Saturday, December 25, 2010

Isawa Hotel Shinko

For the second night, we stayed at Isawa Hotel Shinko which is a traditional onsen ryokan located in a small town.

Check out the traditional ryokan rooms. It's quite big~

The aircon or should I say heater that keeps blowing in warm got so hot at one point that I couldn't sleep and had to pull my mattress closer to the cool balcony.  
One thing during winter in Japan is that there's no air-conditioning instead you get heater and you can't control the temperature! It makes the room really warm and comfortable but staying in Malaysia where it's hot, we're sooo used to sleeping in a cool, air-conditioned room.

It's normally quite warm when I sleep that I don't even need the blankets but it gets cold in the morning and you thank god that the heater's there! Especially after you shower~!!!!
This is the outdoor japanese garden and here's the foot spa area.
The small pond with erm.....koi???

I'm sure this place looks even nicer during autumn or spring. in my yukata before enjoying the foot spa.

After the foot spa, it's onsen time!

Lol.....was a bit shy but oh well, since I've travelled so far...I must go for it!

Once you enter the onsen area, there are shelves with indivial boxes in them, take of all your clothes and leave them there including your towel. You are only allowed to bring the small wash cloth/ towel in to the washing area. It's so small that it's just enough to cover your front where you want to cover la.

Then proceed to wash yourself at the washing area before entering the onsen. There'll be rows of shower heads with soap and stuffs. After that, enjoy the onsen~

Soon after I entered, more and more people from my tour entered and I was feeling light headed....maybe because I have low blood pressure so I can't stay long there. So I had to leave~ shy ah~ then wash myself again before exciting to change back into my clothes. Lol....

Was shy but it was a great experience and I would want to experience it again! There's an outdoor female bath too but I skipped that since I was already feeling faint.

The onsen experience really built up my appetite but look at all the food!!! *salivates* muahahaa.....traditional kaiseki ryouri!!! A first for me!
ALL MINE!!! No touchy!

ooo....yummy tuna! and look, I have 3 pots there cooking.
So fresh!! Rice, chicken and udon!
I love japanese rice! They're so good that you can just eat them on their own~
But this one here with mountain vegetables is nice too....I finished up everythingin the pot!
I think some went back for a 2nd round of onsen after the dinner or early in the morning before breakfast where there are less people.

Unfortunately, by dinner time I already felt like I could collapse any moment. So I went back to my room, watched tv and slept from 9pm till 6am in the morning! I think the onsen helped.....ahhh......I had such a nice sleep~~!!!!

I could've slept earlier at like 8, but because I was watching this music show which was showing AKB48 and suddenly there was this ad part where NEWS appeared so I waited and waited for NEWS. Lol~ and finally they performed after Kat-tun. It was nice as all artist had to perform their debut single and their latest one! hahah....wanna pengsan already, still wanna watch tv!
Next morning's breakfast was supposed to be a traditional style breakfast but unfortunately it was changed to a normal buffet style breakfast. It seems that the previous group had complained that the japanese style breakfast was too simple and they wanted something more. O.o

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