Friday, December 24, 2010

Chateau Katsunuma Winery

After Asakusa, we passed by Ginza in the bus onto the highway and then to Isawa which is famous for its wineries. There are many wineries in the area and the one we visited was Chateau Katsunuma Winery.

haaha..... a winery is not exactly a "want to see" spot for me but it was a nice experience.

Always start with the tour first......... nothing muc as every thing is fully automated.
We got to enter the special room where they store the wines and allow them to age. The wine barrels were huge! and one barrel can fill up to several hundred bottles of wines!

Next, wine-tasting and of course some shopping. They sell different types of wines, grape vinger, prunes, raisins and other related products like scallops soaked in wine which was yummy~~ *slurp*

Grape wines. Nope, it's not dead....just sleeping as the weather is too cold!

No tall buildings here as here are at the small towns far from Tokyo. Many houses here have their own lands where they grow grape wines too. According to my guide, the japanese love to do some gardening on the free time and it's all via machines so it's easy. The best things of all is that the government will buy their produce.

The "I was here" picture.

Our tour bus~

The staff and a big fat cat getting ready to send us off. Every time we leave a place, the staffs would come out and bow and wave to use. So polite~

Then it's back to the hotel for us where we get to experience onsen and kaiseki ryouri.

For more info on Chateau Katsunuma Winery:

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