Thursday, November 25, 2010


Arghh...I never have any luck with malaysian highways as I always get lost on them!

Decided to use a highway from the back of my office to kl yesterday. I googled the map and ever printed out the map parts by parts to ensure that I will get a clear picture and not get lost.....

Needless to say I got lost!!! VERY LOST!!!!

Paid the tool and entered the highway...which was not the one on the map, I dunno why. So I decided to follow the sign boards instead. The google map said to follow jln duta/ sg.buloh which will later lead to jln duta. So I followed sg. buloh sign which diappeared after a while with no exit.

So I followed KL because I "AM" going down to kl! and that too disappeared after a while....I was wondering where's the exit!!!

Ok only choices were- ipoh, seremban and batu caves. I picked batu caves because I used the back way from my uni before which passed by batu I eventually pass by batu caved, but kl sign still didn't appeart, instead i saw ampang!

Ok, ampang is close to kl.....follow ampang....then I saw KLCC from a distance. I had been driving for really long now and thought of just making a u-turn and head back. Just at that moment, I saw a sign, turn left to kota damansara. I thought....Yea~~

After that one sign.....there's no more kota damansara, it became PJ! So i followed PJ and paid a toll..........followed a stupid sign board tat said - midvalley, ikea/curve. I picked the ikea/curve one but it was the wrong one!!! That stupid sign was sooo misleading and ended up somewhere unknow!!!!

But I still continued to follow PJ and guess what I saw on my left??? A famous trade building in putrajaya!!!! omg~ I'm passing by putrajaya!!!!??? I don't even know how to get there normally!

Still following pj, I suddenly ended up at solaris mont kiara!!!! another place which I have no idea how to get to normally. I'm starting to think that all malaysian highway sign boards are useless and they need to be updated with proper signs that actaully lead people to places!!!!!

My day was suddenly brightened when I saw LDP! drove and drove......paid a toll and guess where I came out??? Federal highway!!!!! heading towards  Amcorp mall!!! OMG!!!!!!!

cried like mad in the car!!!! I had been driving for 80 minutes and no where near my starting place or my planned destination!!!!!!

Stupid road signs!!! signs should help drivers and not lead them in circles round and round the city!!!!

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