Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Opps I did it again

Yes I did it again.....Chopped my own hair again! haaha....

3rd time now and it still looks ok. haaha....but I definitely need a professional to reshape it before chinese new year!

I think it's only possible to cut your own hair when it's straightened. Well cuz, you have less things to worry about, except for the fact that it might not be straight anymore. But so far so good.

Imagine if you have curls, you'll have to worry about the length of the curl after u cut it! ugh, troublesome! it's a great new skill and erm...a good hobby?

Lol....and now I'm thinking of DIY hair dye! well....that's cause I've been wanting to try Liese's bubble dye ever since I saw it. All the lovely colours. But having never dyed my hair before, I am a little worried......

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