Thursday, December 30, 2010

Toyota City + McDonald in Japan

After checking into our hotel, we roamed around the the streets of Toyota City. It was late at about 9pm so majority of the shops have already closed.
Near the end of the year, many companies will be having their end of year celebration aka "bounenkai". So you can see many people dressed in suits walking around in groups as they have just finished their party.
Look at this cute little cover on the floor.
I nearly got knocked by bikes twice for walking carelessly. Walk halfway then pause and take picture, then turn around and walk backwards without looking at my surroundings and I can't seem to walk straight!
A Lawson nearby is still open. I've read that Lawson opened an "Evangelion" themed Lawson in Hakone but had to closed it down because of huge otaku crowds which jammed up the roads. Well, I saw some Evangelion goods in this one.

As well as, Hiro Mizushima's best selling book. Unfortunately it's all in Japanese and my japanese is not up to that level yet.
We continued to explore the other side of the town....
...and saw some X-treme bikers practicing.
24h McD, I've found you!!! heehe.....had to buy something for supper!!!!
The yummy looking chocolate pie costs only 100yen.

These food straps are quite common. If not mistaken, just supersize your set and get one for free.
Check out the night menu.
The familiar brown bag.
McPork! ooo.......I've waited long enough! I can't wait to try you.....only 100yen!!
oo...just looking at this picture make me crave for one now! I miss this.....
Shaka-shaka chicken.....was wondering what this tastes like and so I ordered it.
I picked the black pepper flavouring.
Just follow the instructions.
Shake the bag *shaka-shaka* and ta-da!!!
McPork, I can understand but why don't we have this chocolate pie here in Malaysia?? It tastes sooo nice! Crispy crust with hot melty chocolate inside!
Drown everything with a can of 'this', lol no it's not mine.....I only had green tea.
I'm gonna get fat....after all that for supper, I'm having cake!! But it was too pretty to resist!!
Bought this erm decorated chocolate roll cake from Lawson at 380yen. It's on the pricey side as this product is under 'Uchi Cafe Sweets', which are like premium cakes.
Pretty-ne??? ooo...and it's also yummylicious~
I only got to try one!!! *sniff*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stamina Taro - yakiniku buffet

Dinner for the 2nd night is at Stamina Taro, a family yakiniku restaurant. This is a all-you-can-eat place as you can see from the sign "baikingu" = "viking" aka 'tabehodai'.

Not sure how much is the cost, but I'm guessing about 2k yen for dinner.

The curry rice and soup section. There's a ramen and udon section too where you can cook your own noodle.
Cooked stuffs
Selection of meat, vegetables and different sauces
Salad bar
Sushi corner with the drinks and cakes section in front of it
Ice cream and shaved ice section
coffee & cookie? hawaiian blue?? no idea what's in this blue one.

Main dishes are of course be grilled by yourself.
There are things like curry rice, omelet and fried ebi too. I think I had 2 plates of this.
Plus a selection of sushi and takoyaki.
My rainbow ice cream selection. Never ever try the blue one....tastes weird!
Best is still the matcha ice cream! Lol this one looks cute in comparison to the one above because I'm not the one who scooped it. It's so hard to make them round!
Calpis with custard puff and cheese cake. Yummy~
Last but not least......The first cotton candy that I've ever made! All by myself!!! hehehe...they have a DIY cotton candy machine fun~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green Tea Plantation

Next we visited a tea plantation factory.
Was so stupid because I walked down without my outercoat, scarf or gloves!!! I thought it would be fully indoor like at the winery....but manatau~ OMG~~ even with the long john underneath I was freezing cold!! and worse of all the COLD WIND~

What better way to warm myself up than with a nice cup of freshly brewed green tea.

Shopping time again~

Nope...didn't buy any green tea.

Different parts of the tea leaves produces different types of tea.

hmm..interesting lookin objects. I wonder if these were used to dry tea leaves?

oh, hello Kitty-chan, I'm seeing you everywhere~
Off we go on the road again, and of course we need to make a stop every now and then for toilet breaks.
Here we are at the Hamanako service area. It looks dark right? but it's actually not even 6 but because it's winter, day time is short.
Here's is where you get tea at all service area.
Push the button for a paper cup and then pick from a choice of hot green tea, hot roasted tea, hot water or cold water. How thoughtful right??~ It's all these petty little things that I love about Japan.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shimizu Sushi Museum, Shizuoka

On Day 2, we were supposed to have lunch at a Sushi Museum.

The complex we were in was the S-Pulse Dream Plaza located in Shizuoka-ku, Shizuoka city. This complex houses Japan's only sushi museum-"Shimizu Sushi Museum", Chibimaruko-chan Land and Shimizu Soccer Museum. The entrance fees into individual museum : Adults-300yen, children-200yen). There's also a game centre here.

First off is lunch which is all-you-can-eat sushi!!!

Look at this masterpiece before you enter the restaurant and museum area. Spot any familiar faces of any presidents you know?

The seating area.....
I'm starved!

Each of us got out own special box filled with....

I love miso soup. I drink like 2 bowls every day.

After you fnish off everything in your box, it's time to move on to the buffet area!!!
*sigh* if only this was a sashimi buffet! but no....ahaha

...or you can order something too like these anago. If you want something more special, you will have to pay an extra price.

There's some broiled stuffs too....
Because it's all rice....that was all I could eat!

Time  to exercise it all off by taking a short walk in the sushi museum.

Look at this antique clock. Besides telling the time, the tells you the day of the week as well.

ahh....super huge wax sushi pieces. hehhee

A walk back in time
In this museum, you can see the various types of sushi from different regions and stuffs. Also from the past till present. But everything is in japanese.


Since we had a little time left, I decided to go up to the 3rd floor where the chibimaruko-chan land was located to have a look and ahh....ninjas~!!

Too bad I didn't have time to enter. I could only snap a pic with chibimaruko-chan and her friends outside.

A ferris-wheel at the game centre. Ferris wheels are quite common in Japan. I spotted quite a few while on the bus along the highway.

For more info of the plaza: