Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

2011 has been a year filled with learning new skills, trying and failing to try again. Many things had not worked out as planned and all the set backs which led to tears being shed. If I were to give a score to all the years that I have lived, 2011 would definitely receive the lowest score as the worst year ever. It felt like the world is just against me in everything that I do. Not to mention failed experiments, work problems and stuffs but also road accidents. Not really road accidents but I've met several crazy drivers and had my cars scratched by them. The best part of it is that my car is not even moving at all in all the cases. It just happened and I'm like...."What~?" Never ever happened before in my 5-6 years of driving.

However, when there's good, there is also bad.....

Though I had to give up on a lot of things this year, I have learnt many new things too. 

1. Time is a very important thing and it's something that one can never get enough of. Slack and you waste precious time that could be used for something important or at least in the planning. Lose it and you'll never gain it back no matter how hard to try to make up for it. Therefore, always set your priorities right. Also, the saying that "if you love someone, give them time" is really true. I truly appreciate time spent with friends and families....more so than ever.

2. Preserverance. I've said it many times before and will again. This year, I've learnt to preservere more that ever. Giving up and running away is easy but preserverance takes a lot of effort. 

3. I'm glad that I took the time to visit old friends in Brunei early this year. I've been so busy and will be that I don't know when I can take another trip similar to this.

4. I'm thankful to have made new friends and to learn that somethings you can't just win them all. I'm also grateful for all the friends who have helped me, adviced me, just be there to listen and to guide me. To know that many others who have worked in groups end up not talking to each other makes me thankful that I've been able to remain in good relationship with those I've worked in groups with.

5. Rejection. To learn to accept rejection with a more open heart.

6. Public speaking. I had the chance to give a presentation in a hall full of professionals was a great experience and to have been praised for it was a plus. Besides that, this year, I've done more self presentation that ever. 

7. Recently I got the chance to teach and guide someone personally with the work I'm doing and realised a new side of myself. I found that I can do one on one tutor really well. It helps to train my patience too. Though I have taught tuition years ago but this experience was different. Not sure if it's because I'm a female or because I've had some experience with ppl who teach half-heartedly, but I felt like there was a need to guide and take care of others. Well maybe it's just cause I got an easy person to work with. LOL~~

8. Though I didn't have enough time to study the entire syllabus, I'm happy that I took the JLPT exam even though I don't know if I will pass. But it is a small step to take to improve my japanese.

9. Prepare prepare prepare. Always prepare things in advance and to always to read instructions properly. It's always good to be well prepared.

10. My masters project is the biggest part of my life in 2011 and the one which I placed the most priority on. Really gave it my all......but results have not been promising with set backs here and there. I have known that this path would be difficult and I sort of have predicted it. One would think that all the mental preparation would have prepared me for this but when the real thing happens, the impact of the blow is much bigger. But I am glad that I took the step to take it up.


Good bye 2011~!!! and hello 2012~!!

For 2012, I can feel that things are going to change for the better though for the first few months, I will have to try really hard and there might be some hurdles. Yes, come here 2012. I can't wait for whatever great things you have installed for me. Please take good care of my and lead me on to a shiny 2013!!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011


(Keizoku wa chikara nari)

The above literally translates to:
Perseverance is strength

Preserverance is a big thing because I felt that not many people can preservere. It's easy to take on new challenges and to let it go, but preserverance takes quite an effort. I love to try new things when I'm feeling adventurous. I've tried many things while young but also gave up quite easily.

Japanese is one thing that I have presevered with. The other is dance. I guess interest also played a role....heehe...

Yea, though I know that it is important to preservere, there are time when I thought that if enough is enough. Do I still want to preservere even when things have gone badly for so long or to give up? To give up on something after so long is not really what I would have done. But the thought of not getting anything out of this after a few years of preserverance is killing me!

Time, money and effort. Time is the main priority because lost time can never be chased back. Money is secondary because in a way time is money. Effort comes last because effort comes from within and there is nothing wrong with giving it your all everything you do something even if it will fail because you've tried your best. Yes, so time is definitely something that I fear to lose.

Rather than "time = money", I feel that "right timing = right opportunity".

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well, if you've noticed, I have deleted about half of the number of posts that I used to have. I'll continue to clear some of the old posts that I no longer want there.

It's been four years since I started using this blog, ever since Lina created it for me. I just saw that the very first post was made on 23.07.07. 

