about basketball, but they were able to support each other through their challenges. Though I thought that the break-up in the middle to allow Riko to chase after her dreams of becoming a violinist was totally unnecessary.

I like Maya Miki, the lady who acted as Naoki's mum. I think it's because of her voice and smile.....I enjoyed watching her in Zettai Kareshi too.

Aibu Saki plays an antagonist in this drama...quite shocking for me, as all these while I've only seen her play good girl roles. Not bad....

Omasa Aya, who plays Naoki's sister, acted in Mei chan no shitsuji and Yamato nadeshiko shichi henge. I'm yet to finish both dramas~

Apparently, a sensei from my language school likes this drama too! hehe~ plus everyone who finds out that I'm a Pi fan has been introducing this drama to me. So I'm glad that I finally got the chance to finish it!

Double thumbs up!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1st waacking battle

Last Sat was an amazing experience for me because it was my first ever waacking battle!'s my first battle! haaha....went there totally unprepared as so many things have happened prior to that. It's a bit too late to prepare for it.

First, it was preparation for a dance perf. Then the date for the battle session has been brought forward a day the same day as the perf. Plus, me finding out that some of the common steps which I normally do in my freestyles are not actually waacking moves!!! aahhh~~~ I don't have any waacking songs with me and I only got them from J the day before the battle!!! ahhhh~~~ I haven't even had time to listen to them yet!

Oooo~~~ but it was an event that would be hard to miss because a pro waacker AN from the IHOW was there to be the judge. (As usual, I don't include full names in my blog entries) of the very few who actually trained under TP!! I went for the battle!!! I chickened out on the freestyle because I was afraid that I would be doing some "weird-hop" and also because my musicality is bad. Overall....I'm unable to let go of all the things that are restricting me and just enjoy myself because I care about what other ppl would think. That is another level which I need to achieve in order to become better!

First battle was with Ah K. Guys have guy styles and girls have girl styles of doing the dance. It was interesting. Only guys can do man poses. I hope more guys would join in future. After 2 rounds, I was lucky enough to move on to the next round.

Second battle was with my waacking instructor!!! Ahhh~~~ I think I defeated myself before the battle even started because I was so convinved that I would lose. Yea, I lost after 2 rounds anyways. My instructor was a lot better than me in terms on musicality, fierceness, moves and techniques. I still have a lot more to improve on.

As for the other dance styles such as Freestyle, House, Poppin and was CRAZY!!!! Everyone's super talented....i could hardly keep my mouth close the entire time!!! It was super interesting as instructors all joined the the battles too. They all did amazingly well winning all the battles!! It was totally crazy because some had to go up to 5/6 rounds before the winner could be decided.

The event ended only at 3am but no complains from me because it was a great eye-opener as it was the first time I've attended an event like this. I missed the last one due to food poisoning and also because I thought I wanted to accompany Pancy.

Oooo~ It was so fun, I can't wait for the next one. I hope I'd be able to perform better next time. Plus I can't wait to see what the other dancers could bring to the battle floor! It's great to see everything live and upclose rather that from videos!

Oh, as for AN? His waacking was "jaw-dropping". Just seeing him already so nice!!! and the way he moves his arms....."ahhh~ I wish I could be able to dance like him". Plus when he's showing, he's not really using much energy, imagine seeing him battle!! It's gonna be superb man.

We did get a change to see him vogue and it was soooooo nice! 1st time seeing a pro waack and vogue in front of me!!! I wonder what would it be like to see pros battle. Ahhh~~~~

Even though, time is too short for a workshop from him, I hope that he'll come back for one in future and meanwhile, I can't wait for this Sat's workshop by K! Oh, he did have a poppin' workshop last night though, which I missed because I was sick since Sunday........

MC on monday then took a medication that causes drowsiness and dizziness on tuesday without knowing and drove all the way to work feeling dizzy with light headache the entire journey. Then I had meeting that morning....I tried so hard to keep mayself awake the entire time!!!

Anyways, I'm still coughing badly now eventhough there's no more flu. The weather's pretty lately....hope everyone takes good caare of themselves and stay healthy!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chap Goh Mei


Yesterday was the last day of cny...also known as chap goh mei or chinese valentine.

Anyone threw any mandarin oranges into any river/ sea?

I didn't!! :(

This year was really special as I had the chance to perf a chinese dance at P kl. My first time at the mall huge and grand~!!!

It was really last minute as we were only informed 2 days before the perf day.......ahhhh.......

I got a shock when I found out that we'd be doing a chinese dance. haha, we were all wondering how would d dance be like and what do we do about costumes.....

But in the end, everything went smoothly and we all had a lot of fun during the performance..... hehe.....

Us!!! In studio right after our rehersal, with our make up artist! Thank you!!!! and also thansk to our instructor who fixed our hair!!! So beautiful right?
This is us outside of the famous xiao long bao shop during our break......
It was nice that many ppl wanted to take pics with us last night. After the first perf we got so high that we started dancing to hiphop songs in our costumes and white socks. hehee...
It was a great experience and I don't mind doing it future, I hope to be able to try out other dance styles too.