Thursday, September 30, 2010


I miss LEAD!!! I 're-discover' their music once every few months. Lol, it means that when I'm searching for music to listen to on youtube, I'll think of them every now and then.

I can't believe that it's been 8 years since their debut in 31/07/02. Now that I think about it, I was in form4 when they first debuted and I found out about them through TVBS-Asia. I never miss their episodes! They're one of the few non-Johnny boygroups that I like. Lead is under Vision Factory Talent Agency and Pony-Canyon Recording Agency, which is also the japanese company of groups such as SS501 and farenheit. Interestingly, Arashi was also under Pony-Canyon prior to joining Johnny Jimusho.

Lol....yes dancing boygroups. But Lead members are all dancers in the first place as they met in a vocal and dance school ..........and as you can see from their older PVs, it's more street style. Well, they did start out as dancers and even performed on the streets after all! Plus they come from Osaka, where there are a lot of superb dancers esp. kids!!!

As far as I can remember, they used to design the concept for their PVs, from choreography, costume, filmography to....dunno what. For their latest single, they even did some production and arranged their song "hikari" into 4 different by each member.

Hehe...I still have their album and concert DVD from last time!! I shall dig out the DVD and rewatch it!

Enjoy their latest single Speed Star.

Lead-Speed Star PV

Whee~ Ganbatte Keita, Hiroki, Akira and Shinya! Lead forever!

Lastly, enjoy this song from their 2008 concert tittled taisetsu na mono/ treasure!

Support LEAD!!!

Dance cut from 2009.

credits: kayahaya707, loverayne, youtube

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My dream country & I

Eventhough I haven't been able to get any super cheap fares, I did manage to win 2 tixs!!~ Thanks to seawitch who recommended me the page that I was able to participate 3 days before the contest ends. Thanks to sora who informed me too!! heehe....

Yea, but however till now I still don't know if I will really be receiving anything or not. The contest has caused me so many problems.

People accused me of cheating and that I just copied and paste from the internet. Truth is that I had typed every single word I there a problem is someone is well-informed because she has been doing research weeks prior to this and the competition happened to come at the right time? Whatever I posted, was bits and pieces from my own planned itinenary. Of course the information have been obtained from the internet, how else would I know where to visit and I had to study the metro system so I would know how to get to my desired destination.

Oh well, ppl I don't know started adding me, which of course I never accepted and the ppl even sent me private msg containing accusations and theatening msges. I found them funny and at the same time it makes me upset because they are defaming me as a person by posting up fakes proves over the internet that I had cheated. The most extreme must have been the one who had even collected so-called 'evidences' and posted them online that I am actually the organiser of the competition and the owner of the page!!!

Me- "er....??? Wat?"

Meanwhile, in her private msg to me, she had asked me to give the 2 tixs to her.

Me- "....right~...."

We have all sorts of weird and funny ppl in this world.

Anyways, I think that the organisers were prob worried or that they had believed her stories because they never replied my mail till I re-sent them my details to ask if they've received my 1st mail. They did receive the first one and wanted me to confirm that I do not have any relatives working with them. I can't even think of any relatives who work in a similar field, not to mention in that company!!! Even after my confirmation, they never bothered to reply me.

Oh well, if you don't believe me, why pick me as the winner. It's ok if they don't want to give me the prize and from such a big company summore..... I'm not explaining myself to any of the accusers because I don't feel that there's a need to as those are just false accusations.

Sensei just told me about jal's promo last august and such a meaning full one. A round tix for 1515. She asked if I know what it means.....I shouted "Ichigo! strawberry?" She was like ", ie! ~!!" It means Nihon Ikou~ ikou~ which translates to Go, go~!! :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

tough luck

The moment I've been waiting for.......for so many days now!!!!

I was already at the website 2 hours before the sales started and when tix sales opened i quickly went to grab my tix!!! I jumped form the lowest tix to a higher and then a higher one because I failed to make the transaction as the webpage was too busy!!! Argghhh.....

In the end, I failed to get my tix!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tanabata Festival

It's a super late post of pics from the Tanabata Fest.

Here were are at one of the escalators in SP. We were distributing flyers....
I didn't really like the red yukata I was wearing. I had initially wanted thedark blue and pink one, whcih the girl on my right was wearing. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the next chance! end our little trip, a picture with the mascot!The creamy white and pink yukata looks nice too right?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Nike Air Troupe

I LOVE PINK!!! especially when it comes bright like this....and matched with a blue that I like~

Plus, ooo...look at it! Such a beauty isn't it! How can one not fall in love with it! I need to get myself one~~ but WHERE?
Then there's this whose pink is not as nice and bright as the first one, but black and pink is my favourite combo. Adds this to my list! yea hehehe...
Then I found a black one.....but the black is not totally black, there's like a tinge of pink to it!! keke....
No idea why it's base is in fluorescent yellow but it makes it looks that much nicer~
Whee~ more black and pink combos!! And look carefully...can you see the tiny little stars on the shoe?? and the pink at the back is furry!!! The design may be old but I love it~
And lastly a non-pink one but spot the velvet skin!! hehehe.....I like velvet materials. I have a sport shoes tha's black and purple too. I think that every colour matches well with black. Though shades of yellow and green are really not my thing, this shoe will look good for dance!!
*sniff-sniff* need to save $$ first

Monday, September 13, 2010

Get Loose~

Lol...I look like a small kid!

