Friday, July 30, 2010


I always have problem remembering passwords.

The last 2 time when Lina changed the blog passwords, I couldn't log in at all because I forgot the password and was trying all sorts of weird combinations on it.

heehee....but I did manage to get something close though.

I guess lina was like "^_^!!!", when I told her about all the combinations I came up with.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What is this pathetic looking little sandwich called???

It's called "Ham and Cheese Pie"!!!

When it arrived, I thought that the waiter served me the wrong dish as it definitely does not look anything like a pie. Do pies look like this in HK?? Warning: Never order any pies in Kim Gary.

It looks like a home made sandwich, made using a sandwich mould. I used to enjoy playing with one during my primary school days.
Their unagi bibimbap
Their famous mango snow mountain. I always enjoy this dessert but this one that I had last week wasn't so nice.
Cheese baked mushrooms in white sauce. You can never go wrong with cheesy baked stuffs. No mushroom poisoning here....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet up

The JMUTs met up without our T-cell...but we have Jas who came all the way from penang to visit us few months ago.

We went to Pasta Zanmai.....
Nummy.....crispy chicken meat!! hehee...our semame sauce pasta.
Unagi to onsen tamago pizza
Seafood gratin with prawns and scallops
Sea witch + Mutated sheep
The cat strangling the sheep...

hehe...Great food +Great company = Great evening!!!

Taeyang fever.......I need a girl!!!

You're My + I Need A Girl [feat. G-Dragon & Sandara Park] (Dance Version)
I Need A Girl MV

TAEYANG ft G-DRAGON I Need A Girl comeback on M!Count


Yes totally agree with all who have said that Inception was a great movie!!!

After watching it, I can understand people want to watch it again.......

It's been a long time since I've watched a movie like this where I'm constantly thinking.

Reality vs Dream!

So cool man....imagine if I could design my own dream. And whenever I needed to test things out just go deeper....a dream within a dream, where time speeds up, enabling you to do more at real time.

I must say Leonardo ages those blue eyes. So mesmerizing~

And Joseph Gordon shocked to see him there! Great transition from a child actor to where he is now. Hope to see more movies from him in future.

I went to watch the movie not knowing who the actors were, what the movie's about and I haven't even seen the trailer!!!

What would you do, if you could do inception??? I got to see the HP trailer on the big screen!!! Wheee.....ahhhh...the wait is killing me!!!

I would design my own HP world and live in it as a freshman in Hogwarts.  lol......just kidding, but it would be kinds cool. Then I would need my own totem......hmmm.......

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

Wheee....finally had a taste of Bon Odori yesterday!!!

Went there with my Jap school who rented a bus for the students. All we had to do was pay RM10.

Some girls were there early and rented a yukata to wear to the festival. I didn't. Then I realised that one should wear the yukata there to fully experience the culture. When else can you wear a yukata, walk around, buy food and dance in it????

First, collected the free fans given by advertisers before entering. Then I headed to the food stalls with a fren. Gosh~~~ and the lines were loooooooooooooooooong!

It's difficult to buy food as there were just too many people.

Wanted to get some yaki stuffs but I cahnged my mind and went to the shortest line there is and ordered a soft shell temaki instead. Not cheap at all... RM 6 for one.

Then we decided to go for ice creams. Bon Odori is held in summer where people wear yukata which is a summer clothing so it makes sense to get something cold to cool us down. The lines for the all the ice stuffs were the longest!!!!

We picked the line for japanese ice creams which you can get from any shojikiya. After a few minutes, 5 small japanese boys suddenly appeared in front of us, pretending to be passing by and then just cut into out line. My fren was like "ahem ahem" and the boys got scared!! cute!!!

