Monday, November 8, 2010

Eyebrows blues

After deciding to dye my hair last week, I thought that I needed an eyebrow trim...cuz well you know, it would look werid if my hair's brown or some other colour while the brows are black. So I thought that I'd trim it so that I could pencil in a lighter colour to make it look more natural.

Well, after several failed attempts with the eye brow trimmer, I got fed up and got hold of a pair of scissors which I used and OH NO!!! Too late!~~ haaha.....I've made a small gap on my right eye brow! and to top it all off, I have not bought my eyebrow pencil yet!!! Lol.....

Lesson #1, always get professional help when dealing with eyebrows.
Lesson #2, leave the scissors alone.
Lesson #3, read up on some tutorial first

Thank goodness I had to wear that brow for only one working day before the weekend holidays last week.

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