I saw that many of my first few posts were NEWS related before I started to include more about TVXQ. Lol.....I did really like both groups back then, especially NEWS which I continue to blog about even until now. 

Well, I did like them for like the longest time ever and even back in 2007, I had a post where I claiming that it was my dream to attend a NEWS concert (even though a japanese concert has always been my dream, but to attend a NEWS concert was my no. 1). haaha.....that was still one of my biggest wish till recently. After so many years of wanting to attend it......but now it will never come true. :(

After screening through some of my oldest posts, I could see that my posts remain pretty much the same: sharing about things that I like.....such as music, dance, food, japan and science. Of course, every now and then I would be complaining about some stuffs that bugged me or some bad days. 

It's quite sad to delete some of the posts actually because it's like tearing pages off your diary and burning them. But this is after all and online blog and there are things that I want to keep private. 

I had initially thought of closing up this blog or password protecting it. But then I have decided to keep it. :) There are many things that I have shared here that I want to remain as it is, which is why I have resorted to deleting posts that I no longer want instead.


On the side note, I really like this necklace that Taipi always wears. This cute little apple with a little golden heart-shaped indentation is an original from LV. It looks absolutely amazing and so is the price!!!

I love it because it looks classy and it is fashionable. Red and gold just go so well together. You can even use it as a charm on your bracelet if you don't want to wear it on your neck.

There's a saying, "You are the apple of my eye"....... yea and this pendant gives me the feeling of , "Apple of my heart"! hahaha......I feel that this would make a meaningful gift for someone that you love.

I always like the accessories that Taipi's almost like we have similar tastes in jewelleries. I like "things" which symbolises "love" and the necklaces that he wears just seem like that to me. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 13th anniversary Taipi!!!

Happy 13th anniversary Taipi!!!

Yes, you!

To think that you started out as a little 11 y/o....Well, you're smile still looked the same and your eyes is still small! keke...but these 2 are my favourite features of Taipi. 

heehee soooo cute!! As you can see...his hair is not straight.

Your bright smile which can light up the world and your eyes. I somehow find your eyes mesmerizing. Your parents were right to name you "tai"="sun".

Yeap~ and I can just sit down and stare at your eyes.

Yes, Mitsu (Kitayama), I know Taipi's yours, just let me finish my post!

Taipi's infamous wink!

Though you may look way better with your current hairstyle....


......and way hotter too, my fav. Taipi is actually during playzone 2009. Yes, even when you had a lion head! Seems like that was when you were the chubbiest :D you should eat more!

Yes and then this year, I quickly fell for the gentle Shu which you portrayed so well even though both you and Shu are different.

You changed your hairstyle soon after entering Kisumai and have been having various styles but all with a side long bang until this year, where you chopped off your long hair and fringe.

Then as with every other Johnny, there is a moment in time when you all opt for the super blonde hair with slight perm. I don't know why, but you all just do!

One thing I would like to know is that how did Taipi's voice change from being sooo high-pitched to how it is now. Is it because of all the rapping? or did your voice just broke late? But can a guy's voice still break after he turn 16?

You don't know either??

Please investigate on it!

Ok that's it!~


Besides Taipi, today is also the 13th anniversary for Nakamaru, Kame, Jin, Massu and Totsu!! It's been too long!!! Johnny-san, please debut Totsu too....A.B.C.Z! 

Every time I look at Sexy Zone's name, with the "xy" in red. I can't help but think that there's a meaning to it. Will the original A.B.C.xyZ plan be realised? 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading Pi's latest interview made me felt ashamed for blaming Pi for wanting to chase his dream. To add on to that, Pi being my fav. artist for so long.....(Though at present, Taipi is giving Yamapi a good run for his money. Yes, Taipi is a guy with wise words. The things he says......never cease to make me reflect on things that I do.)

After reading this excerpt, it sort of reminded me why I like Pi and why I enjoy reading his nikki.

"I guess everyone would have known from the earlier reports, I opted out from NEWS. I only have one life-time, if it's possible, I would like to challenge different things. Even though it's easier to work in the 6-member team, I just can't continue to immerse myself in that sort of comfort zone. Initially when I brought up this matter to the other members, they try to keep me in the group. But in the end, they understood my decision. One day before the release of "Thank you for these 8 years" message, I sent each one of them a mail. All because of the experiences I've gained in NEWS, I am who I am today. As a result, they replied with "Looking forward to the new Yamapi". Although our paths will be different from now onwards, whatever we've built up will not change. To the fans of NEWS, I'm really sorry. In order to make up for this, I want to give my best bringing good work to everyone. These are what I've been thinking of now."