Their 'leader' who's 9/10 was sooo naughty. He told us that he can only speak in japanese, so we spoke to them in japanese. First, he told me that the kid in front of is 1 years old!! I'm like....what, u liar!!!! My fren asked where did they go just now? and one kid told me that he came from indonesia. I was like.....aren't you japanese? Then the same kid told my friend that he came from austria!!!! omg~~~

The kid leader even tried pushing his buddies to some young japanese girls dresses in kimono in front of them. The girls totally ignored the boys. lol~~~

When it was their turn to order, they spoke in english to the storekeeper and I was like, I thought you just said you can't speak in other languages, other than japanese!!!

My fren then spoke in eng and told the storekeeper that the boys would be paying for us. That's when the boys started to look scared and thought, "ok...we better be leaving now!!" LOL!!! So much for pretending not to understand english!!!!!

Bon odori would not be complete without the taikos and odori (dance). There were 3 rounds thoughout the event. 1st round, there were few people and I totally had no idea how the dance goes as I can't see the dancers properly from there I was standing. 2nd round, we went with my sensei and we just followed whatever she the 3rd round, we were experts and joined in with other from my school. It was super packed. so many people joined in for the final round that you keep losing your line!

Overall, it was a really good experience since I've never been to one. It's great to go with friends and just picnic there! I like looking at girls dressed in pretty yukata but not those which are too short, dropping over the shoulders or with holes and there. I think that these anime styled ones aren't very nice for a festival like this is meant for honouring the spirits for the ancestors.

Yup yup, I hope to go back again in future but in yukata!!! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Potter Fever

(Beware, spoilers ahead for those who have not read HP series)

I've started reading the last HP book again last week, thinking that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" will be premiering soon on 19th Nov 2010!

I thought that I should probably start re-reading the book no incase I didn't have time to finish it before the movie premiers. how did I know that I would be sooo into the book that I literally had to stop and pull myself off the book to prevent myself from finshing it so soon. And I'm on the last chap........ felt great to re-read the book and re-live the moments again as I've already forgotten what I've read. I just love to devour the book slowly while enjoying my little snacks on my room floor, or on my bed, where I read mainly before I sleep.

It feels nice to sleep after you've read a good book. But sometimes, you get really into the book and you'll end up reading till after midnight.

Anyways back to HP, it's amazing that everytime I re-read one of JK Rowling's books, I still enjoy them despite already knowing what's ahead.

It's sad that HP has to end at 7. I do wish that there would an eighth installment. There are just so many things....not to say unanswered, but rather things that I'm curious about. Like about Harry's parents, maybe more could be written about them and if only I could know more about James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Snape's school lives...less Pettigrew *hmph*. About Neville, his parents, the prophecy.......the death eaters seems interesting too. But maybe somethings are better left that way so that there'll be space for one to imagine. But still, I couldn't help but wish for more.

It's kinda sad to know that it will all end by July 2011. No new books? Sequels?

I've just read about how much Snape loves Lily last night. Totally forgot about this little detail. And I suddenly felt sympathetic for Snape. He quickly jumped from the bottom of my list to one of the top. At first I thought why did Snape asked Harry to look at him as his final words before dying. I re-read that paragraph again, thinking that I had missed something before I realised that it's because of Lily's eyes. Awww...Snape~ was it because you wanted to have a last look at Lily's eyes??

I wonder what would happen if Lily had chosen Snape. But that could never happen would it? James was so much more of the playful type which girls that age would fall for. Plus James prioritises friendships more than anything else....I guess that's one of the good qualities she sees in him. If James didn't come into the picture, there won't be a Harry Potter for a HP series!!! haahaha.....

Sorry...HP fever I'm gonna continue on.

As for Draco.....sneaky little slytherin.....was not so bad afterall. I felt that he was not really an ill-natured person. He's the way he is because his parents were DE and he was taught or brainwashed since little. He did come to his senses as you see, no matter how bad he is, he couldn't kill Dumbledore. He helped Harry, Ron and Hermoine too at his place. He could easily tell that it was them, but he didn't reveal that to the DE. He hates Harry but not so much that he wants him to die. Even in the room of hidden things, you can see that he's a guy who values friendship. He's probably obeying the orders of the dark lord for the fear that he would kill his family or to reclaim the dark lord's trusts towards his family as dignity is quite important for his kind.

