Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mount Fuji

Day 2- Mount Fuji

Aim- 5th station!!

We heard that it snowed at Mt. Fuji the night before early in the morning. So we were worried that we might not make it to the 5th station as the roads might be closed. It's ironic cause at the same time we were hoping for snow!!!

First, gotta make a stop at the Mt. Fuji information centre.

I saw snow for the first time ever here! So nice!! It's like small drops? pieces? erm....not flakes.....but like small white dots falling from the sky. I like the feel of it when it touches my face!
I call it first snow because it's like it just starting snowing....a lil' bit and nothing on the ground or trees is covered yet.

Headed into the information centre for a toilet break and to know some facts about Mt. Fuji.

Get to know how Fujisan transformed into what it is's really quite interesting.
Was there for quite sometime till the news came that the first station is now off we go!

On the way there we passed by an area where you get to hear music. You can see a sign of it when you are near the area and you can only hear it when you are travelling through that area in a vehicle. Youtube it and you can see videos on it.

I didn't really hear it that clearly maybe because I couldn't really differentiate it from the engine sound. I was sooo worried that I was tune deaf when more and more people on my bus got excited that they heard it too! It has something to do with the wind right?? and your position on the bus?? Why does it seem like those up front can hear it better??
Unfortunately the gateway to the second station is closed!
So we could only get down and enjoy the scenery where we were.
The highest the bus could travel to is the 5th station and from the hikers would have to hike if they want to reach the summit. Fujisan is open to hikers from 1st of July to 26th of August after a opening prayer ceremony. It is a holy mountain afterall.

So cold~ it was negative (-)1 degrees celcius.
So pretty~ it looks like some network.
On the way down, I had a second chance with the music road on the way down. This time I was sure I heard it....well, a bit!

And further down to Gotenba we saw Fujisan!! So majestic~

Everyone was trying to get a shot of it from the bus and in Japan, you can't just simply stop your bus anywhere so we just had to try out best to get a good shot!

Fujisan is really beautiful because it's peak is always white either due to snow or because of the ash. Also, it's shape is symmetrical from every direction!!~

We stopped by Fujikawa, a service area aka R and R here. Enjoyed the nice view, hot green tea and clean toilets or shop a bit too.

So's like the mountain just appeared above the clouds.
Ahhh...I could stare at this forever.
Ooo...look what I spotted when I zoomed in.....heehe cute little cottages! I'm sure it would look great once again in autumn or spring as Japan has a wide variety of plants. And plus since their 4 seasons are very distinct, you can truly get to enjoy the beauty of the plants.
Are the red ones maple trees losing their leaves? and those yellow ones are ginko trees. The sakura trees are the bald ones.

Btw, wanna see how the toilets at their service area looks like??

Or you can even visit their food court and order through a machine.

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