Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I've dyed my hair last Thursday.....

After work, it was like...."Ok, I've gotta dye my hair today no matter what!!!"

I was thinking that it has to be Liese's Bubble Hair Colour and it's gotta be either Sweet Pink or Cassis Berry.

I started gaining interest in the brand ever since I first saw it in Watson with it's attractive packaging and cute advertisements such as the one below....

See the colour range? Spot the first 2, which were the ones I was so determined to get.

It's not really pink or purrple, but basically brown with a tinge of pink!

When at Watsons, I sort of chickened out on the pink because I've enver dyed my hari before and was worried that the colour might turn out too bright. Since it's my first time, why not start with something safe.....and so I picked Glossy Brown.
Here's a tutorial video:

Well since I bought it on the day I've decided to dye my hair, I totally skipped the allergy test. I only did it not because I'm a superwoman whose immune to everything but because I've curled and straightened my hair before and have been exposed to similar chemicals like ammonia before. Even so, it's not a smart decision as I might have been allergic to the hair dye. Anyways, I gambled with it and thankgoodness no allergic reactions.

I also didn't apply any oil-based cream on my forehead, ears, or hairline before starting. haaha...I thought that my face was oily enough after a day's work. Lol.....

I did it in my living room which was well ventilated so it was ok. I switched off the fan initially and smelled the ammonia immediately. But as soon as I switched on the fan, I couldn't smell it anymore.

Don't know if I'm slow or what, but it took me about 15mins to fully apply my whole head. It says to wait for 20-30mins. Any longer wouldn't have made a difference to the colour so I left it on for only 20mins.

And here's the final result....it's more of like dark chocolate rather than brown. (Paiseh, didn't comb my hair)

As you know my hair is like super black without even a tinge of brown....so I guess it's safe to say that the dye worked on my hair and that I should have picked a lighter colour as the colour now is quite dark. I knew this would happen as I've been told that my hair wouldn't take up dye easily. Oh, and for a first timer, I think I've done a good job! hahaha......and I'm determined to get the cassis berry  for chinese new year!!!

It's really fun, like palying with bubbles on your head. Plus it didn't damage my hair so yea....so I guess it's a product worth trying.

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