Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My dream country & I

Eventhough I haven't been able to get any super cheap fares, I did manage to win 2 tixs!!~ Thanks to seawitch who recommended me the page that I was able to participate 3 days before the contest ends. Thanks to sora who informed me too!! heehe....

Yea, but however till now I still don't know if I will really be receiving anything or not. The contest has caused me so many problems.

People accused me of cheating and that I just copied and paste from the internet. Truth is that I had typed every single word I there a problem is someone is well-informed because she has been doing research weeks prior to this and the competition happened to come at the right time? Whatever I posted, was bits and pieces from my own planned itinenary. Of course the information have been obtained from the internet, how else would I know where to visit and I had to study the metro system so I would know how to get to my desired destination.

Oh well, ppl I don't know started adding me, which of course I never accepted and the ppl even sent me private msg containing accusations and theatening msges. I found them funny and at the same time it makes me upset because they are defaming me as a person by posting up fakes proves over the internet that I had cheated. The most extreme must have been the one who had even collected so-called 'evidences' and posted them online that I am actually the organiser of the competition and the owner of the page!!!

Me- "er....??? Wat?"

Meanwhile, in her private msg to me, she had asked me to give the 2 tixs to her.

Me- "....right~...."

We have all sorts of weird and funny ppl in this world.

Anyways, I think that the organisers were prob worried or that they had believed her stories because they never replied my mail till I re-sent them my details to ask if they've received my 1st mail. They did receive the first one and wanted me to confirm that I do not have any relatives working with them. I can't even think of any relatives who work in a similar field, not to mention in that company!!! Even after my confirmation, they never bothered to reply me.

Oh well, if you don't believe me, why pick me as the winner. It's ok if they don't want to give me the prize and from such a big company summore..... I'm not explaining myself to any of the accusers because I don't feel that there's a need to as those are just false accusations.

Sensei just told me about jal's promo last august and such a meaning full one. A round tix for 1515. She asked if I know what it means.....I shouted "Ichigo! strawberry?" She was like ", ie! ~!!" It means Nihon Ikou~ ikou~ which translates to Go, go~!! :D

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