Thursday, November 25, 2010


Arghh...I never have any luck with malaysian highways as I always get lost on them!

Decided to use a highway from the back of my office to kl yesterday. I googled the map and ever printed out the map parts by parts to ensure that I will get a clear picture and not get lost.....

Needless to say I got lost!!! VERY LOST!!!!

Paid the tool and entered the highway...which was not the one on the map, I dunno why. So I decided to follow the sign boards instead. The google map said to follow jln duta/ sg.buloh which will later lead to jln duta. So I followed sg. buloh sign which diappeared after a while with no exit.

So I followed KL because I "AM" going down to kl! and that too disappeared after a while....I was wondering where's the exit!!!

Ok only choices were- ipoh, seremban and batu caves. I picked batu caves because I used the back way from my uni before which passed by batu I eventually pass by batu caved, but kl sign still didn't appeart, instead i saw ampang!

Ok, ampang is close to kl.....follow ampang....then I saw KLCC from a distance. I had been driving for really long now and thought of just making a u-turn and head back. Just at that moment, I saw a sign, turn left to kota damansara. I thought....Yea~~

After that one sign.....there's no more kota damansara, it became PJ! So i followed PJ and paid a toll..........followed a stupid sign board tat said - midvalley, ikea/curve. I picked the ikea/curve one but it was the wrong one!!! That stupid sign was sooo misleading and ended up somewhere unknow!!!!

But I still continued to follow PJ and guess what I saw on my left??? A famous trade building in putrajaya!!!! omg~ I'm passing by putrajaya!!!!??? I don't even know how to get there normally!

Still following pj, I suddenly ended up at solaris mont kiara!!!! another place which I have no idea how to get to normally. I'm starting to think that all malaysian highway sign boards are useless and they need to be updated with proper signs that actaully lead people to places!!!!!

My day was suddenly brightened when I saw LDP! drove and drove......paid a toll and guess where I came out??? Federal highway!!!!! heading towards  Amcorp mall!!! OMG!!!!!!!

cried like mad in the car!!!! I had been driving for 80 minutes and no where near my starting place or my planned destination!!!!!!

Stupid road signs!!! signs should help drivers and not lead them in circles round and round the city!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Whee!! First ever hello kitty theme park in Japan just opened on 22/10/10!! (No Sanrio Land is not a hello kitty theme park because it includes all of sanrio's character which includes hello kitty.)

Aaa...I WANT TO GO!!

It's sooo pretty~ and I wanna have hello kitty pan cakes! Actually I would like it better if they served waffle in the shape of hello kitty's head.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, don't forget to visit Venus Fort, whcih is already one of the popular tourist destinations in Odaiba. It's located on the first floor!

Omg, the dolls are pricey! ooo.....I shall be there one day....when I have saved enough money! haaha....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Massu's fall

Funny video to brighten up ur day!

Massu's fall!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Whee! So happy that I got to watch it on the premier date! kekeke.....and I definitely wouldn't mind watching it again.

This is by far the best Harry Potter movie ever. Yes it did deviate from the book but it's acceptable.

Some parts like when Harry returned to the godric hollow with hermoine...I think the impact wouldn't be that great if they did follow the book and return as someone else by taking the polyjuice potion.

The characters really shined in this one.

Really enjoyed the movie, I was in tears within the first 5 minutes because I remembered the book! Then next moment I'm laughing...and then crying....and laughing and crying again! Ahhh......yes the movie is dark and fast-paced but still has all the emotion it needed.

I think that those who have not read the book would not enjoy the movie as much or would have felt lost as there were many things that went unexplained. I happily volunteered myself to explain the story to the gals who watched it with me after the movie! Lol.....

Lord Voldemort looks amazing! his look!!! Thanks to great make-up!

I always imagined Bill to be erm.....bigger, well maybe cause he's an older brother to the other 3 weasleys, but this one looked tiny compared to the twins. Plus I thought that they could have made Fleur looked prettier in the movie. I checked out the actress and she looks amazing!!!

I don't know if it will continue on to the next movie but they could have made the characters doubt dumbledore and all that he has done more! Make it darker, make the audience mistrust and question him!

I really like the tale of the three brothers. The graphics really nice. I never imagined that they will do it like that!

Ooo...suspense....suspense!! and now I can't wait for July 2011 to come!!!

I want the whole Harry Potter DVD box set once all the movies are out!!!!

Emma Watson really shined in this one, she's so pretty no from which angle! Yea and Dan's cute too! Ah, I can't believe that it's going to end soon!

I guess the movies are so successful because of the great cast that they have. The actors and actresses really do seem to be born for their roles. Since the very beginning, I could see no other but them playing those roles.