It was really selfish of me because I love NEWS and placed all the blame on Pi and Ryo. 

I totally agree with his statement that we only have this one life-time. I live thinking like this too....that in life, there's so many things that I want to do and try, if only there was more time....but time is limited and there is only me. So in life, we have to prioritize certain things while we let go of others. Those that we let go of may not be the one that we do not cherish or want but it's just that there is so much one can do. In order to achieve the greater dream, sacrifices would have to be made. 

Yes, and regarding the comfort zone too. I believe that people are afraid of changes because they are too comfortable in their little zone and no prevent oneself from falling into that is to put yourself out there to face new challenges. I am one who can get a little too comfortable in her zone which is why I like to take up and try new things but nothing too extreme!! 

I understand that in life there may be dreams that we want to chase which others might not agree too or think it's pointless. As hard as it already is, it gets even tougher when those around you do not support you. But in this life time, we are living our life for ourselves and no one else. Therefore, once you have made the decision to move forward, you will have to keep trying and trying till you succeed. Many obstacles may come along the way but experience and enjoy the journey. When the day you have been waiting for finally comes, all the hardships will be worth it.

Pi being who he is discussed this with the members of NEWS and it seems he knew if his weaknesses and agree on the fact that being in a group could be plus point for him. But he has decided that it is time to go solo to see how much he can achieve. Well, he has been practicing dance real hard, his guitar and hopefully...he's back to composing some new songs which we will hear soon. I think knowing the fact that this will be the path of no return, he will have to really push his limits. Same as Jin, no place for them to fall back on should they fail.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is their sanshoku don which is part of their special menu for autumn. I guess it's called san because there's  3 main orange/red ingredients representing autumn served on rice. Yes....uni, ikura and kani. I love love love ikura~!! This is pricey though because of the RM48.

This is the fish appetiser....

I think Rakuzen, by far served the best sakura chirashi don....compared to the other 2 super dining restaurants: Zen and Hokkaido Ichiba, under the same group. Look at the evenly slices sashimi which are reasonably thick. Yea....the sashimi all looked fresh too and everything is well presented.

This is their grilled items set which came with....spring onions, mushrooms, prawn, fish, chicken and beef. I think this set would be great for those who ordered sake. Good to try, but I don't think I'll order this again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm soo tired!! Just came back from 2 hours of badminton. It's been years....since I last played. Like ever since I came back to Malaysia, I've only played it once when I was in uni.

Feels great to be playing it again~

When I changed my playing arm, others thought that my arm was tired but it was because of the blister on my thumb!!! So horrible am I going to pipette tomorrow??? Why is it that I'm the only one who ends up with a blister???

Ok, after some thought...I have decided not to purchase Kisumai's DVD because I simply cannot afford it as it costs around 350. Since I've already decided to go to their concert in SG next year. I will save up for that instead.

Well even if I want to go really badly, it all depends on my schedule next year and whether or not I can get the tickets.

I'm counting on the fact that it seems like Kisumai is not that popular in SG yet and so...fingers crossed.....there won't be that many ppl fighting for tixs. Yea, unlike Pi's concert tixs which sold out like hot cakes.....they were sold out before I even had the time to react. Aahh~

Yup, but then other JE fans might attend the concert too to show that there is market there so that other JE groups will have their concerts there too in future.

:) Please.....may luck be on my side next year so that I can get to go. 


Ah, tomorrow is the release date for  <“Kis-My-Ft ni Aeru de Show Vol.3” & “Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 Everybody Go” Special Set> whcih includes clips from their concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium from February 12, 2011 and debut tour at Yokohama Arena from July 31, 2011. It also includes a 52 page special photo book.

Not so into the photobook but the concert DVD!!!
Ok...I'm was already tempted to get set No.1!!! But it's sooo expensive! Omg~ and today I got super tempted after I saw clips from the debut concert~
I'm guessing that the stage, visuals and props will not be as amazing as NEWS or Arashi's concert since Kisumai is still new but I'm pretty sure the show would not disappoint. These guys can sing and give a great performance.
Plus, I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS~!!! how how~

Friday, October 21, 2011


LOL.....seriously, I love this show! Every episode, they will test out various "myths" or "rumours" to see if they are true or not. They also have the scientific part at the end.