The nice thing about HP is that it's not just about 2 people and their love story but so much more. Plus the mains don't really overshadow the others as the supporting characters are equally as interesting and each with their own stories well built up. There's just too many supporting characters that I like, their qualities and traits. But all their live stories were so sooo Lupin for example, he was one of my fav. when he first came out. I really liked him.......*sigh* It  was so sad that he had to die right after hsi son was born!!! Whyyy!~~~ Lupin's probably one fo the top few with the most horrible childhood.

The saddest death of all..for me.....was Sirius. I cried like a mad woman. I cried for the others too but I think the most for Sirius. He wasn't all that nice but well he was such a great fatherly figure for Harry and well....all the things that could've happened if only he had lived.

Neville, inches away from being the chosen one. At one moment, I did think that the dark lord had mistaken and Neville was really the chosen one. He had matured so much throughout the series, displaying the true courage of a gryffindor at the end. I'm so proud of you~~~~

Back to James and little is known about the parents of the main character!!!! *pulls hair*

I still can't believe that this is the last movie!!! It's just too good......I mean the book!

I rewatched HP and the half-blood prince too last night and thought that it must be one of the least exciting one. Ahh...cuts here and many important things left out.......argh.......but I guess there is only so much you can do with one movie. (Or maybe cuz Harry didn't go face to face with the dark lork.......) So I think it is a good decision that they've decided to separate the deathly hallows into 2 separate parts.

Oooo....I can't wait!! 2D or 3D?? I'll probably go for both. 3D glasses are extrememly uncomfortable and it's not like the characters really 'pop out' either. But I would be really up set with 3D really makes the show so much more interesting and I had missed it!!!!! 2D is a must!!!!! Why can't it premier on 13th nov instead???

Ooo...tonight I'm gonna finish up the last few chapters which I've been saving....

Here's the trailer btw:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Home-made unadon

Ok this unadon looks relatively plain but it's not bad.

I bought the unagi kabayaki from Jusco Midvalley, reheated it with the sauce provided and placed half of it on top of my rice and drizzled some sauce over it......

heehe....this is what I call a cheating meal cause I only cooked the rice!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


hehe...japanese food again....

This time at zen sushi at the gardens.

Their anniversary sushi set
Chicken Curry
And lastly this unagi hotpot is from zanmai sushi
Yumyum......mummy, Sora and I nyomed all the above except the unagi nabe which Sora and I had the night before. about cravings for japanese food!!! Absolutely love the hotpot.

We entered zen sushi because we mistaken it for zanmai. lol...but it was a sister company and it's definitely not the original "Zen" found in pyramid either. zen sushi's menu is similar to zanmai but limited while "Zen" is definitely a notch above the other two, though I had not tried it yet.

Air troupe

hehee...I love gold on black. But black on gold is nice too.

Bought this shoe from Taiwan. It an air troupe meant for dancing. So I'm happy that I got it despite the fact that many others have the same one.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Tanabata (七夕) which falls on 7th of July every year is a japanese celebration. According to legend, the Milky Way, a river made from stars that crosses the sky, separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar.

heehe....does this remind you of our very own chinese version?

We recently celebrated tanabata at my japanese school and we wrote wishes on small pieces of coloured paper before stapling it to the leaves of a fimsy bamboo plant.

Last week, we also had the chance to wear yukata for a photo shoot and enjoy the yummy okonomiyaki and takoyaki at the centre.

It was a great experience as I've never worn a yukata before. Since I arrived late, all the nice ones with sweet colours or nice flower prints were also chosen by other girls. I settled with a red coloured one which was hanging nicely on the wall.

First, wear the robe. A ribbon will the be tied to your waist to adjust the length of the robe. Then the robes will be folded nice and another ribbon will be tied to your waist to keep the robe properly in place. And finally to end it all, a piece of thick cloth or cardboard like thing will be place on the front of ur waist before using a nice thick cloth called the obi to finish it all with a nice ribbon on your back.