In the mean time, anyone wanna rewatch harry potter?? hehehe....If you don't understand, I'll be very happy to volunteer myself and explain everything to you!
Can't wait to see some action from Snape!

Yamashita Tomohisa Asian Tour


All Yamapi's fan must be really excited for his first Asian tour!

Here is the tour schedule obtained from facebook<--click to add!!!
Hong Kong @ HITEC Star Hall
-Sat, Jan29, 2011, 8pm
-Sun, Jan30, 2011, 8pm
Taiwan @ Taipei, National Taiwan University Sports Center
-Sat, Mar 26, 2011, 7:30pm
-Sun, Mar 27, 2011, 7:30pm

Korea @ Busan, KBS Hall
-Sat, Apr 16, 2011, (show time to be confirmed)
-Sun, Apr 17, 2011, (show time to be confirmed)
Thailand @ Bangkok, Thunder Dome
-Sat, Apr 23, 2011, 7pm
-Sun, Apr 24, 2011, 7pm
Korea @ Seoul
-Venue, show date & time to be confirmed

Please note that the above schedule may be subject to change.

Ahh.....I want to go! But I don't know other Pi fans who wants to go too....*sniff*...if not, I can just tag along with them!

It has always been my dream to attend a concert in Japan, especially a NEWS concert! but Yamapi's concert in other Asian countries is great too. Aaa.... IKITAI!!!! (I WANT TO GO!!!)

No Malaysia on the list. I hope that he would come here too.....*wishes real hard*

I hope that there'll be cheap flights around that time and that the tickets won't be too expensive!
Anyone knows anybody who's going???

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strawberry Tart

Wanted a strawberry garden cake but unfortunately it wasn't on sale last week, so we got a strawberry tart instead!


Plus it's yummy year, I must have my strawberry garden!!!

hehee...another great cake from RT! It's best when eaten fresh on the day you bought it. Cuz thent eh crumbly bits will still retain their crunch. If you keep it for too long in the fridge, the moisture might get to it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swirly Bread

Took this 2 months ago but yea...

This is the erm...maple or choc or something bread from RT Pastry. I call it the swirly bread.

It's huge! About the size of my face....and I love it! You can always find new and interesting pastries there.

Hehe...cause it looks pretty with the chocolate swirls and there's almonds... Prices at RM 8 if not mistaken. Yummy~~

See the layers?? Pretty right? I enjoy peeling the layers off one my's a fun bread!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I've dyed my hair last Thursday.....

After work, it was like...."Ok, I've gotta dye my hair today no matter what!!!"

I was thinking that it has to be Liese's Bubble Hair Colour and it's gotta be either Sweet Pink or Cassis Berry.

I started gaining interest in the brand ever since I first saw it in Watson with it's attractive packaging and cute advertisements such as the one below....

See the colour range? Spot the first 2, which were the ones I was so determined to get.

It's not really pink or purrple, but basically brown with a tinge of pink!

When at Watsons, I sort of chickened out on the pink because I've enver dyed my hari before and was worried that the colour might turn out too bright. Since it's my first time, why not start with something safe.....and so I picked Glossy Brown.
Here's a tutorial video:

Well since I bought it on the day I've decided to dye my hair, I totally skipped the allergy test. I only did it not because I'm a superwoman whose immune to everything but because I've curled and straightened my hair before and have been exposed to similar chemicals like ammonia before. Even so, it's not a smart decision as I might have been allergic to the hair dye. Anyways, I gambled with it and thankgoodness no allergic reactions.

I also didn't apply any oil-based cream on my forehead, ears, or hairline before starting. haaha...I thought that my face was oily enough after a day's work. Lol.....

I did it in my living room which was well ventilated so it was ok. I switched off the fan initially and smelled the ammonia immediately. But as soon as I switched on the fan, I couldn't smell it anymore.

Don't know if I'm slow or what, but it took me about 15mins to fully apply my whole head. It says to wait for 20-30mins. Any longer wouldn't have made a difference to the colour so I left it on for only 20mins.

And here's the final's more of like dark chocolate rather than brown. (Paiseh, didn't comb my hair)

As you know my hair is like super black without even a tinge of I guess it's safe to say that the dye worked on my hair and that I should have picked a lighter colour as the colour now is quite dark. I knew this would happen as I've been told that my hair wouldn't take up dye easily. Oh, and for a first timer, I think I've done a good job! hahaha......and I'm determined to get the cassis berry  for chinese new year!!!

