Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stamina Taro - yakiniku buffet

Dinner for the 2nd night is at Stamina Taro, a family yakiniku restaurant. This is a all-you-can-eat place as you can see from the sign "baikingu" = "viking" aka 'tabehodai'.

Not sure how much is the cost, but I'm guessing about 2k yen for dinner.

The curry rice and soup section. There's a ramen and udon section too where you can cook your own noodle.
Cooked stuffs
Selection of meat, vegetables and different sauces
Salad bar
Sushi corner with the drinks and cakes section in front of it
Ice cream and shaved ice section
coffee & cookie? hawaiian blue?? no idea what's in this blue one.

Main dishes are of course be grilled by yourself.
There are things like curry rice, omelet and fried ebi too. I think I had 2 plates of this.
Plus a selection of sushi and takoyaki.
My rainbow ice cream selection. Never ever try the blue one....tastes weird!
Best is still the matcha ice cream! Lol this one looks cute in comparison to the one above because I'm not the one who scooped it. It's so hard to make them round!
Calpis with custard puff and cheese cake. Yummy~
Last but not least......The first cotton candy that I've ever made! All by myself!!! hehehe...they have a DIY cotton candy machine fun~

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