After that another sensei helped us to do our hair. The japanese are really good at styling hair. Within 5 minutes, using just a rubber band and 3 hair pins.....sensei tied my hair up into a ponytail and shaped it into something braid like before turning it into a bun like thing. Amazing!

As the yukata, which is a summer clothing, is already hard to wear....I can't imagine how would wearing a kimono feel like. But I definitely want to try it!!! Kimono...please wait for me!!!!

heehe....we were all wearing our own clothes beneath the yukata. Imagine wearing nothing underneath it!!! it was difficult to walk in it. I've never walked such small steps before man!!!!

I was wearing sport shoes, so it didn't really suit the yukata look. A sensei lend me her heels and a whole bunch of us walked to pyramid in our yukatas, distributing flyers. Lol...

Once we were under the sun, it was H.O.T!!!!

hehe....really enjoyed the experience. I think I might wanna get one set of yukata+obi +geta for myself one day. With a nice flowery design in the shades of pink to purple. It makes you look  pretty and so lady like!

I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

After the short trip, it was munch time.....kekee...okonomiyaki, here I come!!! yes...I prefer the okonomiyaki to takoyakis. Didn't get the chance to cook my own okonomiyaki but I got to cook takoyakis again!!! I didn't make it so nicely this time. It was the half-half method which we normally see. I still think that the one whole method is better.

This saturday is Bon Odori! I hope I'll be able to make it this year!!! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After having wanted to try it for soooo long, I finally tried Tenji Japanese Buffet. I've been wanting to try it ever since it opened for business last year. As I always browse through food blogs, I read many of the reviews. Initially the reviews were pretty good adn soon after mixed reviews started popping up. But I still decided to go for it anyways as I was really excited for their desserts section....HD, BR and Kindoori....all together!! Yum~

5 of us went there last Sat....all excited to try out the tasty food there, esp. the DESSERTS!

Unfortunately, it was a let down for all of us. Sure there was a lot of variety and the food was well spread out around the area. But I definitely prefer quality over quantity. The Japanese section was small and so-so. Nothing to should about there. Ordred tempura soft shell crabs whcih were not that crispy, teppanyaki prawns which came too salty and teppanyaki boneless chicken meat which was also SALTY.....

The sushis looked ok, but I only had one ebikko and it was nice. Sashimi...only took the sake and it was ok too. Didn't try the oysters but I heard it wasn't fresh. The scallops were not cold enough but the big and small boiled prawns were ok. The idako was horrible!!! The sauce was too thick and the idakos were chewy like rubber!!! The gilled fishes didn't taste nice either. Also there were no unagi. Nande???

The one thing that I like was that they have takoyaki and okonomiyaki!!

Skipped their cold noodles, western section and the dimsum section.

Headed to the chinese area where I ordered some scallops and cod fish. The cod fish was so super thinly sliced....but well's an expensive fish. It was definitely over steamed as the meat was hard!! The scallops were un-eatable!!! Well there was only 2 small scallops with some vermicelli noodles. I had to spit the noddles out because it tasted too horrible...and I had to wash down the after taste with some chinese herbal soup.

As for the desserts, there was only 4 flavours of BR, 5 flavours of HD and some selection of fruits for K. I'm no expert in HD but someone said that the ice cream tasted different from normal.

The cakes were a disappointment. They looked pretty on the shelves and they had a number of variety but the taste was only so-so and some were....pretty bad! The new york cheese cake, durian cheese cake and small pumkin tart taste nice though.

Another huge let down was that theay don't serve marshmellow of strawberries with their  chocolate fountain! But the hazelnut biscotti was nice eventhough I heard that the other biscuits didn't taste that great.

Well at least they served nice baby coconuts and you can also order some cheap cocktails.

Luckly we paid a promotional price of around 58 instead of the normal price for it. But still....the buffet could have been much better.