It's really fun, like palying with bubbles on your head. Plus it didn't damage my hair so I guess it's a product worth trying.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fighting Man

NEWS's latest single -Fighting Man is their 13th No.1!!

Yea, omedetou~

Love all the songs on this single....

Hope that this song can bring some fighting spirit into your daily life!


Yea, face everyday obstacles with an open heart, as a way to learn and improve one self and to make today more interesting than yesterday!!!

 Enjoy the MV!!! :D

Here's the ensligh translation to the song:

If it can be done easily, then there's no point to it
A planned out life is not good
We have to time and time again face each situation thoroughly head on
Or we won't find things like an answer

Get lost in your deep emotions and don't regret it
You just have to look straight ahead and move forward
With the best speed, embrace you un-mistaken passion
and recklessly go

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Are you okay with how things are now?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Being a bystander is a no no
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Isn't it okay to just go with the flow?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
If you've stepped forward, then you're already the ultimate Fighting Man

If you break apart common sense, you'll notice many walls
Every night don't you suffer and cry?

Why not just challenge it? As the way you are, to your heart's content
Nothing will begin if you don't do anything, don't lose to yourself

No way it's weak, this bold, fearless my way
If it's to that extent, aren't these the perfect times?
On that uneven map of the future draw that steady tomorrow
and nonsensically go

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Are you okay with how things are now?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Being a bystander is a no no
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Isn't it okay to just go with the flow?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
If you've stepped forward, then you're already the ultimate Fighting Man

You're not living for the sake of someone else
Without comparing yourself, without losing your way, walk on

Don't look back Don't look back
Cause time won't stop
Don't give up Don't give up
Prepare yourself and let's go
Don't look back Don't look back
Rip apart the darkness
Don't give up Don't give up
If you hesitate it's over

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Are you okay with how things are now?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Being a bystander is a no no
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Isn't it okay to just go with the flow?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
If you've stepped forward, then you're already the ultimate Fighting Man
From today we are Fighting Men

簡単に出来たんじゃ 何にも意味なんてない
トレースした人生は No Good
散々状況に 何回もブツかんなきゃ

感慨なんかにふっけて 後悔なんてしないで
断トツなスピードで 間違いじゃない情熱抱いて

Don't think, Feel! Bring it on
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Don't think, Feel! Bring it on
Don't be wet! Get a grip
踏み出したなら もう最上級の Fighting Man

常識なんて 壊してナンボの壁って気ずいて
毎晩 病んで 泣いて ないで?
挑戦したらいいじゃん? ありのまま 思うがまま
何もしなきゃ始まんない 自分に負けんな

軟弱なんてさ No Way 大胆不敵な My Way
そんくらいでちょーどいい こ時世じゃないの?
段違いな未来図に 揺るぎない明日描いて

Don't think, Feel! Bring it on
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Don't think, Feel! Bring it on
Don't be wat! Get a grip
踏み出したなら もう最上級の Fighting Man

誰かのために 生きているわけじゃない
比べずに 迷わずに歩んで

Don't look back Don't look back
Don't give up Don't give up
Don't look back Don't lookback
暗闇 切り裂いて
Don't give up Don't give up
ためらってたら Over

Lol....I can't help but add this too....."Pi's new muscular body!!" hahaha....I can see that he's lost some of his chest muscles as compared to buzzer beat but he has a super toned body now. And most importantly, he needs to eat and gain some weight~!

hehe...Sexy~ No??

I want that poster of Pi as Joe the boxer in my room!

Jin Xuan dimsum

Went to Jin Xuan for DimSum last weekend with parents.

I love steamed egg custard buns...

This is Jin Xuan's version, which looks different from Canton-i's one with purple andwhite swirls. This one is a bit less runny and I prefer more runny ones but yet still flavourful.
Pork Ribs....don't know how it taste like as I didn't have any.

Chan Bao.....erm, baked pwrk buns? yummy~

Polo custard pao. I though they were polo buns with pork fillings like the ones from crystal jade. These custard filled ones are delicious too...

I love egg tarts! but nothing beats the Tong Kee brother's!


Scallop-mai?? ugh...horrible! The skin looks thick and yucky and it tastes that way too.
The si-mai tastes better...but no pic, hahaa.....

This is erm.....don't know what it's called, but basically it's fish paste in pig's leg vein?? so it's like crunchy on the outside?? Sound weird but it taste great especially with the sweet sauce that came along with the dish.

Another yummy dish is the 'fuchuk" wrapped fish paste.....I ate them all before I rememebered to snap a pic.
The siu long bao was horrible. The skin couldn't hold the soup and fillings! It broke before I could lift it up!