For those who love unagi, you might consider trying these....worms too!!! heehe

Taipi and Tama-chan are so cute. They love unagi so much that they want to have another bite before allowing the staffs to remove it. Both are soo daring to try it. Tama tried it first but I swear his lips shivered when he saw Taipi shoving them into his mouth. Lol...and tama was telling Taipi to eat more in one bite so that he can really taste it!!!


Taipi's hair is getting longer. I'm guessing that he's trying to keep it long again now that ikemen desu ne filming are over. I really miss his long hair and I know I'll miss this short cut of his too when that time comes.

credits: mcrystal3715, youtube

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Credits: click here

Tomohisa Yamashita:
“One of my biggest achievements has been to be able to work in a group called NEWS, and to have had so many fans support us.  Going solo will be a challenge.  I know that it’ll feel different and I’ll go through hard times unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, but I want to use the skills that I’ve learned in NEWS to each and every job I do from now on.  I’ll do my best and stay focused so I hope I can stay good rivals with the other five guys.”
Since there is no turning back now, you better do a good job Pi. There won't be anything for you to fall back onto should you fail. From this point onwards, you are to walk your own path alone.

Ryo Nishikido:
“It has been an amazing experience to have been given the chance to work in both NEWS and Kanjani8, and I want to say a huge thank you to all of my fans who supported the Nishikido in NEWS.  Being part of two groups, there were scheduling conflicts that couldn’t be resolved no matter how hard I tried.  I felt bad because it was getting very difficult to plan CD releases and concert tours on both sides, which ultimately lead to this decision.  I wish Koyama, Kato, Masuda, and Tegoshi all the best in delivering a new NEWS.”
 I've known that at some point all this has got to come to a stop. All the best to you and your K8 brothers.....

Keiichiro Koyama:
“We talked over and over again until we reached this decision.  We might be working separately now, but the four of us will carry on what we have all done for the past 8 years.  We promise to work harder than we ever have, and we will move forward.  I hope you will continue to support us.”
 Thank you Koyama, as expected of the MC of the group, he always says the right and proper words. Of course, I will support NEWS.

Shigeaki Kato:
“I want to take this decision in up front, and work as hard as I can to build a new NEWS.  I hope that you will continue to support the two and four of us from now on like you always have.”
 How kind of you Shige to remind us to support Pi and Ryo too....I'll be awaiting the new NEWS.

Takahisa Masuda:
“I love the NEWS we have built together, and all these guys will still be my best friends.  And to all of the fans who have supported the group that I love, you’re still my best friends too.  These two will be working separately from us now, but I promise to work as hard as I can so that you’ll continue to support us.”
 I love the NEWS that you all have built too....with all the members that I love. Yes, you always do work hard, attending all other groups concert so that you know who to improve NEWS' concerts so that fans can get closer to NEWS.

Yuya Tegoshi:
“I want to say I’m sorry to all of the NEWS fans who have waited so long for us to get together again.  But I want to think positively about this move, and work hard to be able to make great music because it’s for you, the fans who I love, and who have always supported us.  We’ll be different, but I hope we can still love one another.  I hope you will continue to support us.”
*Sniff* tegoshi~ yes, I have been waiting for the longest time!  灰~がんばって、ずっと応援しますから。

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Lake

I always enjoy looking at the lake, it somehow calms me down.

Here you can see little ducks swimming in the lake which students feed everyday with bread. I swear everything that lives in the lake survives on bread that ppl throw in. haaha.....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blueberry cheese tart

Yum~ it's always good to have a little snack in between main meals. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pasta Zanmai again after so many months...

It's been so long since seawitch and I went to Pasta Zanmai for our week night dinner outings....there's really too many new outlets to try. Every now and then a new eatery pops up.

So here's what we had.....

Seafood Mentaiko Pasta

Cream sauce pasta with mountain veges or something....
As always, the pastas are good and al dente. But other restaurants are also serving up some tough competition.

Friday, September 30, 2011

TK bakery

Almond pastry! Love this.....esp the texture of the tart!!!

Roasted pork pastry.....yum~ but it's a bit oily though.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I can't wait for Kisumai's concert DVD to be out in October!! What's more is Kisumai's Asian tour which doesn't involve Malaysia. But least they are touring outside of Japan. In Japan alone, they will be touring 47 perfectures with 97 shows. I think that's the most shows ever....
Yea, been blogging a lot about Kisumai lately because it's like after so many years.....and then YES!! 