I should've freshen myself up before requesting for a pic. all messy and still sweaty....Well at least my shirt was suitable for the occasion!!!!

I'm sooo lookin forward to see him judge on TV! He's the reason why we decided to join the competition, so that we can meet and join his workshop again!
I will try my best and improve myself before your next workshop!!!

Nike Air Troupe

hehe...beautiful right?

All from Taiwan!

Regret that I only bought a pair now....because the more I look at it, the more I love it!!

Designed for dancing....
If only we can get this here.......
Sigh~ anyone going travelling soon?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

pasar malam

whee~~ first time going to pasar malam with my dance pals!

We visited the longest pasar malam in malaysia- Taman Connaught Pasar Malam....

We left studio at about 11pm, arrived at around 11.30pm and walked till 1.30am....until every single stall closed!

Was really excited as I've always wanted to go but I dunno how to get there and I heard that there's a lot of nice food there. Plus also the fact that I don't really go to pasar malams....about once a year??? I don't even go to one when I was in Brunei.

As what others have said, there are a lot of yummy food there. Thanks to the recommendations, I managed to try some yummy food among all the many stalls selling similar stuffs such as:
-honey taiwanese sausage
-Uncle Bob's fried chicken with pepper powder
-Mango bubble milk tea without the bubbles, but with jelly aiyu = mango aiyu ice blended
-Fried chocolate ice cream
-siu mais

The only thing that I picked myself was the sliced potato chips deep fried on a long stick and then coated with cheese powder. It was way too salty for my liking. They sells these in taiwan too but I didn't get the chance to try it last time. It looks beautiful with all the inter-joined slices on the long stick....but tastes bad! Or maybe I just chose the wrong flavor. haha...

I also saw fake eye lashes...similar to the ones I bought from Taiwan but at a much cheaper price!!! Quickly grabs a box!

There were many stalls selling clothes and bags too which looks similar to those sold online but I didn't manage to really survey much.

yummy Taiwan sausage... I will be back to get you!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

3D movies

Watched several 3D movies lately including the Avatar S.E. which was extended for about 10mins???

I wanted to watch it in 3D because ppl were telling me how good it was in 3D and I only watched it in 2D last time. Maybe because of that I was expecting it to be really good. However, it wasn't like what I had expected. Overall, yes it was still a good movie and I enjoyed it from the beginning till the end eventhough I still remembered the story line.

There wasn't many 3D scenes and not that many effects. I felt that the movie itself is already very good in 2D but of course 3D adds another level to it.

Anyways it was good to see some of my favourite night jungles scenes again. So pretty!! Oo...I wish that I'm a Navi' hahaha......and that I could fly an ikran.

The S.E. version consists of added scenes here and there. I couldn't particularly remember which part except for the one where Tsutey asked Jake to kill him. I like Tsutey...hehe...he has so many facial expressions, just like Neytiri....such good actors.

I really don't know why those extra scenes weren't included in the original movie in the first place.......

Yea, anyways STEP UP 3D was amazing!!! Watched with a group of 76 dancers?? My first dance movie in 3D! all the dance scenes....and Adam G. Sevani is os amazing! I can't believe that he's only 18!!! haha....Love his performance in both Step up 2 and 3! ooo...and did you see, they have a lovely broadway part in the middle too! Soo cute!!!! I wish that I could dance like the dancers in the movie!

Even the kids are dope! Like super dope! They're wayy better than I am!!! *sniff*

Alyson Stoner who plays Camile was amazing too...having trained in ballet, jazz and tap since young! woohoo....~~~

The lead male this time is HOT!!!! hehehe....but I didn't really enjoy the love story this time. Yea, but I love their couple dance! Oh, oh and the scene at the roof top where the air vent is??? where drops of liquid were flyin here and there???

How I wish that there's a replica of the dance studio that the pirates trained in over here in Malaysia!!! The studio room! The room with cushions/ paddings on the walls and floors....the shoe room!!! wah~~~~I think all the rooms are like every dancers dream!~

...n I shall dream about them tonight!


hehehe....Yamapi was brought up in my jap class yesterday and my sensei was telling me about him and keiko dating. lol~ my sensei enjoyed Buzzer Beat too! love love his performance there.

I'm so happy that NEWS are filming together again and there will be a new album out soon! whee~~~

Wanted to share Pi's one is a million PV here, but all uploaded versions have been removed....but instead here is a perf. video. and red! You are my one in a 'mirrion'~~~

lol...just read Pi's nikki and he was sharing how he just watched NEWS Live DVD and then I remembered that Rue also helped me to get a copy from Thailand! whee~ can't wait to watch it!!~

I can't wait for their new concert. I will one day fly and watch NEWS live.....I hope! ahhh.....need to save money and go to Japan! Next year...hopefully~~~

Oh and omedetou gozaimasu to Pi for his 14th anniversary with Johnny's Jimusho on the 31/08!