Other dishes were only ok ok........and so no pic! hahaha...

Eyebrows blues

After deciding to dye my hair last week, I thought that I needed an eyebrow trim...cuz well you know, it would look werid if my hair's brown or some other colour while the brows are black. So I thought that I'd trim it so that I could pencil in a lighter colour to make it look more natural.

Well, after several failed attempts with the eye brow trimmer, I got fed up and got hold of a pair of scissors which I used and OH NO!!! Too late!~~ haaha.....I've made a small gap on my right eye brow! and to top it all off, I have not bought my eyebrow pencil yet!!! Lol.....

Lesson #1, always get professional help when dealing with eyebrows.
Lesson #2, leave the scissors alone.
Lesson #3, read up on some tutorial first

Thank goodness I had to wear that brow for only one working day before the weekend holidays last week.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ashita no Joe

I hope they'll air this on malaysian cinemas......which I highly doubt!!!

"Ashita no Joe" starring Yamapi which will air in 2011!

Interesting news article:

NEWS’ Tomohisa Yamashita (25) lost 8.5 kilos and his body fat percentage went down to 5% while he worked on “明日のジョー (Ashita no Joe)” it was revealed yesterday, reports Daily Sports Online and Sponichi Annex.

Character photos of the cast in the movie were released yesterday, which showed a muscular Joe Yabuki, played by Yamapi, and his rival character Tohru Rikishi, played by Yusuke Iseya (34).

The two stars had said their training consisted of a strict diet and rigorous exercises.

Yamapi started getting in shape for his role in February, a month before filming began. His daily calorie intake was halved down to 1200 calories a day, and mainly featured chicken fillets and salads. Yamapi also did two to three hours of boxing and cardio training every day, and even had sparring sessions with former WBA world super bantamweight champion Osamu Sato (33).

By the time filming had finished in early June, Yamapi’s weight had dropped from 62 kilos to 53.5 kilos, and his body fat percentage dipped from 14% to 5%, giving him a clear six-pack. It has been reported a number of his group members from NEWS said they we were worried about his sudden weight loss.

Co-star Iseya had also endured a similar training routine, and his weight had dropped from 67 kilos to 57 kilos, and body fat percentage from 15% to 3 %.

The film’s supervising trainer had said that the two stars had gotten into better shape than Japanese boxing champions he had seen in the past.

Yamapi and Iseya had said they were serious when it came to their fighting scenes.

“I went into it with a ‘I’m not going to lose to Iseya!’ attitude. Iseya-san had this ‘give me your best shot’ look and the fact that the two of us were really punching one another, it helps you to feel the scene instead of just relying on the film’s lines,” Yamapi said.

“明日のジョー (Ashita no Joe)” will open in Japan cinemas in 2011. It is based on the critically acclaimed boxing manga of the same name by Asao Takamori and Tetsuya Chiba, created in 1968.

Poor Yamapi, I bet the other NEWS members were super worried esp during their concert tour.....and 1200 calories per day!!! Isn't tat like too little??? Omg...I'm gonna be heavier that him soon!!!'s all over now....

I hope the movie will receive high ratings and that his acting skills will be recognised by more people.

Ganbatte neh!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Opps I did it again

Yes I did it again.....Chopped my own hair again! haaha....

3rd time now and it still looks ok. haaha....but I definitely need a professional to reshape it before chinese new year!

I think it's only possible to cut your own hair when it's straightened. Well cuz, you have less things to worry about, except for the fact that it might not be straight anymore. But so far so good.

Imagine if you have curls, you'll have to worry about the length of the curl after u cut it! ugh, troublesome! it's a great new skill and erm...a good hobby?

Lol....and now I'm thinking of DIY hair dye! well....that's cause I've been wanting to try Liese's bubble dye ever since I saw it. All the lovely colours. But having never dyed my hair before, I am a little worried......
I watched How's Moving Castle 2 weeks ago and totally fell in love with the animation. It was nominated for best animated feature in the 78th acamedy awards.

Though the story is said to differ from the original book, it's still great. As I have not read the book, I couldn't spot the differences. But I felt that certain parts might have been changed to be erm...milder? or calmer? to suit the younger audiences. Cause I thought Mayao Miyazaki's work mainly focuses on children.

Yea, the animation was still great nonetheless. Of course, having a good looking Howl in it did help! hehee....and I just found out tat Kimura Takuya voiced Howl! Lol....

I'm amazed at how they designed the castle and if not mistaken, there's a 3D model of it at Studio Ghibli in Japan.

I now want to read the original book written by Diana Jones under the same name. I wonder if there's anyone I can borrow it from.....