Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Japan Trip

Whee...I've been feeling excited even days before my actual trip! Hyped~ I'm actually returning to Japan after....5 years?? and the best thing of all is that it's my second free trip there!! *dances like mad*

All thanks goes to Air Asia!

Flight departed at about 3pm+ local time and we arrived in Haneda Airport at about 11pm+ Japan time.

Haneda Airport's International Terminal is new and 3 Arashi members were there for the ribbon cutting ceremony in Oct.

First, I must talk about the in flight meals....look at all the selections!!!
This is what I had....Chicken BBQ. Doesn't look too appetizing right? But it tastes superb!! Definitely one of the best in-flight meals I ever had! Highly recommend this dish!
The landing was also one of the smoothest. I didn't really feel the difference in pressure and thus it was comfortable. I guess it must be because the plane's been descending bit by bit for a long time.

The night view was amazing! I've never seen so many starts before in my life and there's one that's particularly shiny...which I called "Yamapi-star" hahaa and I stared at it for at least half an hour!

The best part was the falling stars! It was m first time seeing a falling star! When I first saw it, I didn't know what to do. I only remembered to make a wish after a while but thankgoodness I saw a total of about 7/8 falling stars! Told the guy seated in front of me and he saw them too. heehe....really beautiful~ and this was like about 50mins before landing.
At first when I was staring at the Yamapi-star, I kept wondering why were they stars below the plane and it took me 15mins to realise that they were actually ships near the Japan coast! ^_^!!!

Yea, back to Haneda Airport, the service there was just amazing. Once you get down the plane, you can really feel the cold winter breeze. There's a friendly limousine bus waiting near the plane to bring you to the International terminal so that you don't have to walk. How nice!

I think that Haneda is a great gateway for people who want to visit Tokyo because it is much closer to Tokyo than Narita. I remember having to take a bus which takes about an hour or more to Tcat terminal at Tokyo and it's not cheap. Heard that more budget airlines will be flying to Haneda in the future so "Yay!" to cheap flights!

Also, fear not if you don't know where to visit or how to get around. Once you exit the baggage claim area you will see a visitors centre where you can get free travel brochures of different locations or just enquire through the staffs there.

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