Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Happy happy......

I'm glad that the dance recital ran smoothly and that everyone had a great time! Yay, I would definitely call it a successful one! Though there are a few things which I wished I had not done.

As usual, made a few mistakes here and there but overall, it was FUN FUN and FUN!

I'm gonna miss it, if only we'd get to do it again! hahaha.....the preparation, rehearsals, meeting new ppl, bonding with old freinds, make-up, dressing up, preforming and entertaining the crowd...ooooo....... L.O.V.E em all~! Not to forget pic, vids and group hugs!!!

Now that the recital is over, I still feel happy thinking about it and thanks to all the pics and vids that are slowly poppin up, I get to reminisce the moment. heehe....still waiting for more of 'em!!~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Japanese curry

heehe....tried to make fast home cooked curry.

Fried rice + minced pork patties + japanese curry....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woo weekend

BoA's Woo weekend

I definitely prefer this PV more than her recent works. The song is nice and can hear her vocals clearly. Eventhough my japanese is bad, at least I can hear the words properly....rather than her singing in english, but I'm like straining my ears trying to catch the lyrics. Oh, and no heavy make-up. Most importantly, it's a simple and care-free dance PV, where you can see the everyone groovin happily to the music.

Yes, just can't get enought of nice beats that you can dance to all night long~~~

Woo.....The concert is this weekend!!! and the full rehearsal's tomorrow!! Hope that everything will go smoothly eventhough there has been some rough patches here and there for me!


Here's another PV from BoA and Daichi the style!

And I absolutely love her with short hair! So pretty!!! If only I can look as nice as her in short hair.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Student concert

:) The student concert is coming soon.....

I'm sooo excited. All our hard work will well paid off this Saturday!

Eventhough it's a smaller once compared to last year's, I hope that everything will go smoothly and that everyone present will enjoy the show.

wooo yea~! I love doing performances!!

I feel happy and I hope that the audiences would feel happy too!!!

Especially when you perf with a bunch of friends. Everything just feels great!

The adrenaline rush from the dance, the after feeling and when everything is over, the pics and vids!!! Whee~~~~

Lasagne cravings

I was craving for lasagne one day and just HAD to HAVE IT!!!

So Seawitch and I went to Italiannies.
Strawberry and Passion something
The lasagne........sigh.......I had imagined it to taste better than this.....and we paid a hefty price for it!!!
Parmesan crusted fish
...adn I'm still craving for lasagne!

Where can I find nice lasagne here???? ahhh~~~~

Monday, August 9, 2010

Missin u

I'm missing you, my dear cousin!!! the one who goes on all these great japanese food escapades with me~

Appetisers are a must
muahaha.....they just pop in your mouth~
crispy and yummy!! *crunch crunch crunch*

Drained out~

I feel drained out. Both physically and mentally.

Injured my left knee during one of the practices and had to wear a knee guard to support my leg muscles for a week. I just stopped wearing it yesterday. Thanks to yesterday's workshop in heels, my right anterior thigh muscles is now aching.

I haven't had time to see the doc yet. Hopefully that my body conditioning will be good and I can go through all my rehearsal and performances safely.

The lack of sleep and increasing work load is killing me. I've been working my brain non-stop since last week as there were some changes going on at work and it will continue to be busy till the end of the year.

Dance practices almost every night. Remembering all those steps......

It can sure get tiring.....

And last night I had insomnia. I woke up at about 4+am, feeling hungry and no matter what I just couldn't get back to sleep. So I got out of bed to snack on some peanuts.....LOL

Not sure if I'm too tired or what but I experienced my first sleep paralysis. Scary~~

But I guess that's me. Without dance, I cannot be whole and I would not be enjoying life as I am now. Even though it may be tiring, but it will be worth it at the end of the day. The passion is what's keeping me going.

Plus I always try best in everything that I do..........I do not want to have regrets later on.

Please do come and watch the dance concert if you have time as all the dancers are working really hard for it. No payment, no nothing. All the hard work just for dance!! Come and support the performances!!!! It's on the 21st of this month!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Loaf @ Empire

I tried these 2 funny looking pastries months ago. I went to the empire shopping gallery and saw that "The Loaf" has opened an outlet there. So I decided to buy something.

Bought a few pastries but these 2 are the most interesting ones. Others were so so......

The first one is made of puff pastry.....cut and combined to form this weird shape. It's crunchy and sweet! Yummy! I wonder if I can buy some frozen puff pastry and then try making it myself
This second one is called a claw or something. Anyways, the most amazing thing about this is that you can throw it at any dog and the dog will die!!!! No kidding!!!! I brought this to work for lunch and I could hardly bite into it. I had to pull real hard and the bread tasted like rubber!!!

I left the remaining bread in my bag, in which it got squashed by books and stuffs. When I took it out at home, it still retained it's shape!!! Maybe next time you could use this to throw at something!!!
Anyways, I haven't re-visited the place till now.

UV lights

I hate it when ppl accidentally switch on the UV lights. Don't they know that UV lights are dangerous???

Once I was sitting down, doing my work and then suddenly an idiot came in and switched on the UV lights.

Today while I was cleaningthe lab, someone accidentally switched on my room's UV light and I only realised it when I saw purple reflections on the floor!

ARGHH!!!! I shall lock them up in a UV room!!! Please be more careful in the lab!!! and don't simply switch on UV lights!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Complementary bread
Strawberry and Mango.
The strawberry one is nicer...........
Our grilled chicken wtih a yummy blasamic sauce
See this!! It looks horrible but tastes heavenly, especially with the chicken.
Onion caramalised in balsamic vinegar......oooo......yummy!!!!
The sad....sad.....looking appetiser
*salivates* hahaha.....CHEESE CAKE!!!!
ahhh.......the perfrect dessert after a stressful day!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The songs that we'll be using for the broadway perf.

heehe....I always feel extra stressed for broadway. Maybe cause it's partner work and if you don't do well, your partner will have to do it again with you and in a way, dragging your partner down. Also there are the lifts and pity the guys!

Haven't really got the feel of the dance yet but after watching these vids, I'm starting to get excited. Omg....grease is sooooo cute!!! Watched the musical once and it was amazing. I've never watch the movie before but these scenes are just too cute!!!!

Summer Love

There's no embedding for this other song: You're the one that I want

Monday, August 2, 2010


Injured my knee again..........


Please let me heal faster. Esp when there's so many rehearsals going on right now.

Had the first broadway prac last night when it happened. Tough luck!

Then I saw this poster in the dance studio on preserverance and I'm immediately reminded of PM's blog post.......that only those who preservere succeed in research.

The poster says something like this:
Preserverance- Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

I kept thinking about it since then. I'm always hoping and expecting a path to take me I brave enough to venture into the unknown and leave a mark??


But if you think about it properly, preserverance is required in whatever you do. It's always easy to start something but how many will presevere and last???

Anyways, really hope for speedy recovery!! I think I need to get new knee pads.