Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

First night was at Shinagawa Prince Hotel which was located on a prime location. Directly in front of Shinagawa station!!!! Super convenient!!! You can easily access trains to many different areas around Tokyo and the shinkansen too!

Interestingly, the Epson Aqua Stadium loacted in another building attached to the hotel! Unfortunately, I didn't have any time to visit it. It houses approximately 10,000 sea creatures of about 350 species.There's also a shopping arcade there with lots of restaurants and best of all a 7/11 and McD! There's is also a bowling alley, cinemas and areas for indoor golf/ tennis.

A train ride from Haneda to Shinagawa station via the Keihin Kyuko Keikyu Line only takes about 17mins. But since we were with the AA tour, we went there via a bus and a guide.

There are many Prince Hotels all over Japan, so make sure you check the location properly.

I stayed at the Main Tower and the room was nice. Sorry for this bad picture. Went out to raid the 7/11 store in the middle of the night and messed up the room before I remember to take pic!

Ice cream on a cold winter night is the best! hahaha......

Macadamia nuts + Asahi dry beer for daddy (my receommendation....eventhough I don't drink, lol)

And the entertainment for the night was V6! haaha......

For breakfast the following morning, we were provided with 2 breakfast coupons and we got to choose from a list of 5 restaurants. I was contemplating whether to go to the one on the 39th floor because of the magnificent view....but in the end, I went for Luxe Dining Hapuna on the 1st floor because I wanted something japanese and Dad obviously needed something western. that Santa??
If only I was on the 39th floor but hey, at least I got some sky view too....
Japanese-salmon, mackerel, egg, fish cake and pickles to be eaten with rice.
Then it's time for the bread.
And finally, to drown everything with a nice bowl of hot miso soup and some roasted seaweed.
Roamed around the area a bit and I found the Shinagawa Station!
Map of the area and can you spot the Embassy of Brunei on the lower left?? There's even a Singaporean restaurant here.
Then we went into some of the shops at the Annex Tower and look what I found........


Enlarge the pic and see what flavours they come in!!!

Dont' be shocked.
Noodle, burger, beef, takoyaki, hormones, non-smoking, love drops....... heehe...interesting but I didn't buy any.

Next up, Hello Kitty!!! ooo...too pretty to eat!~

Ang ang ang totemo daisuku Doraemon~~~

More of Sanrio characters...... I love kitty-chan and melody-chan!

For more info on Shinagawa Prince Hotel, visit :

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