Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Whee! So happy that I got to watch it on the premier date! kekeke.....and I definitely wouldn't mind watching it again.

This is by far the best Harry Potter movie ever. Yes it did deviate from the book but it's acceptable.

Some parts like when Harry returned to the godric hollow with hermoine...I think the impact wouldn't be that great if they did follow the book and return as someone else by taking the polyjuice potion.

The characters really shined in this one.

Really enjoyed the movie, I was in tears within the first 5 minutes because I remembered the book! Then next moment I'm laughing...and then crying....and laughing and crying again! Ahhh......yes the movie is dark and fast-paced but still has all the emotion it needed.

I think that those who have not read the book would not enjoy the movie as much or would have felt lost as there were many things that went unexplained. I happily volunteered myself to explain the story to the gals who watched it with me after the movie! Lol.....

Lord Voldemort looks amazing! his look!!! Thanks to great make-up!

I always imagined Bill to be erm.....bigger, well maybe cause he's an older brother to the other 3 weasleys, but this one looked tiny compared to the twins. Plus I thought that they could have made Fleur looked prettier in the movie. I checked out the actress and she looks amazing!!!

I don't know if it will continue on to the next movie but they could have made the characters doubt dumbledore and all that he has done more! Make it darker, make the audience mistrust and question him!

I really like the tale of the three brothers. The graphics really nice. I never imagined that they will do it like that!

Ooo...suspense....suspense!! and now I can't wait for July 2011 to come!!!

I want the whole Harry Potter DVD box set once all the movies are out!!!!

Emma Watson really shined in this one, she's so pretty no from which angle! Yea and Dan's cute too! Ah, I can't believe that it's going to end soon!

I guess the movies are so successful because of the great cast that they have. The actors and actresses really do seem to be born for their roles. Since the very beginning, I could see no other but them playing those roles.

In the mean time, anyone wanna rewatch harry potter?? hehehe....If you don't understand, I'll be very happy to volunteer myself and explain everything to you!
Can't wait to see some action from Snape!

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