Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vietnamese food + Chillis

My uni gang, less one.

Always have fun with these gals....

Wanted to go to chillis but it was packed so we went to a vietnamese restaurant nearby....
They served braised peanuts, just like a chinese restaurant.

Here's the famous vietnamese coffee......
Red bean drink, which tastes horrible according to the seawitch. My mango drink was lovely though....
We ordered a set meal which came in 4 dishes.....1) bean sprouts.
2)Sweet and sour chicken which was the best dish on the table
3)Braised pork......this btw tastes horrible!!
4)Lastly, tofu, which I forgot to take picture of....

The company was great but the food was just ok. We were all hungry and we didn't want to waste food, so we swallowed everything.

After our HP movie session, we went to chillis where I happily volunteered to explain the details of the movie....hehehe

forgot what these were called....something quesadillas, together with our bottomless fruit drinks. I think bottomless is only good for ppl who can drink a lot, for us girls.....we normally only manage to finish 1 glass.
Didn't know what they famous for, so I simply ordered these 2 dishes. Felt bad they didn't taste that great, especially when I didn't know that those two sneaky ppl would have paid the bill and left me there while I was trying to calculate the bill!!!!

Lol....thank you to the seawitch and ever mutating sheep for treating me, especially since it was days after my bday and I never expected it!

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