I'm biased but Taipi and Kitayama can both sing so well~ As a group, Kisumai is strong vocally and can dance really well. The members all have pretty bold voices. Tama-chan's one is quite low though. Looking at his face, you'd think that he'd have a high-pitched voice haha. Taipi could hit the highest and his rap~!!! He's my favourite J-rapper! Besides Arashi and NEWS, they're the group with the most number of songs that I like. Plus the rap part in Kisumai's songs are always amazing!!!! I love rappers~!! 

I still get confused between Kitayama and Taipi's voice. I want to know who's singing parts that I like the most.....but sometimes their voices are similar!!! 

Besides that, they can all act after having years of experience on stage plays which I think are so much harder than acting in dramas or movies. If a star is good enough, it will be hard for him/ her to do well in a stage play.

On stage, you only have one either make or break it! On film, you can have as many retakes as you like. When things are live, you have to give it your all to be perfect at that moment and convince the audience.....which you can't if you don't really act it out well. I fell that when it comes to films, looks often plays a huge part. 

Every time I watch Kisumai's perf, I feel that Taipi has great musicality because he hits all the beats!~ Even when it's just like interval music, he's on beat. But sometimes he has what I call the lazy movement. Yea....and he can't really breakdance? kekee.....I don't know, but that's the feeling I get. But no fear, since Senga and Nika can take care of the stunts! Well, the best dancer in the group is Senga anyways, seeing that he's been trained in street dance even before he entered Johnny's. 

Ok, I'm so's a pic. Look at Senga and Tamamori fly in mid-air (the 2 black things in the middle). On the side are Yokoo and Taipi. One of Taipi's hand reached the ground first before his feet lifted off the ground. Meanwhile Senga and Tama-chan literally flew in mid-air before landing on their hands.

See how he landed his second hand which is the one holding the mic. Kitayama does the same thing too.....with their FISTS!! Doesn't it hurt?

Yes, but Taipi did the landing part gracefully. He even does a nice wave on the floor before coming up!

Ok.....Then there's Yokoo....after watching his performance on Playzone 2009, I think he'd do well on stage plays. The same with Miyata. People with many or big expressions tend to do well or better. They're more convincing. I feel that Miyata really helps the group in terms of image. He's more funnny, which helps push the group away from the same category as Kattun's sexy image. Taipi tends to do the sexy thing a lot. Tama-chan used to be the cutesy one but now I'm totally changing my mind.

Ever since he dyed his air all black and lost his fringe, he looks like another person. And Taipi too......they both look like another person. Back to Tama, after watching him in Ikemen desu ne, I thought that he can really act and can definitely make it big as an actor.

So yea, with an average of more than 10 years in performing on stage individually and 7 years as a group. They're more than well-equipped for the entertainment industry. Besides, they can do everything a normal group can do but on ROLLERSKATES!!

Anaesthesized mouse

Here's a picture of the rats we anaesthesized in the animal workshop.

Letting them lie down like that till they recover.

Pulled out their tongues so that it won't block their air way.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steamboat at home

Chinese style soup with cabbages, mushrooms, tofu, anchovies and soy beans.

Of course,  we gotta have squid.

Some  abalones....

Prawns! My favorite! 

Some stuffed bean curds  and fish balls......not forgetting the healthy vegetables that I so conveniently forgot to snap pics of. Lol.....

Always love a good steamboat! Yummy! 

French pudding

Enjoying my cup of french vanilla pudding with a cute little Hello Kitty spoon~!! :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zhia's Kitchen

I like Zhia's........they serve simple but delicious chinese food. So far, most of the food that I've ordered are yummy.....

Used to go there for dinner quite often when studio was still at Sunway but not anymore. Instead I patron the one in uni for lunches now.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I love Kisumai....but there's something I've gotta say.......

All these while they've been having similar costumes.....note: similar but not same. Sometimes, costumes is biased towards the front 3 members with extra bling and stuffs.....but overall, similar!!

Observe......these costumes from shounen club this year. This one is particularly recent as you can see Taipi with short hair for Ikemen desu ne.

After the announcement of their debut. They look like some high class waiters here......hehe.....

Another from shounen club this year....

Note the similar costumes? It has always been like that on Shounen club and in their concerts.

But why is it that on Music Station.....there is such a huge difference in costume between the front 3 and back 4 members?? the colour is different, but does it have to be the same as the back dancers??? Omg...and look at the ending pose! If I'm not a Kisumai fan, I might think that the group has only 3 members.....

Dunno whose idea is it......In the long run, when the group gains more fan....they can no longer isolate the back 4 members. This is after all a group!