Monday, November 8, 2010

Jin Xuan dimsum

Went to Jin Xuan for DimSum last weekend with parents.

I love steamed egg custard buns...

This is Jin Xuan's version, which looks different from Canton-i's one with purple andwhite swirls. This one is a bit less runny and I prefer more runny ones but yet still flavourful.
Pork Ribs....don't know how it taste like as I didn't have any.

Chan Bao.....erm, baked pwrk buns? yummy~

Polo custard pao. I though they were polo buns with pork fillings like the ones from crystal jade. These custard filled ones are delicious too...

I love egg tarts! but nothing beats the Tong Kee brother's!


Scallop-mai?? ugh...horrible! The skin looks thick and yucky and it tastes that way too.
The si-mai tastes better...but no pic, hahaa.....

This is erm.....don't know what it's called, but basically it's fish paste in pig's leg vein?? so it's like crunchy on the outside?? Sound weird but it taste great especially with the sweet sauce that came along with the dish.

Another yummy dish is the 'fuchuk" wrapped fish paste.....I ate them all before I rememebered to snap a pic.
The siu long bao was horrible. The skin couldn't hold the soup and fillings! It broke before I could lift it up!

Other dishes were only ok ok........and so no pic! hahaha...

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