Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ryusei No Kizuna

A must watch drama!!!

Ryusei no Kizuna~~~ by Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo and Toda Erika.

When I watched the drama, I felt like I have watched it before but I just don't remember when. Felt like I've watched it years ago but the drama was out only in 2008. Lol.....anwyays it's a great show.

Love the casts!! Nino<3 Ryo<3 and Erika<3 Never doubted Ryo's acting before and he doesn't fail to impress me with this one. Even though Nino's quite well-known as an actor, this is the first time I've watched his drama and NINO DESERVES THE BEST ACTOR AWARD HE WON!!! whee~ I shall look out for other dramas by him from now on. And Erika did great too. I thought that she played this role the best among all her other characters. Yup the other 2 deserves their best supporting actor and actresses awards too!

Learned a new name for a food I will never be able to eat from this movie - Hayashi rice which is basically hashed beef rice served as a western dish in Japan. Lol.

Anyways, its a story about 3 kids whose parents were murdered on the night when they decide to sneak out just to have a look at the meteor rain. The 3 kids then vowed that when they grow up, they would seek revenge and kill the murderer.

Here's are 2 nice songs from the drama:

Mika Nakashima -Orion

*I was the one who cried /Naita no wa boku datta
Because you told me /Yowasa wo misenai koto ga sou
That not showing any signs of weakness /Tsuyoi wake ja naitte kimi ga
Is not the same as being strong /Itteita kara da yo
I believe

On my way home my breath grows cold /Iki ga tsumetakunaru kaerimichi ni
The stars are just swaying /Tada hoshi ga yoriteiru

Even the fleeting warmth /Tashikameta bakari no
I’ve just discovered /Awai nukumori sae
Seems to be easily forgotten /Mo wasuresou

I’ve realized now, for the first time /Hito wo suki ni nareru koto ni
That I can love someone /Hajimete kitsuita ima wa

I was the one who cried /Naita no wa boku datta
I kept my eyes on the winter constellations /Tsunagatta fuyu no seiza
So that they would never vanish /Kono sora ni kietekanai you ni
From this sky /Mitsumeteitanda yo
I believe

My palm has grown numb /Kajikanda te no hira
I want to touch you forever so we can never be apart /Hanarenu you ni itsumademo fureteitai

Though I repeat the words I want to say to you in my mind /Tsutaetai kotoba wo kurikaesu no ni
I still can’t say them aloud /Mata koe ni naranai

I’ll say something silly and smile /Tawainai koto de waratte
Then gently wrap my arms around you /Yasashiku tsutsumu yo kimi wo

I counted the shooting stars /Nagareboshi kazoeteta
The miracle of having met you /Kimi to deaeta kiseki ga
Taught me /Ima boku ni
The meaning /Ikiteiru imi wo
Of the life I’m living now /Oshiete kureta kara
So I believe


Arashi's Beautiful Days

Sora ni kagayaku yo kirari
Hoshi ga jiwari nijindeku yo
Kanashii hodo kirei da ne

Hanashi wo kiitehoshii koto
Are mo kore mo aru kedo
Nigirishimete dakishimete
Shiwakucha no mama
Hoshi ni negau to itsuka
Kanau to iu keredo
Yume no naka de shika bokura
Towa ni mou aenai

Sora ni kagayaku yo kirari
Hoshi ga jiwari nijindeku yo
Kaerimichi namida ga tomaranai
Boku wa zutto
Sora ni omoide ga porori
Namida horori koboreteku yo
Kanashii hodo kirei da ne

Kanashimi wo wakeatte
Namida no kazu herasu yori
Yorokobi wo wakachiaenai hou ga tsurai ne
Mabuta no oku ni utsuru
Koboreru egao ga ima made mo yuuki kureru yo
Mou ichido aitai

Sora ni mukatte utau yo
Sou utau yo koe no kagiri
Fushigi da ne hitori ja nai n da
Boku wa zutto
Sora ni mukai te wo furu yo
Kono te furu yo chikara komete
Sore ga bokura no sain

Tanoshikute mo kurushikute mo
Mou bokura wa aenai
Donna ni negattete mo

Sora ni kagayaku yo kirari
Hoshi ga jiwari nijindeku yo
Kaerimichi namida ga tomaranai
Boku wa zutto
Sora ni omoide ga porori
Naida horori koboreteku yo
Kanashii hodo kirei da ne

Sora ni mukatte utau yo
Sou utau yo koe no kagiri
Fushigi da ne hitori ja nai n da
Boku wa zutto
Itsumade mo wasurenai yo
Wasurenai yo
Kimi to itsuka sora ni egaita mirai

credits: lovelaughsing45, lyricsbay

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nissin chicken ramen

ahh...I still haven't finish my posts on the Taiwan trip yet......

Anyways, I discovered a really interesting instant noodle recently.

It's Nissin's chicken ramen!
Check out the packaging!

I bought one pack of 5 the other day and cooked 1 last week. I was shocked to find that there were no powdered soup packets in it. I thought that it must've been some mistake till I read the package.

And it says to just crack an egg in the middle of the ramen. Well you see, unlike all normal boring instant noodles, this one is round and has a curved indentation in the middle.

This is so that your ramen fits nicely into the middle of the bowl and when you crack in an egg, the egg yolk stays nicely in the middle.

All you have to do now is to add boiling hot water, cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and wait 3 mintues.

But...TOO LATE!!! I have already dumped my noodle into the pot of boiling hot water before adding my egg and egg went off centre!!! T_T

I was looking forward to enjoying my beautiful ramen with a sunny side up egg in the middle~ huhu......

Anyways...the reason why there's no small little packages of soup flavourings inside is because it's already been incorporated into the ramen and when you cook it, the flavours oozes out.

Yummy~ it smells nice and the ramen was springy!!

Do give it a try next time. But remember to add more water so that it won't be so salty!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Another J movie from 2007, "Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru" starring Jun Matsumoto and Nana Eikura. As the name suggest, it's a story about a brother who's in love with his sister. Well...they're twins to be exact.

Sooo wrong and weird!!! The manga and movie was highly popular and so I thought I'd give it a go but then....I didn't particularly enjoy the movie. The progress was slow and it's just so wrong. But I did symphatize with the characters. Ahh...why did this have to happen and now the 2 has to suffer because the society would accept their forbidden love.

Here's the trailer anyways,