Friday, December 24, 2010

Asakusa Kannon Temple (Sensoji)

Day 1, we set off to Sensoji which is a Buddhist Temple.

Asakusa is special to me in that it was the first place I ever stayed and explored in Japan. We spent many nights exploring the place when I was here 5 years ago.

Look at pictures I took 5 years ago......

This is the Hozomon, which is the second gate which leads to Sensoji. The are was decorated with lots of lanterns then and the place was PACKED with people. On this return trip, there were less people and no lanterns.....guess there isn't any festival going on at that moment.! 5 years ago during early Autumn.

Tada and here I am 5 years later during early winter!!

With one of the beautiful statues on the temple grounds.

This is the famous Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) which is Sensoji's outer gate. The huge and heavy lantern was donated by the founder of Matsushita Denki aka Panasonic in commemoration of the 400th year of the start of the Edo period in August 2003.

Delicious goma snack with red bean fillings inside.

Guess who I spotted at a senbei stall??
Not only in 1 but 2!! There might be more but I didn't explore every stall.'s none other than my hubby~
Individual senbei at 80yen and a whole pack at 400yen.
I wonder if they purposely made the senbei darker because of Pi's dark complexion.....hmmm~

I bought one...haven't tried it yet. Cause I lost my voice....or else I would have savoured it right after I cameback~
The 5 story pagoda

Comparison of 2 pictures taken in 2005 and 2010 respectively.  :)

A little background about the gigantic straw sandals called "O-waraji".

I saw the small shop selling melon pan and other traditional dessert which I once saw on TV!! Was tempted to get one melon bun but it was huge and it's near lunch time~

Do try it when you're's located on the left side after you exit the temple.

History of Sensoji and the Kannon statue (Goddess of Mercy)
According to my tour guide, after they placed the Kannon statue where it was, it could not be moved no matter how they tried. They planned to place it there temporarily before they could find a suitable place for it. But since it could not be moved, they finally decided to build the temple around it.

Lunch for that day was at a nearby stall....

Tempura Teishoku (Tempura Set Lunch)
The taste was just so-so....I've tasted much better ones in Asakusa. I thought "well, it is a tour after all, they can't provide you with all the great food." hahha.....

Look! The Tokyo Sky Tree!! It will be 634m once completed next December. It will be the 2nd tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa. It's main purpose is as a tv and radio broadcasting tower.
Next time I return, I want to visit it's observation deck.

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