Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I watched How's Moving Castle 2 weeks ago and totally fell in love with the animation. It was nominated for best animated feature in the 78th acamedy awards.

Though the story is said to differ from the original book, it's still great. As I have not read the book, I couldn't spot the differences. But I felt that certain parts might have been changed to be erm...milder? or calmer? to suit the younger audiences. Cause I thought Mayao Miyazaki's work mainly focuses on children.

Yea, the animation was still great nonetheless. Of course, having a good looking Howl in it did help! hehee....and I just found out tat Kimura Takuya voiced Howl! Lol....

I'm amazed at how they designed the castle and if not mistaken, there's a 3D model of it at Studio Ghibli in Japan.

I now want to read the original book written by Diana Jones under the same name. I wonder if there's anyone I can borrow it from.....

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