Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just watched Rapunzel in 3D. the glasses was really uncomfortable but the animation was superb~!!!!

I love Rapunzel who is voiced by Mandy Moore. Ooo....her voice is sooo sweet and when she sings....lovely! Mandy Moore has such a princess-y voice. I never get bored of watching her in a "walk to remember", which is like one of the best movies ever!!!
Yes, rapunzel is soo cool! and she looks sooo cute when she hugs her hair and starts running!! She believes in her dream and chases after it......and she's great with the frying pan!!! I should keep one handy too~

I love the movie soundtrack too!!!...including the song, "mother knows best!" hahaha....

Eugene or flynn is cute. A thief turned prince. aahhh......he's fighting for the no.1 spot for Disney's Princes in my heart with Prince Eric.
hehee... I like Eric cause he's so handsome!! Can't help but just fall for him.
Not sure if Ariel is my favourite princess but I like her. Her personality is kinda similar to Rapunzel don't you think? There are several similarities between the two.
Then there's Aurora whom I thought was really pretty!!
Lol and these 2 just happened to be the only ones in beautiful pink dresses!!!


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