Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kikyo Japanese buffet

I've been wanting to try this japanese buffet place at Bandar Puteri ever since my cousin and I saw it at the beginning of this year. I finally had the chance to visit it last month.....

....Kikyo Japanese Buffet at Bandar Puteri, Puchong...for only about RM35 per person. The price a steal for japanese buffet. But of course, you can't be expecting too much for that price.

This is what we had.....all pictures shows a single serving.

 unagi california roll
chuka idako
ebi furai.....really small ones. You can order a tempura set too.
enoki mushrooms

gyouza...more like the steamed version but it's good nonetheless.
sake and white fatty tuna??? They serve only these 2 types of sashimi in super thin slices.
Matcha ice cream. There's black sesame ice cream too...yummy~
Brinjal with prawns and mushrooms
super thin and small slice of salmon... :( I could easily eat 10 slices but no, we only ordered 1 haha...
buttered mushrooms...i like this!
I forgot to take picture of a few other dishes....heehee

Yes, it's not much, considering they serve only 2 types of sashimi and there were no individual unagi slices on their menu (they used to have it)!!

There's a total of about 60 dishes to choose from with free flow of drinks. Overall, I think that this is not a place to go to if you want authentic japanese food. But for the price paid, it's not a bad place. At least you get to sit down comfortable and order food from the menu rather than having to squeeze or queue up in lines just to get food. Plus you won't stuff yourself too much this way. heehe......

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